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Each To Their Own // An Eric Harris Imagine

I LIKE HOW THIS TURNED OUT but I’m so sorry it’s super long. This was requested by another lovely anon!! I hope you enjoy it. Feedback it always welcome xxx


You closed the door to your new locker and stared down at the timetable and map you had been given by the school office. Columbine high school looked like an absolute maze, printed in 2D on this thin, cheap piece of paper. You thought about how much nicer it was than your previous school though – at least they’d even bothered to supply a map here…

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Commissions are priority #1 right now as I will shortly have to begin drawing many other entertainment medias.


Because yours truly will be an exhibitor at this years Salt Lake City Comic Con in September!
Thats right, If things go well, I’ll have a table amongst other, more talented artists, selling 2D prints and sitting there for an uncomfortable about of time watching people walk by.

I will keep you posted on updates and details for the location of the table and such.
So, if you’re interested in actually meeting me, keep September 21-23 open and hope nothing else comes up to where I’m dumped on the waiting list or something,

Prints and patches and pins! WIP Pt 1: Cephalopods

I’ve been wanting to make some designs I can put on pins, patches, and smaller affordable prints, and I thought “why the hell don’t I do anything with octopuses/cuttlefish/squids/etc? I LOVE THOSE THINGS.” So like any good artist, I put myself to the task of making some majorly cute designs.

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