The Grand Emperor Royale

The Grand Emperor Royale is a drawing / tournament game I came up with to pass the time. Here are the current rules:


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1. Come up with 12 silly character names and name your CONFERENCE / DIVISION.
The Conference/Division name is the place your warriors come from and unique to your tournaments.

2. These names are seeded randomly into a bracket tournament system.
I use this website.

3. POWER LEVEL (PL) is generated for each character 
PL = 40+2d10
Roll two 10 sided dice and add those to 40

4. Draw a single image of each character matchup on seperate page

These rolls use a d100. Two 10 sided dice, one designated as 10’s and the other 1’s.

  • Highest PL character attacks first.
  • To make a successful attack roll UNDER characters PL level.
  • IF attack is successful Defender now must roll UNDER their PL level to defend attack.
  • After successfully defending the defender now makes their attack and so on and so forth.
  • Failed attacks require no defence roll.
  • FIRST successful hit on a defender WINS the match and advances.
  • For the first attack of the match Defender gets a +20 PL on their defense roll.
    This attempts to balances the starting attacker’s advantage

6. BATTLE MODIFIERS (These rolls activate permanent character PL changes)

  • 01   Critical Success = +10 PL
  • 100 Critical Failure    = -10 PL
  • Double Evens           = +2 PL (ie: 88)
  • Double Odds            = -2 PL (ie: 77)
  • Same roll as Attacker on Defense = Instant Defender Win
  • Rolling 66 = Roll a 1d10, if 6 change PL to 66 and be marked by SATAN

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7. Track results and PL changes of each match on the tournament sheet.

8. Move on to the next bracket. Draw new match ups.
HOUSE RULE: Never use old art, always redraw characters and never draw them the same way.

9. Keep going until a GRAND EMPEROR IS DECLARED! Grand Emperor gets a +10 PL winning bonus

10. Draw the Grand Emperor in their new place of power and pat yourself on the back for drawing 23 characters!!!

11. You can then battle other peoples Grand Emperor’s, using a best out of 3 system. This can work out who is the CHOSEN ONE.

These rules are just what I have been using. They were also modified and balanced throughout my competition.
If you plan on running your own feel free to adapt, change them to whatever works. Also, using less than 12 competitors might make the drawing task less intimidating.


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Here are our 12 names. Seeded randomly using: http://challonge.com/tournament/bracket_generator
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END OF ROUND 1! Big upset as personal favourite Danger Daniels had his shit all kicked up.
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WOAH! Can you even believe it!? The Electric Williams SMASHES N30N Chomsky, after smashing N30N DR3@M5!? And Huge Sue the new favourite stomps on a crab! Onto the semi finals!
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Oh my GRAWDS! Huge sue sits on a Bee and a computer man killed a cursed wizard!? THE FINALS ARE SET. Huge Sue the statistical favourite VS The Electric Williams digi D3M0N!
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drum roll
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AND WE HAVE OUR FIRST EVER GRAND EMPEROR! Who would have thought it, The Electric Williams. Huge Sue even rolled a critical failure on that final bout. How embarrasing. Let’s all bow down uncomfortably to our new EMPEROR!
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So there you go. What a big dumb event it was. Hope you all had fun. Remember, believe in urselves. xoxox

A scan of the cover of the Players Manual from the 1983 edition of the STRANGER THINGS Basic Set.

HOPPER: Ninety-nine out of 100 times a kid goes missing, the kid is with a parent or relative.
JOYCE: What about the other time? You said ninety-nine out of 100… What about the one? The one!

And the DM rolls d100…

Follow your compass =)

Keep on keepin’ on~


The brain in a jar is considered an undead creature. I guess the process that involves yanking a brain out of someone’s noggin and sticking it in a goopy container will kill the brain at some point. Temporarily at least. The brain is a good deal more potent in the jar than in the head, since the alchemical whatsits gives it some psychic juju to mess around with. It can communicate telepathically, implant suggestions, squeeze minds and float itself and its container around. It isn’t that happy about its situation though, and anybody who tries to read the brain’s mind will share its madness (Wisdom drain, yo).

Honestly, I find the fact that it has a fly speed a little disappointing. I really dig the idea of this seemingly inanimate object hidden somewhere in the room that’s dealing damage. Or what if you have a whole room filled with these fellas, all dealing 2d10 damage in one go. I think that sounds neat.

This seems like a considerably less powerful version of the elder brain and the demilich, to make things accessible to low-level characters.

My favourite “brain in a jar” story is a certain Lovecraft tale. Roald Dahl also wrote a short story (“William and Mary”) with an extracted sentient brain that was also quite unpleasant.

Happy Halloween, peeps.

Passing Can Be Bad

Playing a homebrew based on Dark Heresy 2nd Edition, our characters just witnessed the most powerful man in the galaxy get his heart ripped out by someone who was supposedly killed hundreds of years ago.

GM: Okay guys, she lets you walk away. Roll an intelligence test.

Me, the techy/smart person: *fails roll, uses a fate point and passes*

GM: For everyone who passed, you realize as you walk away that the person who killed the most powerful man in the galaxy didn’t even draw a weapon. This realization that you are completely and utterly screwed causes you to take 2d10 insanity points.

Me: *rolls a 17, doubling my current insanity*


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Photography by @maze_studio
Pants by @uncannymegan

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