2d bean

anonymous asked:

2D reacts to walking in on his s/o obliviously dancing & raving buck nekkid with headphones?? (ILYSM BTW)

(I love you too, ya bean!)

~ 2D was out recording something in the studio so you decided to clean yourself up. You took a quick shower and went to look for some clothes. You still had your radio on from this morning and one of your favorite songs started to play. You started to bob your head to the beat while trying to find some comfy clothes. You pulled out all of your drawers but couldn’t seem to find anything appealing. You started to move your hips to the beat and unwrapped your towel from your body and dried your hair off.

~ The song had ended too soon so you decided to grab your headphones and play it again. You started to sing along immediately and dropped your towel somewhere on the floor. You walked to your closet to find some clothes but, once again, you couldn’t find anything. You were getting so into the song, you started dancing around the room not giving a damn about your clothes. You were singing and dancing and laughing at yourself when suddenly you saw the door open and 2D was standing there grinning like an idiot. You grabbed your towel from the floor and threw your headphones on the bed. “Havin’ fun, love?” He laughed and your face got super red. He walked over to you and kissed your warm cheek. “It wa’ cute.”