We’re very happy to announce that Superpowers, the HTML5 2D+3D game maker is coming to all, free and open source, on January 7, 2016!

It’s a full-blown development environment for making HTML5 games, with friends in real-time collaboration, or all on your own! It comes with quality 2D and 3D asset packs. It’s extensible. It’s lightweight. It kicks ass! :D

Read all about it here: http://itch.io/t/9542/the-superpowers-game-maker-megathread

So, the Live2D Assets are still in, and your units will still deliver their amie lines when invited up to your room. There’s just no actual skinship. It’s hard to say how much the lines have been toned down for units like Zero and Camilla, but they’re there nonetheless.

Photoshop sprite sheet generator script

2D game asset development is all about sprite sheets! Our team uses Photoshop to create pixel assets for Wand Wars. The built-in animator is a sweet tool-set but it lacks a way of exporting to sprite sheets.

Bogdan created a Photoshop script that lets us do just that. Get the sprite sheet generator here on GitHub.

It should work with messy nested grouped layers and adjustment layers. Report bugs here or tweet at Bogdan.



Game Character Hub is the ultimate program for creating and editing 2D game assets. It provides a built-in generator for character and tileset creation. While the program was made to be compatible with RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace, the elements found in the program should work with other 2D game engines as well. RPG Maker assets are for RPG Maker use only.

With Game Character Hub, you can easily create characters by choosing generator parts provided in the program. Simply select a template, add items and you’re done! You can also create your own custom templates and parts. Note that almost the same logic applies to tilesets, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be characters!

With Game Character Hub’s flexible layering, you can easily customize parts according to your needs; such as changing the opacity, renaming, merging and deleting parts to name a few.

Game Character Hub’s Preview window lets you see whats going on without having to stop what you’re doing! You can pause the animation and change different settings such as the animation speed, background color and even zoom! You can also set custom animation previews with the Animation Management feature. Useful if you want to see if your Autotiles or Behaviour poses seamlessly transition to one another!

With Game Character Hub’s palette editor, it’s easier for you to create your own palettes and change values. What’s more is that you can generate palette colors from all visible layers or specific ones. Great for finding the colors you need!

Tired of manually merging tile sheets on your own? Game Character Hub has a built in tileset merger to save you the work!

Game Character Hub allows you to easily convert your character assets for different RPG Maker engines.

Other features include:

  • Flexible GUI Layout: Change the layout of the program to your liking!
  • Expansive History Window: Easily undo and redo artwork at any point in time during development.

Available on Degigames for $14.99


A mish-mash of trees.

It’s hard to call this part of the level a forest: it’s as if they took a handful of every tree asset in the game and tossed them in here. It’s a bit hard to tell on some of these - especially the swaying trees - but I’m fairly sure these are 2D cards with 3D renders (or maybe even paintings) of the plants. The swaying and rustle of the grass or trees is done by moving the vertices of the cards that make up the foliage.

The reason I can’t quite tell if these are 2D renders of plants on cards is that the game is using an orthogonal or isometric camera that doesn’t have any angular distortion towards the edges of the scene. As far as I remember, the game never once rotates the camera, though my recollection of the endgame is fuzzy. I remember some level geometry gets rotated, but the benefit of the orthogonal camera is that you can mix-and-match 2D and 3D assets.

Magicka (2011)

PinesQuest/2D Assets Will Be Made Publicly Available!

What’s new, Fallers? Once again there isn’t much to report this time around, so instead I’m going to officially make an announcement regarding something I’ve been asked more than a few times:

“I want to make my own PinesQuest-style Gravity Falls game! Can I have the tile sets/sprites/assets/etc?”

All sprites, tile sets, and graphical assets from both the original PinesQuest AND PinesQuest 2D will be made freely available to download on June 18th, 2017 (the same day as PQ2D’s full version release), with a couple of exceptions; the tile sets and other assets for PQ2D’s 10th and 11th dungeons (which are new locations that do not appear in the Gravity Falls TV series), along with sprites of any new characters who were created for PQ2D (A. Tad Square, [REDACTED], etc) will not be included, as I want these elements to stay exclusive to my own game.

Now before you respond by saying “Whaaat?! That’s too far away! Why can’t I have them sooner?” - You CAN! I am currently providing all the original PinesQuest and many of the PinesQuest 2D tile sets/sprites/assets to anyone helping me create new assets for PQ2D. So if you want them now, all you need to do is lend me a hand with making some new assets! The two types of new assets currently most needed are dungeon tile sets and object sprites.

However to ensure someone doesn’t agree to volunteer then run off with the assets, never helping me in return, volunteers will be given a deadline for what I ask them to help me with. If a volunteer misses their deadline and does not stay in contact with me regarding any issues that may cause them to need more time, this exclusive access may be revoked.

Anyone interested in volunteering can send an email to novainlustris@gmail.com with the subject “PQ2D volunteering”! Please keep in mind, I’m not restricting access to the PQ/2D assets to volunteers only for any reason other than to provide incentive for others to help me with the game, better ensuring that I will be able to release the full game on time next June. It’s all for the sake of getting the finished game out to everyone sooner and better! While all volunteers need to contribute something, I’m going to leave it up to the volunteers themselves how much they’d like to help. If you volunteer, you can make multiple tile sets or just a single object sprite and still get early access to the PQ/2D assets! Every little bit helps and I appreciate any contribution whatsoever, no matter how small! So don’t worry if you don’t think you have the time or skill to make something really elaborate for me - I’ll be perfectly satisfied with and thankful for anything you can provide!

That’s all for now! Happy October and remember to stay weird this Halloween and always! <3