Technically, the first fighting game I played was the Genesis version of Super Street Fighter II at a babysitter’s house. I don’t remember much of it, though.

So, I consider the PS1 port of Marvel vs. Capcom 1 (courtesy of my old friends, Matt and Tim) to be my true debut fighting game experience. I was floored by how cool it all was.

Here are some combos so you can see for yourself. ^_^



Aaaaaaaaaand it’s done !
Here’s my Castle Kings fighting scene, i wanted to make a huge illustration with many details to change from my other simples drawings.
So i used the universe of my Castle Kings idea and imagine a fight between two castles. The fight’s not only between castles but also between people who lives in there ! They use catapults, trebuchets, balists to destroy other castle. People also shoot arrows and go fight for their life, run on the arm or try to destabilize the huge castle by pulling rope from his knees.
That Time SB Halftime Show Almost Didn't Happen
Millions of people watch the Super Bowl halftime show. What they don't see is the insane process of getting things set up and ready during the short TV break. Here's an animated look at the madness that goes on while we're watching commercials...
By BR Studios

Here is an animation I just completed for Bleacher Report about how the Super Bowl Halftime show almost didn’t happen, enjoy!

2D Sketches

Just some 2D sketches I started at work. I didn’t realize how fun it was to draw this guy. Don’t ask me what the first sketch means…idk it’s 2D he’s probably lost it by now. I noticed I messed up the coloring in his hair a little bit and accidentally let the color from his jacket on the sketch to the right show through. My bad. :0 


Justice League vs Teen Titans - Trailer