Hello everyone,

We have really busy finishing off the last of the film. And I’m happy to say that we’re almost done!

The photo you see below is the entire film in all its beautiful paper form. This is 8 minutes of footage, and well over 8 months of hard work and dedication has been put into it by a huge number of talented artists and individuals.

It’s incredibly exciting to finally see the end come into play. I’m happy to say that in about two weeks time we will wrap post-production on The Blue & the Beyond, and we can’t wait to share the story of Charlie and Penelope with you all not long after.

Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement, and you’ll be hearing from us again soon in regards to screening dates and details!

Till next time,

Youri Dekker, Director

Okay so….in case anyone is interested- while I was looking for sheet music today I stumbled upon a free, download-able version of the Demon Days songbook which has the sheet music for all the tracks on Demon Days!! And I know it says piano, voice and guitar, but I’ve been finding that the line with the bass clef is also the bass guitar (aka Murdoc!!) part so it pretty much has everything but drums.

And like..I had never used scribd.com for anything other that textbooks but there’s a lot of other random, sometimes interesting Gorillaz related files floating around there. For example, I also found this lesson plan that I think someone must have using to teach students either English or Spanish?? Additionally, there’s a scanned copy of  the Plastic Beach booklet in case anyone wanted it for edits or analyses, and someone’s (presumably) school-related presentation on Gorillaz and Post- Modernism

There were also various scanned versions of magazines like this article they had in Groove Guide that I hadn’t read. So while the main source of my excitement was the songbook there might be some other cool stuff to be found there!


Here’s a speed paint video for this piece. I’ve never recorded myself coloring before, so this was cool for me. Especially since this is hours worth of work condensed into 10 minutes. 

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White River - Scarlett Parade