2d beat em up


Before we get to SF II, let’s take a deeper look at Final Fight, a legendary beat ‘em up meant to be the original Street Fighter II, but later ended up being a part of that universe regardless.

(Rated M for language.)


My favorite character to use in “Dragon’s Crown”, yet another beautiful game by George Kamitani and team Vanillaware.

This game is a lavish, loving tribute to various fantasy games, ranging all the way back from Dungeons and Dragons. It turns my PS2 into an arcade cabinet that lets me play with my best friends, adventuring and fighting old monsters from my childhood. What a beautiful, lovingly made game.

Keep on making games, team Vanillaware!


I have a real soft spot for this machine, partially because I always root for the underdog but most of all because I spent hours of my life playing 2 Player Street Fighter Alpha 2 during my time at art college! First to 50 victories, the course work can wait ;-)

That rounded Japanese pad is still the greatest pad for 2D beat ‘em ups and just look at the box art for the peripherals!


Some character artwork for a team assignment where we get to concept and design our own game!

Our idea is a 2D sidscrolling beat ‘em up set in the ‘80s, heavily inspired by Streets of Rage, and other great beat ‘em ups from back in the day (We even called ourselves “Team Throwback”) 
My job is 2D Artist / Character designer so I had a ton of fun! I have more concept sketches but I decided to throw up some more finished work instead. I’m hoping I’ll be able to show more once we put together some mock screenshots too.

- Logo and BG title screen was done by my very talented boyfriend (who’s also in my team) to make it SCREAM ‘80s! It all came together really nicely.

working on pixel art and prelims for something i’m currently calling Star Buster (but will probably end up getting renamed during development) projected to be a 2d sidescrolling beat em up (as i am often want to do) inspired by, in particular, the gba astro boy game by treasure

strap your shit in cause armored dove deluxe is go

this here is Joule- captain and commander of a small vessel aligned with the interplanetary GDF. like Dove, Joule’s got a range of options but wheras Dove’s gameplay revolved around air combos (at least ostensibly) Joule’s fighting style revolves around grinding enemies with projectiles and pursuit combos

as a footnote, since Joule is less a classically-trained and talented wuxia warrior and more a tough-but-in-many-ways-average jou in heavy armor, i’ve realized i can get into a more spectacular and impractical barehanded style. like, she’s got no appearances to hold up, which means she can just do drop kicks all day and nobody’ll be like ‘yo joule doesn’t know what she’s doing why does she keep doing drop kicks’

anyway, please look forward to heavy metal drop kicks