It’s interesting to note that Ryuuko’s name has like 8 symbolic meanings to it.

First, her name in kanji, hiragana and romaji: 流子 = りゅうこ = Ryuuko
-The straightforward meaning is: = Wandering child, stray child
-The sad hidden meaning is: された= Child that was washed away, abandoned child
-The cool meaning is: = りゅうせい = Meteor child
-The thematically relevant meaning is: 行 = Ryuukou = Fashion
-The self-evident meaning is: りゅうこ = Ryuuko = Hero
-The clever meaning is: りゅうこ = Ryuuko = Two big rivals
-The homage meaning is that Ryuuko’s name is a direct reference to the protagonist of Otokogumi; as you may remember from the original interview, Kill la Kill started as a big homage to Otokogumi. Otokogumi’s hero was called , Nagare. They added the so it would become a girl name: 流子 = Nagare-ko = Girl Nagare; the reason they decided on the Ryuuko reading of the kanji makes it even cooler as a homage and you will see why on the eight meaning.
-The love interest of Otokogumi’s Nagare was called 涼 = うこ = Ryouko; Ryuuko’s name is basically the combination of Ryouko’s and Nagare’s names, as if she was their successor of sorts.

Also, in the Febri interview Nakashima himself said to pay attention to the “流された子” meaning and it makes perfect sense now; they probably hinted to it in episode 12 when Isshin said that he has no sense for naming and just calls things what they are. When he found Ryuuko, Isshin literally named her “abandoned child” because that’s exactly what she is.

Speaking of hidden meanings, this month’s NewType spread (pictured) has a whole new sense to it now… specially considering the big red text reads “THE GENE OF REBELLION”.

Russian deep web battlegrounds in war between Russian hackers and  Russian government forces.


Attention! To all .onion administration! From Russian Anonymous Movement - with the upcoming presidental elections in Russia, all russian AIB are being under HEAVY Ddos fire by our government. It started when Anonymous hacked emails of several important political figures, and tons of information on illegal government activities leaked into the Internet. This is now a full-scale war for the freedom of speech in Russian web segment, and we ask for your help! All of our main AIB are down, and we are scattered on many different resources. Opposition threads are being monitored and SAGED by pro-government scum. We ask for your understanding, please turn on the CAPTCHA to stop saging and let us stay here to organize and continue our fight for freedom. Thank you!
partially translated translate.google :3
and again sorry for my bad english.
torrents (all references to the unique files)

№2: rghost.ru/36377124
№3 bayfiles.com/file/2rEj/lXg3ud/Mkv-split1.zip
rghost.net/36412409 Inna Novikova, CEO of Internet holding “Pravda.Ru” (Pravda=true)
Omarov - 1 rghost.net/36400892 2 rghost.net/36424540
anteleev Nikolay A. (Deputy Director - Head of a branch of JSC “Siberia IDC” - “Altayenergo”) bayfiles.com/file/2v1X/RODgR0/ComedyClub1.zip
Anna A. Eremin - Office of the Central Committee of the electorate UNITED RUSSIA (Putin’s Party), corr. bayfiles.com/file/2xsJ/JDhYKa/eremina88-er% 40mail.ru.7z
er40.smi@yandex.ru bayfiles.com/file/2xxr/XiWjuF/er40.smi%40yandex.ru.7z
Mail maria_vshu. Out of interest, some hueta about some drawings of tuning arms. So fucking not understand posony I believe you, you understand. bayfiles.com/file/2uTd/urdR79/sent.rar
dispatch: bayfiles.com/file/2Ai9/IxlRmC/Gudini_avi.zip
Total Amount of Omarova Learn twitters commissioners and lists of their underground community Livet jornal rghost.net/36433300

Important note:
“you are a fucking idiot if you download anything from russian deep web, it is all monitored and you WILL be tracked because of it
russianfag here”

This is pretty fucking cool.

Literally an internet war in Russia.

Me!Me!Me! reaction piece

Just watched the music video after seeing it talked about for a couple of days now. Wow. First time through, honestly too distracted by just the sheer amount of things they throw at you. Animation is fantastic, music is pretty good as well. 

Second watch through, notice a lot more going on and what it may be trying to convey to the audience. I know there are a lot of different interpretations and I think that’s okay. 

Here’s my own.

First part of the song. I do think that it is discussing the effects of otaku culture on people these days. The things in his room like the figures and posters seem to imply that. How this borders into obsession begins at the start of the video where he actually begins to imagine himself in the video and losing himself with that happy expression. 

Fast forward, things start to go south quick as things are not as they seem. Behind all the fan service and joyful sights and sounds is an ominous being aka his fall into obsession. The character actually coming out of the video when he wakes up represents his attempt to curb his obsession but it fails and he is dragged back into the world.

Queue the second song. This part represents all that he had lost with his obsession. His destructive behavior leads to him breaking up with his girlfriend. We can assume here that it is an actual girlfriend or we can assume that it is a symbol of a normal life that he loses along with the relationships that come with it. If we assume either, this is still the most clear part of the video with what it is trying to say. He does not care for the girl (his real life) and leaves it all behind. This is a self reflection moment as he begins to realize what he has lost. His obsession begins to eat away at him but the girl, possibly representing what he can regain (the positives of what he threw away previously) shows up in a “moment of clarity” for the guy.

Queue the final part of the video (I’m actually not sure if the FPS is part of the final third act or if there are four acts in total). After his moment of clarity, he tries to overcome his behavior. But it is not enough. He cannot break through. And he loses. Video ends with his decapitated head floating down and slowly zooming in as his eyes reopen possibly going back to the start of the video basically representing an endless self destructive cycle. Sayonara indeed.

The Real INFP: Advanced

My first “The Real INFP” (click here for a link to that) post really touched alot of people in special ways and i have been getting alot of requests to do another. So here it is; part two!

In the last part i talked about how INFPs have an unfair “pure, sugary sweet, nice” stereotype. Are there those INFPs? Yeah, they’re called type 2 INFPs. That’s a valid thing. They are about 10% of INFPs. Type 2s want to love and be loved, they offer help, support and assistance in the hopes that they will be held in high regard because of it. This type of INFP is likely to have a smiley and calm expression. They are more likely to be open and sweet than the average INFP.

I accidentally invalidated this sort of INFP in the last part, so i sincerely apologize. The point of the post was to validate INFPs who struggle with a certain stereotype and i ended up ignoring like 10% of all INFPs. My bad.
So let’s kind of be a little more varied. There are 5 enneagrams associated with the INFP. 4, 9, 6, 5 and 2. Of these types, 2 fits the general INFP stereotype the most. This is not to say that if you are a happy, open, and sweet INFP you must be a 2, because you could just be very developed. However, it is very strange that we define INFP by the most pleasant creme of the crop. If you define INFPs by their pleasant sweetness you will find that only about 35%-ish percent of INFPs will meet your description. Being on tumblr and seeing “every type posts” people usually pin INFPs as being scared, fumbling, adorable, sweet, and non-confrontational. 2s and 9s might fit that description. At least to some extent. However putting 9s into that category is iffy, as their motivation is much different than that of the 2. 9s are more focused on acceptance, non-confrontation, and suppression of anger. They may simply be placating you rather than being cute. 9s more often will try to do what they feel like others want them to do in order to wiggle out of any kind of consequence of disagreeing. So, non confrontational? Check. Type 2s act lovable on purpose. They use flattery and gifts in order to get people to adore them. They could definitely be considered sweet and adorable. Check.

However, let’s remember; this is a minority. 4s and 6s are not like this. This is >60% of INFPs. 4s and 6s care much more about being authentic and guarded. They’re intense. They’re confrontational. They have strong opinions. They’re not social butterflies.

4s are an violent tempest of emotion contained in an ornate jar. They want to be understood they NEED to be understood. They want someone to look at them, they want someone to see them. They want to be singularly loved. They are likely to avoid all labels because they don’t want to be loved categorically. They have emotions they sometimes can’t contain. They can become very obstinate and aggressive to being ignored or misunderstood. If you have shown that you don’t understand or seem to not be able to, they may become vengeful or disrespectful. If most of the people in their lives can’t see them, understand them, and love them singularly, they may become volatile and depressed. A perfect storm of enigma and estrangement.  Even at their best, 4s have a certain disrespect for the common. The vast majority of people might find a type 4 INFP abrasive, because a type 4 INFP naturally doesn’t want to be lumped in with the vast majority of people and will resist liberally. Even a beautiful storm is destructive.

Type 6s are skeptics, they are not trusting. They can be described as scared but thats only part of the truth. They are loyalists and investigators. The Type 6 INFP is, perhaps, the most intuitive form of INFP. This kind of INFP is half philosopher, half scaredy cat. They are more rational and intelligent than average, but less artistic and emotional. They are guarded, very guarded, likely to see kindness as a trap and extravagant emotion as threatening. They are contained and analytical. This type of INFP is also often very insecure, often becoming socially counterphobic (regardless of if they are a c6 or cp6) and lashing out because of their insecurity. Like the 4, the 6 maybe become counterculture out of fear of authority. distrust of authority. This is the type of INFP is the most likely to argue based on the perceived self-evident legitimacy of their own opinions. They might be extremely loyal to certain music, art, people, ideas, philosophies and opinions and push back hard and abrasively against opposition. They might tell you they don’t want to listen to you music or insult your taste in movies to feed their own opinions.

So tell me, how does this fit with that sweet, adorable dopey INFP stereotype?  It doesn’t. And the NTs can laugh and the STs can snicker but we’re all 3 dimensional. MBTI has no relation to intelligence, cuteness, or niceness. If anyone ever tries to tell you you’re not an INFP because you’re cold, guarded or less than sweet don’t question yourself. Don’t let them get to you. Its amazing how some people can treat something like this, which is meant to add dimensions of complexity to people, with such two dimensional thinking. Since the posting of “The Real INFP” I have read the reblogs and replies. People telling stories about people telling them they aren’t an INFP because they aren’t cuddly. It’s ridiculous. Is any type cuddly? Is every type cuddly? Hey, ESTPs, don’t you wanna have sensitive cuddle sometimes? Hey, INTPs aren’t there some days when you walk around with a smile? Hey ENTJs, aren’t you sweet and adorable sometimes? Hey ISFJs, ever have a bad day when everyone is on your bad side?

We always forget that this is all about cognitive functions and general temperament. Myself included, sometimes my thinking gets a little linear. We all do this, and it’s a trap we all fall into. We keep treating MBTI as a collection of stereotypes that prove our misconceptions with pseudoscience. You can say “INFPs are all moody, #2deep4u pithy babies” or “INFPs are sweet and shy little cuddly bears” and you would be equally as wrong. Whenever you treat MBTI and enneagram as little stereotypes you defeat the whole purpose. MBTI observation should be based on the extrapolation of the meaning and affect cognitive functions have on behavior and personality. Enneagram is about fears, traumas and motivations and should be treated as wounds and damage people carry, to be thoughtfully considered, not paraded around as a flag of uniqueness. 

This is logic, reason and categorization, folks. It’s an observational science. Be sensible or get out. This knowledge should be used to fight our biases not enable them. It should be used to increase our understanding, not validate misunderstanding. INFPs should never have to question their identity because NTs consider intelligence their domain. (and vice versa, NTs should have to question their identity over having robust emotions) Feisty INFPs should be able to be true to themselves without everyone questioning who they really are. Whenever someone doesn’t make perfect sense to us we shouldn’t seek to redefine them, but instead to better understand our definitions and their limitations. You shouldn’t question the validity of their self-concept, but rather seek a newfound understanding and respect.


If there is anything I have learned in my travels across the Planes, it is that many things may change the nature of a man. Whether regret, or love, or revenge or fear - whatever you believe can change the nature of a man, can. I’ve seen belief move cities, make men stave off death, and turn an evil hag’s heart half-circle. This entire Fortress has been constructed from belief. Belief damned a woman, whose heart clung to the hope that another loved her when he did not. Once, it made a man seek immortality and achieve it. And it has made a posturing spirit think it is something more than a part of me.
—  The Nameless One to The Transcendent One in the Fortress of Regrets (Planescape: Torment)