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New innovations in animation technology are constantly changing the landscape of animation around the world, making it possible for all makers from amateurs to pros to create their own works in whatever style and tone they choose. In Britain, it feels like the general output is restricted to safe and simple children’s entertainment, hobby based, or student short films designed to achieve festival and BAFTA nods.

These guys may be young, but they have already become animation masters, and I find it amazing to see such a small team of well resourced, multi-talented creators adding this special diversity of film-making to our industry that’s badly needed more of. Having the freedom to play, experiment, play around with styles and tones, finding interesting ways of sharing their work, they are somehow still going, and are getting more popular.

At some point a while ago, they decided they were going to spend their valuable time to making just the intro sequence to a fake 80s cartoon show by the name of “Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit”, based on a drawing from the director’s childhood for that matter, and hoping the project’s nostalgic influence will draw attention. Aside from the 16:9 ratio (but even I probably couldn’t resist), you can plainly see the attention to detail is virtually immaculate. Particularly the line art style, frame timing, pacing, layout, animated effects, sound effects, even a hint of animation cel drop shadow, and made sure to include that mad corny epic spirit of 80s sci-fi action cartoons. It practically replicates the Thundercats intro. You really felt like the ultimate forces of the universe were blinding your eyes to dust and splitting apart the atoms of your very existence just from watching this piece.

It may not as awesome as the Thundercats intro, but I can tell this was a lot of fun for them to make!


Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit

Wow… just wow, is all I can say.  This is probably one of the best shout-outs to 90s-style animated openings I ever seen; you know, back in the days when openings were longer than 5 seconds of a logo (looking at you Young Justice) and we had some amazing unique animation for an opening, like the original Thundercats for example.

Read more about the production of this amazing piece of animation, and what this project is here: 

My clumsy wording will only do it injustice.


Feature Friday August 28th 2015 

Hello and welcome back to Hexels Feature Friday! No matter how your week went, we’ve got some lively hexels art that’ll put a smile on your face.

We’re loving this little isometric scene, complete with adorable ghosts by Ness Io Kain

Sasj, cutting slick geometric shapes into the canvas!

Irina Mir is back once again, creating beautiful trixel creatures.

Minttwix will have to drive us to the cake shop once we’re done drooling all over our keyboards.


Commissioned project i developed last year at school for a committer that never used it due to soundtrack rights issues, so i’ll upload it on my own. Made in TVP10 and AE.

Music: Propane Nightmares - Pendulum
Everything else: Yours truly