The Gorillaz band and their shitty roommate habits

-2D’s sleep schedule is awful, sometimes he’s up at 4am just walking around the apartment unable to sleep. But he stomps around the apartment and wakes everyone up at night because he can’t walk quietly for crap. 

-Noodle is a major bathroom hog. She’ll take baths and showers for close to 2 hours, and you’ve got the boys just waiting outside, banging on the door for her to hurry up because they all have to take a piss. 

-Nobody – nobody – labels the stuff they put into the fridge. So sometimes one of them is looking for something to eat and they’ll just pull out someone’s leftovers from like four months ago, or find an old milk carton that expired ten days ago, and there are always issues of stolen food, because no one knows whose stuff is whose. 

-You can always tell when Russel’s been in the kitchen cooking himself breakfast or making himself a sandwich because he leaves crumbs all over the damn counter and always forgets to wipe it down when he’s done. 

-2D and Russel are the only ones who remember to do the dishes. Murdoc just slams them in the sink and expects other people to do them, and Noodle kinda just leaves them on the table and rushes off to do something else without even trying to put them in the sink. 

-Murdoc’s. Toe nail clippings. Wind up. Everywhere. He always claims he throws them out, but everyone is convinced that he’s just lying like always. 

-Noodle sheds so much damn hair. It’s always all over the sink, in the shower drain, on the floor of the bathroom, hell Murdoc swears that he found some of her hair in his underwear drawer and literally no one in the house knows how the hell that happened because Noodle has never stepped foot in his room. 

-The capacity of the DVR is always at like 90% because Russel records so many shows and so many sitcoms and he keeps all of the episodes, and there isn’t any room for anything else. He’s super picky about people deleting things without telling him too. 

-Noodle and Russel are the only ones who consistently use and empty the ash trays. Murdoc and 2D never bother to empty them, and when they’re full, they just start ashing their cigarettes on the couch or on the coffee table, and it especially drives Russel freaking insane. 

-No one can agree on a thermostat temperature. No one. Someone is always unhappy. 


With Marvel vs. Capcom, great care was taken to bring back the chaotic frenzy of X-Men vs. Street Fighter whilst making advances to the formula.

Here, the mechanics the VS. Series is known for were set in stone.