You know… Sometimes I lay awake at night and just think about that weird little smile 2D does in the “Tomorrow Comes Today” music video. 

You know the one. 

You know exactly what I’m talking about. 

That… That one smile. That one that he’s never done since that video. That little smile that’s stuck with me ever since I was a little kid when I watched it for the first time. 

That one, weird smile. 

You know… This one. 

Yeah. And then he just… Grins. 

And I just-

I think about it way more often then I should. 

actually he does!!
this is an email u could find in 2d’s computer back on the old kong studios site:

so it’s canon that he has kids…somewhere lol

i made sydney as a joke based on that email and then i thought “HEY but what if he was stuck with her for whatever reason????” and imo it was an interesting idea bc 2d isn’t dad material at all (i mean he can’t even pay child support properly lmao) so i thought it’d be fun to see how he tries (emphasis on tries bc he kinda sucks) to raise syd despite having p much zero experience with kids and stuff like that……and that’s basically how i came up with this au thing lol