2d phineas


“In this dimension, you chose ruin.”

Upsetting is one word for it, yeah. Thanks for the ask. -P

Requested by leibi97. Her request was Doof and 2D Doof doing a King of the World pose in Titanic. I just modified it a bit to fit their image, I guess… I don’t think this was exactly what she had in mind…. Sorry this took sooooo long!! But I really appreciate your support and all! Thank you!:)

Well, 1 down, I think 2 more requests to go!


But outside of extenuating circumstances like that, no I don’t think so. Thanks for the ask. -P 

{{OOC: Couple things with that last panel: I have no idea how to draw vehicles, let alone vehicles in motion. I’m sorry. Don’t look at it too close lol. Secondly, it’s an absolutely shameless reference to this fic, which I absolutely ADORE and recommend you check out, really 10/10 please read it. ~Grayce.}}


“Well obviously YOU did not have to deal with MY nemesis, Perry the Platypus!”

“Oh didn’t I?”

{Thank you so much!! Also I am so sorry this took me 2 months to respond to,my life has been kind of crazy. But welcome to the angst train, friend. <3 ~Grayce}


1st picture: Double Doofenshmirtz

Coming at you Fri~~days!

Oh, gawsh I definitely don’t mind these two adorable evil scientists coming at me EVERYDAY!!<3

Both Doofs (1D Doof from the episode “Der Kinderlumper”; 2D Doof from the song “My Brand New Best Friend”) wearing suits are just too gorgeous.


2nd picture:

1D: What is this! Your bow tie is crooked!

2D: And you got a problem with that?

1D: Ugh, c'mere, let me fix it for you. This is bothering me.

2D: Hey, I said leave it alone! What are you, my mom?!