My Birthday Card for Scud The Disposable Assassin’s 20th Birthday. Two decades of Scud! I Can’t believe it! Endless thanks go to Rob Schrab for loosing this amazing story on the world. The story itself and the story behind the story continue to serve as a tremendous inspiration. Thanks, man.


Happy 20th Birthday, Scud!

Scud turns 20 today! Scud is my absolute favorite comic book character and has always been an inspiration to me. Rob finishing the series in 2008 was a big motivation for me to start making my own comics. Hats off to Rob Schrab and Scud!

I also made a video of these drawings in progress.

And here’s a picture of me being a big fanboy in my Scud shirt.

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Celebrating #2decadesofscud today with #scudthedisposableassassin. Proving that you can always go back and finish what you started!
#SCUD is what really started changing my artistic tastes back in the day and got me really into personal style and #blackandwhite #comics back in the day. So thank you @robschrab for opening up a whole new world for me in your books and beyond!

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