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Hi everyone :D 

Last week during the Annecy Festival were released my class’s opening films !
The theme was China and it was a crazy but super fun project !
Our films are also dedicated to Sei Riondet, an amazing artist and teacher who we sadly lost this year and miss so much.

Here is the one we made with my friends Sasha, Max, Côme and Benji.
We went through (3D)hell together but we’ve made it ! And I am proud and happy to have been their partner :)

Please check out my others classmates’s movies too, they’re all amazing !
Youtube Playlist
Vimeo Playlist

I hope you’ll enjoy ! 


I added the making of PUZZLE, our Annecy opening film, on my Vimeo channel for those who are interested in seeing the work I did for the movie :)


The teaser trailer for the OneShot fangame “Outsider” is now here.

The world knows you exist. You suddenly woke up in a strange dark house along with a child named Niko, who wants to find a way home, and you both must traverse the areas in the world while completing puzzles, dealing with obstacles, and interacting with the environment and the people around you. Your fate depends on your choice.

Outsider is a 2D RPG puzzle/adventure choice-based fan game based on the game OneShot, an original concept by @nightmargin, @elizavq, and @girakacheezer.

Omg so this is my super late offering for 2Docweek (if fics aren’t allowed just lmk and I’ll adjust the tagging, it’s no problem!). Also if you follow this blog and hate 2Doc, I’m sorry! I placed it all under the cut so hopefully it doesn’t take up too much space on your dash.

This was inspired by Day 4: Favorite Phase. I actually don’t know if I could pick a favorite phase, but phase 1 has always had a special place in my heart. From 2D’s random journal entries about Murdoc’s fear of flying (2D’s Murdoc observations in general tbh!), to their stay in Jamaica together, to their various misadventure that get hinted at throughout different interviews, there’s like, so much to think about and expand upon. All that being said, it’s hard to look at phase 1 without feeling a hint of sorrow because we all know where it leads eventually. Anyhow, this fic takes place very early in their writing process for the first album when they’re still getting to know one another (so like, building 2Doc), during a night when they both stay behind in the studio. 

Summary: Murdoc is uncharted and mysterious, but 2D has always considered himself a bit of an explorer.  

Rating: pg-13

Word count: ~3000

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Can I request 2D slow dancing with his SO?

(I deeply recommend looking up the song, it’s so romantic!)

“Dance with me,” you grinned after the rest of the band had gone backstage. Murdoc had rolled his eyes and pretended to stick his finger down his throat, hissing something about love being the doom of society. So now the whole concert hall was empty before the big night and it was way too big for only two people.

“Dance with you? There’s no music,” 2D replied, obviously puzzled by your request.

“No, does it matter?” You laughed quietly, it echoing through the empty hall, wrapping your arms around him, “That is, unless you want to sing something for me?”

“Sing for you? I never do that,” 2D said as he automatically placed his hands on your hips.

“Think of it as warming up your voice,” you grinned and stood on your tippy toes to kiss him, “Or you can just hum? I can sing, not very well but I can try…”

“No!” 2D blurted out and blushed at how quickly he had protested, “I mean.. no.”

“Stuart Pot, are you saying I’m a bad singer?” You teased, making him turn even redder. You gently began to sway with him, “Please, dance with me, pleasepleaseplease.”

2D eventually gave in and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding your body close. You leaned into him, head on his chest as he was way too tall compared to you. You closed your eyes, palms on his chest as you moved around in silence.

After a while, 2D started humming and it took you quite a while to guess the song. It was so unlike him but it was the sappiest moment of your life when you finally realised. It was a classic, Tony Bennett’s The Way You Look Tonight and you practically melted as he started singing the words quietly and you picked up where he had left, humming the tune softly.

“Oi Faceache, stop acting all gross and cheesy, it’s making me wanna barf,” Murdoc yelled suddenly, the moment getting ruined pretty quickly. You pulled away from him with a frown, scowling at the bassist.

“What do you want, Murdoc?” You snarled and he waltzed right past you to grab at 2D’s shoulder.

“We’re rehearsing now, remember?” Murdoc smiled too sweetly and 2D just nodded.

You grumbled, crossing your arms over your chest but eventually walking up to kiss 2D’s cheek, “Save a dance for me, Stuart Pot.”

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The band members reaction to their s/o's extremely bad music taste?

(them to me when they find out i love One Direction)

2D: 2D’s puzzled about your taste in music because he expected a bit differently from you, but at the same time, he doesn’t really care. He liked his favorite bands for a reason and you liked yours (though playing certain songs makes him scrunch his nose up). 

Murdoc Niccals: He has absolutely no qualms about digging into you for your music taste, snickering about it until he realizes you’ve said you enjoy the music he creates. He decides to keep quiet about it from that point on. 

Noodle: Noodle would also have a good time poking fun at you, but she doesn’t mind that much (she hates people who are musical elitists). She thinks you can like what you’re gonna like, even if it’s not within her own tastes. 

Russel Hobbs: Russel tries to be fair about your music but when songs make him cringe, he shakes his head and asks you how you can stand it. He can understand liking a good beat over lyrics, but some songs… are too much. 


For anon…enjoy!

Y/N sat on top of her desk in an observation room. A puzzle lay in front of her crossed legs. Her eyes flitted from piece to piece, examining each ridge and curve of the pieces in front of her.

“Alright Y/N,” General Organa’s voice instructed over a comm, “First, do the 2D puzzle, then the 3D, and then we’ll pull up the holographic puzzle. Understood?”
“Yes, general,” you addressed, keeping your eyes on the puzzle.
“You will be timed in order to properly assess your skills,” she paused, “You may begin.”

Just like that, the woman set to work. Her hands flew across the pieces in front of her. Her eyes analyzed as she went. It only took a minute or so for her to complete the 2D puzzle. She scooted to face the untouched 3D puzzle.

Poe watched with the General in admiration. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It seemed impossible that someone could be analyzing, interpreting, and converting information so quickly. He started to smirk when Y/N finished the 3D puzzle and moved over to the hologram.

With just as much ease as the previous two puzzles, Y/N sped through solving the holographic one. When she was finished, she clicked the center of the hologram, indicating she was done. Poe glanced over to the General, who was also smirking.

“Four minutes and 27 seconds,” she told him, “That’s the best time I’ve ever seen.” Leia clicked the comm. “Welcome to the Rebellion, Miss Y/N.”

Poe smirked as she smiled at where she guessed the general was. Without asking, the pilot left the room and went to the adjoining door. He pulled it open. Y/N glanced over to see the handsome man. He was beaming.

“Congratulations, Y/N,” he told her, “I’m Poe Dameron, Commander of Black Squadron.”
“A pilot?” she asked.
He nodded. “I just have to say, that was incredibly impressive.”

She blushed before giving him a smile.

“Thank you. I’d compliment your flying, but I haven’t seen it.”
Poe chuckled. “I suppose that’s fair,” he paused, “How about I give you a quick show once you’ve settled in?”
“Yeah. That sounds fun.”

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A response to Cerone puzzle comment.

I want you to imagine a puzzle. Not a 3D, just your basic, easy 2D puzzle - it doesn’t have to be overly complex doesn’t have to be many pieces either. So let’s say 100 pieces. You don’t know what it looks like, but you have some idea.

It should be pretty easy right, to click together and finish?

So you separate the pieces out and you have all your edge pieces, and you put those together first.

That right there, that’s your frame. That frame consists of major characters, the over arching mystery and some major rules or “do not touch” pieces.

So over time you start building out the inside, you get a couple of pieces the wrong way that for sure you thought it fits, but over time some manage to fit into the frame, more often then not - They don’t.

So your doing this at a frustratingly slow pace, and even after you think for sure you have one piece in the right spot, and can carry on - you find out, nope that’s actually the wrong piece.

So at this point, after 4 years of building, all you have done is the frame, and barley a handful of pieces. Some of you have either said “fuck it!” And have put the pieces back in the box, others might have casual walked by the puzzle on your coffee table and half attempted to put a new piece in, and others might be forcing pieces in at this point.

After all it’s been 4 years.

That’s when it hits you. It’s been 4 years. And besides the frame all you have is 4 pieces in, that maybe belong there. The puzzle box is still full and every time you put a piece in, it ends up being the wrong piece.

Now, you are staring at the frame and you just notice one of those pieces - the “do not touch piece” the key piece that’s holding this puzzle together - doesn’t really belong there. This piece is called “Red doesn’t lie to Liz”. You thought for sure that piece belongs there, cause if it doesn’t then all the other pieces would be wrong.

So you take it out and look at it, not sure what to do. Do you leave it? It’s been 4 years.

Or - do you try and make it fit another way, maybe you just need to keep looking for that key piece to make all the other pieces fit.

But it’s been 4 years. Your tired of staring at it, or figuring it out, the pay off to get one piece in, isn’t worth the aggravation of going through all the pieces again.

It’s been 4 years, the frame is now in question, you have 4 pieces in that your still not sure they fit.

You decide to….

I will leave it there. You decide what to do.

I was lying in bed thinking out of all the things we had hoped for and wanted resolved, that could have been, some pretty easy things, others some pretty big things.

-Red and Liz talking about her betrayal
-Red and Kaplan resolving her betrayal
-Samar and Liz chat about her betrayal
-Aram and Liz chat about her betrayal
-Cooper and Liz chat about her betrayal
-Ressler and Liz chat about her betrayal
-confirming Red and Katarina did have an affair or not
-who Liz really is
-who liz father really is
-what really happened on the night of the fire.

To name a few.

The only thing that was resolved since the wedding - was Kirk isn’t the father. That’s 14 episodes. And out of all those episodes only 1 thing was confirmed and many of us figured that out.

I have the exact same amount of answers that I had a year ago - NO! - 2 years ago!!

I have the exact same amount of puzzle pieces connected for 2 years.

And It’s been 4 years.

Rickified versions of other games

You know after seeing rick and morty´s pokemon parody i wanna see their take on other games.

Originally posted by nookling

 Animal Crossing:  name it something like Rick Crossing, where you play as rick or morty and your stranded on this planet and Aliens name you as their leader and you get several of them as neighbors and you do whatever you want on that town like decorate your house with a lab or something. ( you can also have multiverse ricks and morties ending up in your planet). 

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Portal: Dealing with killer robots and portals with a bit a humour seems like something that would be typical of a Rick and morty episode, Rick is traped in some facility/ship by a rogue entity and must use his portal device to navigate around, except his device isnt working probably meaning he is stuck to creating portal in the same place he´s at. It can also be a 2d puzzle platform kind like they did with portal mario.