How dare this fandom not have a fanfiction written about this very specific and complex idea that only I have thought of and never asked anyone to write about.

I think 2D is the type of boyfriend to bring you breakfast in bed but the eggs are overdone and your toast is burnt but he’s got such happy puppy dog eyes because he did this unprompted cute thing for you that you have to eat every bite in front of him to make him feel happy and appreciated

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cute relationship hcs w 2d and murdoc plz

Aww, I love fluff. 

Murdoc Niccals: 

  • The two of you will always give each other kisses before Murdoc goes on stage. It’s his good luck charm. 
  • If you’re sick, he will try anything in his power to try to make you feel better. He’ll run you a bath, get you a warm towel, etc. 
  • Murdoc will bring you food at any kind of time. If it’s 3:30 in the morning and you’re craving chicken nuggets, he’ll bring it to you. 
  • He loves going with you to do groceries. Partially because he is very picky with the food that he eats. 

Stuart Pot (2D):

  • He loves to cuddle and give you kisses so he will give you kisses whenever he gets the chance too. 
  • If you have a migraine, he’ll be by your side almost immediately with Tylenol or Advil. 
  • Once the two of you start getting more serious, he will ask you to move into the studio with him. 
  • When he kisses you, he tilt his head to the side and hold your face like if it’s the last kiss he will ever get from you.

What’s your favorite Gorillaz picture/official art?? Mine is either


or this

or this

i’m an absolute sucker for phase two art :) i know that the first two aren’t phase two, they’re phase three, but still.

Headcannon: 2D is worse than a cat

2D is worse than a cat.
-It took just one time for you to screw yourself over; when he sat in the floor and you on the couch during one of the band’s movie nights and you started playing with his hair; now he chooses to sit on the floor in front of you every time. If you don’t start up he literally takes your hand and places it on your head. If you stop, he’ll move his head a bit or clear his throat and you’ll be reminded to keep it going.
-If it’s just you and him on the couch he’ll lie down with his head in your lap expecting you to play with his hair or scratch at his head. Sometimes if you give him a temple massage and run your fingers over his eyelids gently, or gently rub the bridge of his nose he’ll fall asleep, giving your hands a break.
-You help him a lot like this when he has his migraines. When he could tell that he’s about to have a migraine he’ll pop a pill and go straight to you then he’ll lead you to the couch without saying a word.

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Can you do a like how to turn the members on/ get them off in public? Discreetly of course ;) or not so discrete your choice ^~^


~The one spot that gets 2D’s motor running is his neck. Kiss it, bite it, lick it, suck it, hell, even touch it and he becomes a puddle in your arms. So one day, as you’re out with the band, you guys sit down at some restaurant to grab a bite before heading home. You’re sitting next to 2D and start thinking about what you would do when you got home. You thought about snuggling up with 2D to watch an old film but then your mind went to dirtier places. Soon enough, you felt a blush forming on your face.

~You looked up at 2D, who was deep in conversation with Murdoc about god knows what. You tug on his sleeve and say, “I have to tell you a secret.” When he leans down, you kiss his neck roughly. He instantly turns red. Got him. You decided to toy with him a bit more. You leaned your head against his shoulder and put your arm around the back of his chair. You felt 2D tense up but after a few seconds of nothing he relaxed again. You slowly crawled your hand up his back until you reached his neck.

~ 2D froze. He couldn’t do anything or else the band would know what’s up. You snickered and began to lightly rub your fingers around the back of his neck. He shivered and Noodle asked him if he was okay. You looked at him with pretend concern on your face and he glared at you. “I’m fine.” He mumbled and continued to talk to Murdoc. This was going to be fun.


~ Public sex is one of Murdoc’s many kinks. He loves the feeling of almost getting caught, it’s an adrenaline rush. You knew this all too well. You smirked at the thought of teasing him in public, almost everything turned this man on. This time, you’d try to be discrete about it. You were sitting at the end of the table while Murdoc sat next to the wall. He was discussing some upcoming award show with 2D. You decided to make your first move.

~ You “accidentally” knocked over your fork. “Oops!” you said as you bent over picking it up. You took your sweet time coming back up. You could feel the man’s eyes on you. You turned around and sure enough, Murdoc was staring. When he met your eyes, he glared. He knew what you were up to but you wouldn’t give in.

~ Next, you’d need 2D for this one. “Hey, 2D? Could you walk me through the process of writing a song I’m curious.” You leaned forward and crossed your arms right under your chest to make your boobs discretely squeeze together. 2D visibly swallowed, obviously trying really hard not to look at your chest. “Well…” He started off. Murdoc was growling next to you. 2D kept talking and you acted like you were interested. You kept nodding your head and smiling. This went on for a while before Murdoc slammed his hands down on the table and said, “That’s it! Y/N come with me.” He got out of his chair and dragged you to the bathroom. You smirked.


~ Noodle was a rather discrete woman. She wasn’t very public about anything. She was okay with some PDA, like holding your hand or kissing you, but she’d never have sex in public. You had even asked her about it one day and her face got red. You giggled and kissed her.

~ You were out shopping with Noodle one day and something you never would’ve guessed happened. Noodle was trying to find a new dress for an upcoming award show and you were to be her judge. You were seriously judging each dress and seeing if they could make her more angelic than she already is. But when she stepped out in this all black dress that hugged her body in all the right ways, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her. Your jaw dropped open as she twirled in front of the mirror. “What do you think?” You had to give yourself a minute to process what she said. “I’m sorry.” You got up and walked over to her.

~ You wrapped your arms around her waist. “You look like a goddess.” You whispered in her ear. You watched as her face grew red. “Your body is so perfect. I’m so lucky to get to hold you like this.” You kissed her shoulder. Noodle took a deep breath. “Go in the changing room.” You looked at her and blinked, “What?” You were very confused. “I need you right now. Go in the changing room.” Noodle kissed you. “As you wish, angel.”


~ Russel was a very simple man. He didn’t have many kinks but the few he did have getting got him hot and bothered. You liked seeing him like that. Only you knew how to push all the right buttons. You were his weakness.

~ While out in public, you purposely wear tighter pants to tease Russ. You can always feel his eyes on you when your back is to him. When you bend over to look at something, he growls a little. He wants to touch you so bad but he knows that you’re in public. If you know for a fact he’s been turned on, you’ll purposely take your time shopping. He tries to be patient with you but you know he’s dying to get you home.

~ “Just a few more minutes, babe!” You walked over to the panties section of the store. You would hold up the sexiest pair you could find and go, “What about these, Russ?” He’d nod at anything you held up. You laughed at him and put the panties back. Then you walked over to the lingerie. “Should I get some?” You asked teasingly. He grabbed you by the waist and growled, “It doesn’t matter what you wear because it’s coming off when we get home.”

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what would the band do if their s/o had v bad period cramps

me right now god kill me

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He knows what periods are. A bloodbath in your uterus. A “last survivor” type of game.
  • Well, unfortunately, you don’t remain unscathed from the war. You’re cramps are terrible and give you headaches, and you feel nauseous as well. You get bloated and your boobs hurt, and… Augh.
  • Well, Mudz has never really had hands-on comforting skills when it comes to that time of the month… The closest he’s got to knowing about it would be that one hooker telling him that she’s tied for the next week (yikes).
  • Murdoc runs to every pharmacy in town, getting you every single medicine so you can stack them, different varieties of chocolate, and a heating pad (if you’re without).
  • If he goes out to buy you pads or tampons, he’s kind of antsy about it (why are you embarassed about it, Mudz? They’re not even for you). He casually would slip the cashier x amount of cash, and dash out of the store.
  • He would massage anything that hurt because he’s kinky like that.


  • His mom talked to him about it once…? Kind of? Nonetheless, when you tell him that it’s that time of month again, he calls up his mom to ask for help.
  • After the long talk plus frequent note-taking, Stu pacifies you at your side, making sure that you don’t feel like you’re about to puke, or faint, nonetheless.
  • Cuddles definitely make you feel better, he finally concludes. Stu would spoon you, arms wrapped around your waist, hands on your abdomen. If you were moaning in anguish, he would be there. If you were crying in pain, he would still be there.
  • Late night shopping trips? He’s on it. 
  • Stu has an abundance of pain relievers hanging around in the bathroom cabinet for his frequent migraines, so you always have something like Midol or Ibuprofen hanging around tip: don’t ever use tylenol for this type of situation. it doesn’t work on menstrual cramps. midol has some of the same components as ibuprofen, so you’re better off not wasting time. i take midol.
  • When you guys go out, he always has an extra sweatshirt or jacket with him just in case you bleed through your clothes.
  • When he has to buy period products for you, he doesn’t really care like how Murdoc would. It’s not something to be embarrassed by, and if girls can do it, he can, too!


  • She knows what it feels like to have the fist of Mother Nature rip into your vagina. Trust me.
  • She has lots of herbal remedies to help you out, and she recommends lots of things to help ease the pain, like hot water bottles and a good ol’ pillow in between the legs.
  • Exercising helps with period pain as well, so Noodle will go out and take a walk with you if you’re feeling up to it.
  • You two probably get your period at around the same time, so you both comfort each other.
  • Fluffy blankets and chocolate? Heck yeah, man. Massages in sore areas? You’re darn right that’s gonna happen.
  • You and Noodle go to the drug store to get a bunch of different lady products to test out. You use statistics and bar graphs and everything to prove which product works the best, whether it be tampon or medicine related.

Russel Hobbs:

  • He’s pretty chill about periods. I mean, most guys seem freaked about them, but he’s never cared in his life. If he gets bled on by accident? Oh well, it’s just a pair of pants.
  • You need anything like pads or tampons in the middle of the night? Just give him 10 minutes to fully wake up. He’ll go out at 2am while you sit miserably on the toilet, bleeding out, as he picks out exactly what you need (plus a bouquet of flowers for good measure). It’s fun being female.
  • Russ would supply you with lots of water and hot compresses, as well as healthy snacks like tiny veggie trays and nice soups.
  • He holds your hand and lets you lay on him if you get to the point of absolute suffering.
  • He’ll make sure you get enough rest, as well. Sleeping helps ease the pain.

shoutout to everybody that bleeds from time to time

Music while having sex

What kind of music would they turn on during sex?

Murdoc Niccals
This man is wild af in the bed so he’d probably put something rough. Something he can play with you, for example he’d turn “sex on fire” by kings of lion so he could dare you to make any noise while you’re doing it.

2D (Stuart Pot)
He’s a hopeless romantic so he would care more about you enjoying. He’s turn on some sweet slow song for you to feel how much he loves you. Something that would fit in with his purpose may be “she will be loved” by maroon 5.

All she wants is that you both have pleasure at the same time. She’d plan an entire playlist but the star of the night would be “dressin’ up” by Katy Perry so you’d have a kinky time.

Russel Hobbs
As a good drummer he would choose something that make you two have a rhythmic orgasm. Something like “do I wanna know?” By Arctic Monkeys would make the experience so much better because the strong drums in that song would make everything go as the song flows.

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yo! an enormous game of cards against humanity with the band members and each of their s/o s? thanks!

2D: Probably has the weirdest/most obscure cards but he makes it work. He probably starts laughing hysterically at whatever card is put down even if it isn’t that funny. If he felt like getting under your skin he’d act like he didn’t understand a particularly rude joke and make you explain it in front of everyone

Murdoc: He was born ready and would wipe the floor with everyone else playing. He has a horrible poker face and cackles whenever he puts his card down. He’d look over at your cards and constantly whispers suggestions as to what you should put down

Noodle: Surprisingly she has a pretty dark sense of humour and probably has the most offensive answers. You high five every time she gets a point whilst Russel shoots disappointed stares across the table and Murdoc stares at her slack-jawed 

Russel: This poor man has to be the moderator and he isn’t ready. He has to deal with a shit ton of arguing from the band about which answer was more offensive. Sometimes if an answer is too much for him he loses his shit and gives it to you

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2D + Murdoc night walks with s/o?? Where would they go, would they stop and stare at the stars w/ s/o, etc. (💗💗💗 lots of love for th blog)

(Thank you, dear!)


~ 2D loves spending time with you. He loves doing everything with you, so when you suggest going for a midnight walk he’s all over it. You two walk around town and see what kind of shops are open this late. 2D spots a music store from across the street and points like an excited child. You giggle and pull him towards the shop. You walk in first and look around. It’s an older shop with aisles of vinyl records, shelves of CDs, and instruments displayed on the back wall. 2D’s eyes grow wide in amazement. He instantly starts looking for keyboards. You watch him dart around before turning to look at some of the records. You dig through and find some you like. You started to make a pile on the counter where the register was. The cashier had been chuckling at you and 2D. “You folks havin’ a nice time?” You giggled and nodded your head.

~ You looked around for your boyfriend but you couldn’t find him. “Where did he run off to?” You suddenly heard a keyboard playing in the back. You stepped forward and following the sound. You found 2D sitting on the floor playing some random notes on a black keyboard. He was so intrigued by the sound, he didn’t even look up at you. “I’m guessing you’re really enjoying yourself?” You squatted down to his level. 2D giggled and kissed you. “I fink I’m gonna get it!” He stood up and pulled you to the register. You pulled out your wallet to pay for your records but 2D put his hand over your wallet. “I got dis, love.” You jumped up to kiss his cheek as he paid the nice man. “Have a goodnight!” You yelled as you exited the store with 2D.

~ 2D was looking up at the sky as you two started walking again. “2D, you’re going to end up running into a pole or something.” You laughed at his silliness. He looked at you and smiled. “Sorry, it’s jus’ da stars ar’ da only fing dat remin’ me of ya eyes.” You blushed at his comment and he pulled you close. “I love ya.” He said before kissing you with so much passion you felt your heart skip a beat.



~ Murdoc doesn’t sleep much anyway so when you ask him to go on a midnight walk, he eagerly agrees. You giggle and pull him out of the door. You two decide to take a walk through the woods instead of through town. Neither of you wanted to deal with the night life of the city. You wrapped your arm through his and snuggled closer to him. He chuckled and pulled out a cigarette. He removed his arm from yours to light it. He took a deep breath and took in the smoke. He puffed it out away from you so it wouldn’t hit your face.

~ He kissed your cheek and found a rock to sit on. Murdoc patted the spot next to him, indicating you to sit down. You sat next to him and looked up at the sky. The mix of the trees and the stars painted a beautiful site above you. You didn’t noticed Murdoc staring you. He watched your features as you observed the sky. He sighed and asked, “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”  You looked back at him, confused. “No?” Murdoc took another puff of smoke before speaking again. “You mean the world to me. I never thought I’d be the one to fall in love. You’re the only who has ever shown me how much you care. My biggest fear is showing you how much of a monster I actually am and you running away forever. I’m not good enough for you, yet you stay. You give my life a new meaning, one I’ve never known before. I love you more than anything. You make me feel like I’m worth something. I can never repay you for that.” He looked back up at your face and noticed the tears flowing down your face. Murdoc felt bad for saying anything. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything…” He looked at the ground again and you tackled him with a hug. “Don’t you dare be sorry! That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard you say. Murdoc, you owe me nothing except your love. You loving me back is all I could ask for. You make me so happy and I couldn’t image life with anyone else.” You placed a hand on his cheek and kissed him. Now Murdoc was crying. You kissed him again and wiped away his tears. “I will always love you.” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around you.

Some 2-D Relationship Headcanons

~He can be clingy at times, but tries his hardest to not get on your nerves. Especially with his past experiences with Murdoc, he knows better than to make someone aggravated.

~He’s a sucker for cheap romance. Anything from the two of you sharing a nice rose petal filled bath to enjoying a box of chocolates while watching one of his many zombie films, he loves it all.

~When you’re gone on a trip or visiting family, he lets his habits get the best of him. Sometimes he’ll take one too many pills or smoke until the room gets foggy, just to try to cope with you being gone.

~As your relationship progresses, you both mention the thought of growing old together. He politely declined the thought of children, mentioning how he already has more than he can count. You don’t mind not having kids and both decide a dog or cat would be just fine.

~While drunk he’ll always give away his secret plans to take you somewhere or tell you about his dirty fantasy from the night before. Overall, he’s blunt and it’s adorable.

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All of their reactions when their s/o kisses their face, leaving lipstick prints behind

Murdoc Niccals:

  • Murdoc’s high-key a hoe, so it just turns him on even more.
  • You like that?” He would ask, not caring if the lipstick stains wiped off or not.
  • He’d probably take a smug selfie with some stupid caption like “Get some” or “Be careful who you judge in high school” but idk if he even went to highschool but if he did it would definitely be something that i would like to see


  • After you’re make-out session fluffy or smutty, it doesn’t matter, he goes into the bathroom, seeing his face.
  • Oh boy.
  • He’s probably super flustered. Like, you were wearing lipstick? He didn’t even notice.
  • Unlike Murdoc, he doesn’t take pictures, (he isn’t that into selfies) but he stares into the bathroom mirror until you knock on the door, asking if he’s okay.
  • Your lipstick prints are just evidence that you love him so much, maybe even as much as he loves you.


  • She’s not the only girl in this house with prints on her face.
  • The moment you’re done doing whatever you had been doing with Noodle, the both of you look at each other’s face, laughing like there’s no tomorrow.
  • How did that lipstick get on your brow bone? On your chin? On your temple? Oh, the world will never know.
  • You both go to the bathroom and steal some makeup wipes, laughing only harder as the color doesn’t go away, but only smears further.

Russel Hobbs:

  • He notices the lipstick marks on his face, and he feels a warm sensation in his heart.
  • Or maybe somewhere south of there, he doesn’t know quite yet.
  • He makes sure to kiss you prior noticing, just once more for good measure, ruffling your hair as well.
  • “Ack, Russ! Why are you doing that?”
  • “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,” he would murmur into your ear, snickering until you caught a glimpse of your beautiful boyfriend’s face.
  • “Ah, now I’m catching your drift.”

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hi! i was wondering if you could do a request of the band finding out someone made their (usually tough) s/o cry? thank you!

So I added a bit of a backstory to it just because it popped into my head. 

Warning for the beginning before the band’s reactions: Language/emotional abuse. 

It was a shitty day and y/n just wanted to get home when they saw the last person y/n wanted to see. The asshole sat across from y/n on the bus. Y/n was wearing their work clothes, it’s been a long and hard day, they looked disheveled, their hair was a mess and they were super tired. When y/n looked up and saw the other person was about to start speaking they just wanted to slap that smirk off their face.

Don’t say anything y/n… Don’t respond, it’s just bait. Don’t let them win.

“You don’t look like you’re doing well…” y/n’s Ex says with a vicious laugh. “How’s that new place going for you? Your ‘(boy/girl)friend’ finished bangin whores on tour? Do you really think they’re faithful, especially to the likes of you? I remember when we were together… we had something nice but it’s wasn’t THAT nice you know what I mean? I still had to find people to satisfy my needs…It’s not my fault you caught m-”

Y/n didn’t let them finish. It’s their stop anyway so y/n gets up calmly and back hand smacks the shit talker as hard as they could, causing the other person to let out a scream. Y/n straightens themselves out, smoothing their shirt and running their hands through their hair when they turn around to hop out the bus (which is applauding them) and starts to walk home. Suddenly tears are streaming down their face and y/n is slowly starting to cry harder. Out of nowhere a mix between a yell and a screech sounds: “HEY!”

Shit. Y/n’s now red faced ex is a block away and running towards them, looking like they’re out for blood. Y/n bolts, the house is just a half block away. When they reach the house, they enter and slam the door, locking it. Panting, they lean against the door and slide down it. The tears are starting again. Y/n puts their head in their hands and starts to sob. “Fuck…”


- “wha- the bloody hell happened to you? what are you… hey stop that.”

-When they look up and he sees they’ve been crying he suddenly rushes to them, changing his attitude right away.

-They lean into his arms and he rubs their back trying to figure out what in Satan’s name could have happened to make their lover lose their usually rock solid composure like this.

-He’s never seen them cry, so he has absolutely no idea what to do.

-When they tell Murdoc what happened he freezes, leads them to the couch and leaves. He comes back looking furious, his red eye somehow looks as if it was glowing, his clawed hands grasping a baseball bat studded with nails and only says two words  “Who. Where.”


- “Wha…Oh my are you alrigh?!” He rushes towards them and hugs them tightly, stroking their hair.

-When they look up and 2D sees their puffy eyes and tear streaked face he frowns. “What happened, love?”

-He tries his hardest to reassure them how much he loves them and how amazing they are.

-He picks them up, dumps them in bed and cuddles them, rocking them back and forth soothingly.

- “Ya know what? Fuck this person, I  don’t know who they are but they don’t have much goin on for them if they have to spend their time trying to make you feel bad. Yer amazing, love. I don’t know why they don’t see that and I don’t care. As long as you know it, that’s all that matters.”


-”Hey, y/n h- … are you… crying?”

- “Hey hey hey, c’mere..” He pulls them in a tight and comforting hug.

-”Who do I gotta unleash Mudz on?” He chuckles, making you giggle a bit.

-He pulls them into the kitchen, puts on an apron, and makes their favorite meal.

- As he makes the food they tell him what happened, he pauses sometimes and they notice him grip the pans or the knife harder, they see him tense up during the harsh parts but he stays silent as the story is being told, allowing them to vent. After they were finished he puts everything to the side for a moment and approaches them, sitting down at the table next to them, he gently tilts their chin up “Hey, you know that person didn’t know shit right? Deadass,(Sorry I had to represent my brooklyn boy through speech) all of us are lucky to have you here, especially me. We all love you, I love you, you’re so special and amazing, I can’t imagine being without you…”


-once she sees them crying she rushes to them letting out a string of japanese curses along the way

-She’s surprised to see that someone affected them this badly because they’re the strongest person Noodle knows.

-She lists every single thing that she likes about them for about a half hour from their attitude to how they dress, she makes sure they know she looks up to them.

-She gets the rest of the band to do the same.

-Noodle then takes them to their room and fixes them a bath. While they take a soothing bath, Noodle finds their favorite movie and orders a pizza.

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What does 2D do when he finds his S/o sweet spot 😏😏

~ 2D finding your sweet spot was a complete accident. He was sitting up against the headboard and you were sitting in between his legs. You two were watching a new zombie film he had found at the store while buying some groceries. It was super corny but it made you two laugh so you continued to watch it.

~ He had his chin resting on the top of your head since he was so much taller than you and his arms were lazily draped around you. He must’ve been tired because he dropped his head down to your shoulder. You giggled at him and turned the volume of the TV down a bit so he could sleep peacefully if he needed to. 2D took a deep breath and let it out right next to your neck. You shivered at the warm air hitting your skin. He was suddenly curious about your sudden movements and did it again but this time right against your skin, you let out a little moan before clamping your hands over your mouth. 2D chuckled in your ear, “Oh tha’s good ta know.” You were done for. 


you’re in a costco™ and you smell something.. odd. you walk down the aisle to the free sample table, and 2-D is sitting there! he’s holding a cup of some sort of carbonated drink. it’s cloudy, and smells of death.

“Oi! Ello’ darlin, wouldn’t ‘yew like a nice cold glass of my good meaty juice?”

It’s carbonated hotdog water.

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How would 2D react if he 'accidently' walked in on his s/o bathing in the bath?

I hope you don’t mind if I respond to this like a prompt, I had an idea and I went with it.

You settle yourself into the warm water, bubbles encasing you. No one was home as far as you knew, and Stu’s bathroom had the cleanest best bathtub so you didn’t think he’d mind if you “borrowed” it for a bit. You close the curtain to keep the hot steam in, and let the humidity carry you away as you begin to doze off.

Downstairs, Stu comes home early from his outing. He shouts to see if anyone else was home, unaware of you sleeping upstairs. He makes his way to his room and opens up the door to the bathroom, not noticing the condensation on the mirror. He shuts the door behind him which jolts you from your sleep. You stir slightly in the water, peeking around the corner to see where the noise came from. You accidentally let out a shocked gasp, realizing you’re no longer alone as well as completely exposed aside from the bubbles. You freeze and try to stay quiet so he doesn’t investigate, but he heard you anyways. He slowly walks over to the curtain, and having seen too many horror films, pulls the curtain open quickly to reveal you behind it, sunk down as far as you could into the bubbles, leaving only what was above your collarbones visible.

He freezes, eyes wide open, and you can practically see his hair stand straight up. He continues to stare at you, neither of you saying a word until you decide to break the silence.

“Um… what, you’ve never seen shoulders before?” You decide to ease the tension.

“I, well, I just didn’t, no one was, I didn’t know, and…” He continued to babble like an idiot, still staring wide-eyed at you, clearly trying to keep contact with your face. His flustered mumbling elicited a laugh from you.

“It’s fine! I don’t mind really,” you say, playfully shifting around in the water. The possibility of him seeing any part of you caused his face to turn bright red. He still hadn’t moved or stopped staring.


“Yeah?” Your eyes meet, and he raises his eyebrows at what might come next.

“Get out.”

He’s so dumb I love him so much i’M SORRY

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2D and Mudz with a s/o who will get up in the middle of the night and just sit outside no matter the weather? (I'm outside right now and it made me think)

2D: Our poor boy would first be very confused and scared when he wakes up and you aren’t next to him. He is afraid you would leave him, but once he sees someone sitting on the balcony, he calms down a bit. He wouldn’t question it at first, but once he noticed it was a regular thing, he joins you sometimes. He loves the summer nights with you and when it gets cold, he would bring blankets and even put effort in making a campfire (which is hard on the balcony) He would be a bit concerned if it is cold or rainy and you are just sitting outside about to catch a cold. So he would just put a blanket around you and go back to bed himself.

Murdoc: Murdoc would find it extremely odd, but just lets you be. He doesn’t sleep much at night, so he would notice it when you sat outside and would watch you from a distance. Seeing how beautiful you were, while you looked at the stars, made him extremely happy. He would bring you hot coco and stay with you if you asked him to. He would get angry tho if you sat outside and it was cold. He doesn’t want you to get sick and he would just carry you back inside, even if you were protesting. After that, he wraps you up in warm blankets and makes sure that, if you were planning on going outside again, you were at least warm. This ends up in you looking like a fucking burrito, all wrapped up in the blankets (and sometimes Mudz will even put a fuzzy hat on you) And that always ends up with Murdoc blussing, because you look damn cute.

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Reactions to SO getting a annoyed that their partner can spend so little time with them, so they retaliate by buying a cheap bodypillow and sending the bandmembers photos of them while they are on tour doing menial stuff with it. SO and pillow at the restaurant, SO and pillow at the movies, SO and pillow on a rollercoaster etc. Just some lighthearted teasing ala "if you're gone so often, this will have to do."


~ He was a little confused at first when he received a picture of you and a blue body pillow at your favorite restaurant. You sent a text following a picture that said, “At least HE spends time with me.” 2D frowned at the text. He sent one back saying, “You know I can’t help it.” You smirked at the text. “It’s a shame. When we get home we’re going to watch your favorite movie. Wish you were here <3” You almost laughed out loud at the text.

~ You pulled the body pillow inside your room when you got home and threw it on your bed. You checked your phone for a text from 2D. There were two messages. The first one read, “That’s not fair! );” You snickered. The second one read, “I’ll be home soon! I promise I’ll spend more time with you!” You grinned as you slipped off your pants and straddled the pillow. You took a very well angled picture of yourself in that position and sent it to 2D. You laughed and awaited his reply. You could almost hear his voice when you read the text, “I’ll remember that.” Said the text. “Maybe now you’ll actually spend time with me.” You sent.


~ You knew you were playing a dangerous game but Murdoc should have spent more time with you while he was home. You had just bought a cheap body pillow at the local shop and you were going to take it everywhere. You got dressed up in Murdoc’s favorite outfit on you and took a selfie with the pillow. He sent it to Murdoc with the caption “Heading out with my favorite guy!” Murdoc replied immediately with a, “What the hell does that mean?” You smirked down at your phone screen and typed, “Well since you’re so busy and won’t spend time with me, this little guy will have to do.”

~ You could practically hear Murdoc growl. “It’s my job to take to you out.” He sent back. You laughed. “Maybe you should do your job better (;” You were enjoying torturing the old man. You walked out of the house with the body pillow and drove with it buckled in the passenger seat. You took another picture with it and sent it to Murdoc before driving off to the movie theatre. Murdoc was having a fit. You kept sending picture of you holding onto the pillow or kissing it. He was pissed, but you kept going.

~ At the end of the night, you stripped off all your clothes and pulled the pillow over you to cover most of yourself. “He’s a better lover too (;” You couldn’t wait for Murdoc’s response. When your phone buzzed you had a text that read, “THAT’S IT! I’M GETTING A PLANE TICKET HOME RIGHT NOW! THE FUCKING ALBUM CAN WAIT!” You laughed at the fact that Murdoc just got jealous over a $10 body pillow.


~ Noodle didn’t like leaving you so soon after not getting to spend much time together. You knew that but you also knew she was the overprotective type. You sat on your bed pouting about your missing girlfriend. You snuggled up to your giant body pillow that you used when she was gone. You closed your eyes, hoping to take a nap, but you suddenly sat up because of a brilliant idea you had. You grabbed your phone and took a picture of you snuggling with the body pillow and sent it to Noodle saying “I miss you ):” Noodle replied a few minutes later with an, “I miss you too, baby doll. But you won’t need that body pillow much later.”

~ You were impatient. You got up and ran into the shower. “Brb just gonna take a quick shower (:” You took a picture with the body pillow sitting in the tub. Noodle was confused, “Are you really going to shower with the body pillow?” You laughed and sent, “I have to. My girlfriend isn’t here to help me wash up.” You giggled. “I’ll shower with you as much as you want when I get home <3” You smiled at the text before jumping into the shower.


~ Russel didn’t like being away from you for so long. Especially since he barely got to see you when he was home for his break. You weren’t very happy about it either. You spent more time alone than you had wanted to. You tried to pass the time by watching films or sleeping but you could only do so much. You sat up from your bed and grumbled. You decided to shower and actually go out tonight.

~ You stripped and stepped into the shower. You took your time washing your body and just letting the hot water hit your back. After your shower, you dried off and put on some nice clothes. You admired yourself in the mirror before heading out. You grabbed your phone and your keys and walked to the car.

~ You drove through town until you passed a shop that a bin full of body pillows for sale. You got an evil grin on your face and found a parking space. You walked to the bin and grabbed body pillow. This was perfect. You went to pay for it and put it in the front seat of your car. You snapped a picture and sent it to Russel. You giggled to yourself when you saw him reply suddenly, “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

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Sometimes when you go to the hospital, they give you this anesthesia that makes you act wonky. Like as if you just smoked some of the good shit 👌👌👌. How would 2D react if he was sitting with his S/O, and they ask who he is, and he says that he's their boyfriend and they're just like "Scoooore" and does a lil fist pump? Or something like that? (Lmao I saw it in a video and I thought it was cute)

I loved this request, it was so cute! I think I’ve seen the video you’re talking about, you can find it here 

2D gnaws on a hangnail, not noticing as it begins to sting, and blood drips down his thumb. All his nails are bitten into little stumps, even shorter than usual, and his fingertips are bloody and bitten. His leg bounces incessantly, and his gaze flickers around the room, and then returns to you where you lie in the hospital bed, completely still, with a drip in your arm and a clamp on your finger.

The oxygen mask that had terrified him has finally been taken away, and the constant, steady beeb of the heart monitor has ceased grinding on his already shot nerves. You’re in the clear, but he’s still nervous as hell.

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