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I mean misha makes somewhere around 15,000 - 20,000 per episode where as j2 make 125,000 per episode and thats considering he gets paid more now then he did in seasons past. 1/2

I also cant remember where i saw that before he made it onto spn he was going to just work on charity causes 2/2

does he really make that little per episode? i can’t find anything too specific for any of them.

now i’m going to go completely off topic bc i love this subject.

believe it or not none of them are making a “fair” amount of money compared to other actors on other tv shows. it actually baffles me that both jared and jensen obviously care more about job security and comfortability on set than they do about making a lot of money or taking jobs that are more “serious” than supernatural. 

what i mean is, usually on a show that’s a) not an ensemble cast and b) has been on the air for a million years, the actors are paid an iNSANE amount of money. friends was on air for 10 seasons literally only because the actors were being paid $1 million per episode. and that was an ensemble cast, 30-minute sitcom. if supernatural had an even remotely comparable following as friends, jared and jensen would absolutely be making $1 million per episode. misha and mark would probably be making between $2-400,000. 

if jared and jensen decided that they didn’t want to do sooperbloop anymore, tptb would probably throw more money at them to get them to stay. but the weird thing is that that HASN’T happened. and trust me, that ALWAYS happens on tv shows. tptb is always desperate to keep their stars bc their stars usually have other, better job opportunities lined up and they’re sick of being on a tv show. the fact that jared and jensen are so content where they are really says a lot about their character. i know that seems ridiculous to say when their net worth is like $15 mil each, but it’s incredibly rare to see actors…..not be greedy. 

(the other possibility is that if any of the actors asked for more money then tptb would just be like “okay then i guess the show’s ending.” or, in the case of misha or mark, they would just kill their characters off.)

ANYWAY this has nothing to do with anything, i’ve just always been intrigued by how……..cheap spn is. 

(oh and if misha really makes that little, then he obviously also doesn’t give a shit about money but i would’ve guessed that even without knowing how much money he makes)