Whew! Finally finished this little animation I’ve been working on of Sans vs Chara! :) I pretty much have no experience in animating things…. So this was really hard…. And it’s really sketchy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Sample of my portfolio. And I finally found a title for my movie because Maui sounded too much like Disney obviously. So here’s “Te Ao”. It kinda means “daylight” or “Upper world” (where the gods live). And because my second name is Teau, short for Teauarii, I thought that it was interesting that my movie sounded a little bit like my name. It’s interesting right ? Right.

For those who don’t know, Maui is the guy who defeated the Sun because he was too lazy to provide daylight upon the world.

More later ! Take it easy !


Woo! A good while back, I directed a short intro video to an original IP developed at Powerhouse Animation called Seis Manos. Along with directing the short, I designed the characters and handled a chunk of the key animation and action choreography. It was a lot of fun to work on and I’m glad I get to share it finally!