Hexels Feature Friday 12th February 2016

Hey! It’s Friday! Let’s get your weekend started with a magnificent bunch of Hexels artwork.

  • Mark Knight made an amazing rendition of the iconic scene from the Ring movie in trixels, and it’s animated purely in Hexels 2!  Watch the process here.
  • An eye-catching, tranquil isometric scene by Kenzee Wee
  • Pixels by Glamorous Balls
  • An endearing sand castle piece by Dreemstyletransit

For those of you who hate Valentines Day!

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Voici ma petite demo-reel qui rassemble des projets auquel j’ai travaillé durant ma dernière année de dma en cinéma d’animation à Estienne ! Elle est très courte…! ;D Depuis j’ai plus trop fait d’animation, j’essaierais de m’y remettre au plus vite…

La musique : un ost de summer wars ( ouais j’adore les ost de ce film)

A tribute to all life drawing models, and to the passion of the craft; exploring form, figure, life and all that lies within. 4th year thesis film done at Sheridan…

In the light of releasing my short film, “ed”, and in the shame of my older blogs being re-surfaced to the public, I am compelled to finally face my artistic insecurities and set up an active tumblr page.