Super excited….the animated music video for Skeleton Staff….IS FINALLY DONE!!!!!

This is the labor of love by my bestie Kota Dimeler.  She spent 4 years working on it from start to completion.

I was a character animator in the first year of production.  I have a total of 5 shots in this monster.

 WATCH IT!!!!!!

“Shed a tear ‘cause Captain Melonhead is here!" 

 Captain Melonhead design from ‘Ed,Edd n’ Eddy’s Big Picture Show’. It’s from a sequence that was cut before it was animated, but some remnants of it remain in some form or another. This design was once again based on a storyboard panel by the great Raven Molisee so there is very little I can take credit for here. 


Thank @2doc-is-my-otp for getting me into this ship right in the middle of my cyborg phase. Have some shitty sketchy doodles I did this morning after stalking said blog :’)


This video shows an awesome pencil test scene from The Road to El Dorado! I love how detailed Miguel is while Chief Tannabok is just like:

krustiipandaa asked:

2nu #3

“I love you for you, don’t you dare think otherwise!”

One of the bigger problems that came with making their relationship public was the fact that Noodle and 2D suddenly had to deal with an all new strain of tabloid rubbish. 

In the past it was always a barrage of rather harmless rumors that no one in the band decided to pay much attention to: Murdoc eating small children as a hobby, Noodle being a former member of the Yakuza, 2D trying to hide his shotgun wedding to a poor unsuspecting fan, Russel being spotted performing in cabaret clubs around London, the list went on and on. They were harmless rumors that were easily ignored and easily disproven, and it was all taken with just a simple note of humor. 

But it seemed easier to pull a couple through the mud, Noodle was noticing, and she found that the new headlines regarding her relationship with 2D were starting to get a little cruel. They always brought up the age difference, always assumed 2D was cheating on Noodle, they were always in the middle of a monumental breakup every week, there were some magazines who refused to believe it, and even some pretty raunchy, filth tabloids who liked to ask lots of hypothetical questions about “how their sex worked” with that “monumental height difference.” It was exhausting, invasive, and off-putting. Murdoc found it all rather funny, Russel never bothered with tabloids, and Noodle wasn’t in the habit of letting pointless gossip bother her. 

2D, however, was always more sensitive to other’s opinions of him, and Noodle couldn’t imagine that reading headlines about such a precious relationship was pleasant for him. 

The headline “Pity Dating the Pretty Boy Singer for Front Page Spots” didn’t seem to sit well with 2D. The implication that Noodle would only date 2D out of pity for the sake of giving herself more publicity and more attention from the public eye was about the most ridiculous thing that anyone could ever dare publish. She said so as Murdoc flailed the cover around in the kitchen one morning. 

But Noodle knew when 2D was bothered and upset when he stopped leaning his cheek into kisses, when he hesitated before hugging Noodle back, when he didn’t feel like laying in and watching his favorite films, when he slept in late and turned in early, and when his responses were always three words long and mumbled out. The headlines were always upsetting and always in poor taste, but it seemed as if this last one seriously niggled at an insecurity that ran deep within 2D, one that Noodle didn’t immediately pick up on, and one that was difficult to assuage. 

After all, she remembered distinctly the rather honest conversation she had with 2D one evening about one of his less than stellar relationships. “Paula didn’t seem all that interested, now that I think back,” he’d told her, his face buried in her stomach, mumbling words as he started to drift off to sleep. “Kinda seemed like she felt sorry for me. Like she had to say yes or had to like me, you know? Like…like she just wanted somethin’ else and not me.”

2D’s confidence was a fickle thing that needed to be built up in just the right way, otherwise a single blow, no matter how trivial, could cause it to shake and topple. Going into their bedroom that evening and seeing 2D smile weakly at her, looking like he had a million and one things crashing and conflicting in his head almost made Noodle’s heart break. It hurt to see him unsure about something that to Noodle seemed so inherent, so perfect, and so indestructible. It made her want to collect him in her arms and protect him from all the harsh words of others, no matter how unrealistic that was. 

She crawled into bed next to him and her fingers pushed his long strands behind his ears. 2D immediately snuggled against her, wrapping his long arms around her tiny waist, and melded perfectly against her body in that way that only the two of them had to understand, like their bodies slowly changed and shifted to fit perfectly against one another. They spent the night talking, kissing, hugging, and whispering little endearments in their ears to lull them to sleep. Noodle kept her lips pressed against his ear, and kept muttering the same thing over and over again until she was sure that 2D believed it. 

“I love you for you. Don’t you dare think otherwise.”