Got myself an iPad Pro + pencil + Procreate so my blog might have occasional 2d sketches from now on.

Though I’m not a huge fan of the overall feel of the pencil, it actually feels more accurate than Wacom ones and the tilt angle is amazing.

Ahead.IO expands market reach with Animation Paper

Ahead.IO, provider of creative softwares used by artists and designers, expands its market reach by investing in Animation Paper, a pen-based animation application for Mac and Windows, fast and powerful - yet simple, intuitive and uncluttered from over-technical stuff.

Ahead.IO recently launched Shottio, a web-based application for storyboarding the company has been developing for over a year. Shottio is a pre-production companion that allows its user to create stories online by uploading artwork, keeping versions for reference and comparison, commenting and adding production notes, previewing and downloading the story in multiple formats such as a video or a thumbnail breakdown of the units. For the team behind Shottio, it was only natural to plan to expand the user experience by allowing them to draw and test their animation directly into the application. Animation Paper, with its seamless workflow, appeared as the perfect pairing to enhance the pre-production solution imagined by Ahead.IO.

“Animation Paper has been part of our roadmap for months.” said Alex Santo, founder of Ahead.IO. “Our recent experience at SIGGRAPH 2016 reinforced our conviction that such a tool is necessary and have been long awaited by 2D animators. Animation Paper brings both immediate and long-term value to Ahead.IO portfolio. First, this allows us to enter a new market, with an offering that is both powerful and simple to use, ideal for professionals and creative hobbyists alike. Second, it consolidates the pre-production solution we imagined and have been developing for years”

Animation Paper will have exactly what an animator needs. No more, no less. Even if you are working in 3D, stop motion or cinematography, Animation Paper will be of great value for quickly testing your ideas, rough out key poses and frames - and check your timing possibilities. Animation Paper is going to revolutionize hand drawn animation by its simplicity, quality and ease of use.

“For years I have worked hard on realizing my dream of creating the modern version of my old software, Plastic Animation Paper.” says animator & director, Niels Krogh Mortensen, creator of Animation Paper. “The goal has been to build on the proven values of my old software, involve the world wide animation community to discuss what makes the best tool - and then create the most awesome software for hand drawn animation in existence.” Niels adds: “Partnering up with the experienced and creative developers of Ahead.IO is the important next step for making my, and many fellow animators and contributors, dream come true.” “I couldn’t be more excited about joining forces with Ahead.IO.” Niels says with a big smile. “We share the same values and vision”.

Upon official release, users will be able to purchase the full version of Animation Paper for $79.00 USD. Before its launch, users will be allowed to pre-buy the new and upgraded version of Animation Paper at the exclusive price of $49.00 USD through an Indiegogo Campaign starting September 12 aiming to finance the sustainability of the software and its further evolution.

“We have a lot in store for the future of Animation Paper!” founder Alex Santo said. “We want to offer the software to the largest number of animators, while keeping its interface user-friendly yet adapted to professional use. We are developing components that will revolutionize the way modern hand-drawn animation is conceived.”

Under the terms of the private deal, Animation Paper, founded by Niels Krogh Mortensen and Jakob Frandsen, will become part of Ahead.IO products.


Ahead.IO began developing creative softwares used by artists, creatives and engineers in 2010. Some of our team members are in the Animation and VFX industry for almost 20 years crafting images and tools. We creat ideas that are unique, smart and distinctive. We believe ideas should work everywhere, and who creates them shouldn’t be bounded to a location. We work on a wide variety of projects happily distributed around the globe. Whether it is online, offline, qbove-, below- or through-the-line, we create solutions from A to Z.


Two decades ago, animator Niels Krogh Mortensen and programmer Jacob Frandsen created Plastic Animation Paper (PAP) - the predecessor to Animation Paper, which became an acclaimed and very popular 2D animation tool, that helped many take the leap from good old ananlogue into digital. Even though it is now outdated, it still has a large fan base. This loyalty towards hand drawn animation and not least PAP is for its creator quite incredible to experience. The old PAP has not been developped or supported for years, but it still runs (more or less) on modern computers with Windows, - you can download it for absolutely free, no strings attached, here:


Niels Krogh Mortensen, based in Copenhagen - Denmark, has created and lead numerous creative and technology based projects since the mid 80’s. When it comes to Innovative Software Development, Interactive Entertainment and state of the art Computer Graphics & Animation - his skills and know-how are unprecedented and has earned him the highest level of respect in the business. He has created, animated and directed internationally successful computer and video games, film, television, commercials and web-sites. During the early 90’s, he had a huge worldwide hit with his animated charachter and interactive television show, Hugo the Troll, which was sold to more than 30 countries and in 10’s of millions as games for home computers.


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