2-D Appreciation Post

So I wanted to do a little appreciation thing for Peppermint Tea Tusspot. He is indeed my top favorite member of the band, but of course, I love all of them. I mean, who couldn’t love T H E B A T H? Sorry, this isn’t about Murdoc, this is about 2D. Anyway, as I was saying, he’s been my favorite member ever since I watched Rockit and that was the very first song I heard by them. Blue spiky hair, no eyeballs, amazing singing voice, an adorable goofball–my first cartoon crush (not gonna lie about that). So here are some of my favorite pics of the lovable idiot who got extremely thicc over the years.

So sassy. Seriously, look at his thighs. This is really getting me. O_O

I traced this picture so many times *sighs*

Can someone explain to me why he actually has eyes here? I never understood that. Thanks in advance. Also, does anyone remember the Demon Days DVD where all of them would be talking about random stuff and blinking and Noodle asked if they smelled something funny? I think I still have that. I got a kick out of it when I was younger.

To me personally, I believe that D was more “cool” in Phase 1 compared to the other phases, especially Plastic Beach. He’s always been cool, but his demeanor seemed…I don’t know…more chill kinda? I dunno, maybe it’s just me. When I was a kid, I think I liked this phase the most because he looked hot or whatever. Just look at Rock The House.

Seeee? But then he got his butt kicked in the end. Oh well, at least he tried.

This is definitely one of my favorite videos. I just luv how they portrayed them staying together. I felt kinda sorry for Peppermint Tea, though. Got hit upside the head with a Converse shoe, but I seriously hope he didn’t think that comic strip was actually gonna happen. This is the Murdoc we’re talkin about here. Then, that part when Mudz walked into his secret room and the way 2-D hurried up and looked away :(

He was low-key throwing shade here. Savage lol

His phase 2 ident. The nostalgia is real. Doesn’t even seem that long ago.

2D was so adorable in this G-Bite! I could just squeeze him!! >w<

Ahem! Anyway, that was a little something-something about 2Dizzle. 

When I grow up

I want to: 

Have amazing dancing skillz like 2Dizzle and live in a world full of peppermint drugs

Become a real pickle like Murdoc Da Bastard Bass Player and live in THE BATH

Live on a flying island like Nooble and get attacked by helicopters, which will lead to me having a cyborg clone

Swim in the ocean and swallow toxic waste so I can grow huge like Rael Appetite

Live on Saturnz Barz and sing ALL MY LOIFE while getting terrorized by monsters and eels

Help me accomplish my dream.