Welp. The new Gorillaz album “Humanz” is out.
And let me tell you, it is FANTASTIC!!
Busted and Blue is probably my favorite track on the album.
Those synths, the snapping, and 2D’s voice coming together sound amazing
I always imagine 2D singing on a grassy hill, staring out at sky filled with stars and planets, going with the space theme of the first few videos that were released last month.

Anyway, I’m glad Gorillaz is back.
I hope they continue making more awesome music in the future!

Things That 2-D Has Canonically Done:
  • Joined a band with the guy who put him in two car accidents
  • Tried to jump over Russel with a tricycle 
  • Stopped to check his phone during a live performance
  • Let Murdoc dress him up a fox and hunt him with a crossbow
  • Thought he was stuck on a desert island, when he was really in Mexico
  • Mistook a Jamaican accent for an Irish one
  • Ate his own clothes
  • Somehow figured out theremin sounds calm down Murdoc
  • Upon entering an abandoned house, went to eat what was in the fridge
  • Sold the jeep from the 19-2000 video
  • While trying to look cool, got run over by 2 bumper cars

Murdoc Russel Noodle

(feel free to add more)