• <p><b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> gorillaz keep teasing their new album with stories about what they've all been doing since plastic beach and oh my lord puberty hit noodle like a fucking van and russell is being featured in a magazine and we have literally seen murdoc's fucking dick in all of it's glory and we've still yet to see 2Ds story and THE NEW ART STYLE LOOKS REALLY FUCKING COOL and I love this band so much and there's going to be a new album soon <i><b>AAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAhhhhhHHHHH</i></b><p/></p>

Just finished this after-school animation, once again I tried new things, that was a very good challenge !
It was done on TvPaint and the audio is from “The Help”.

And why Nani and Lilo ? Because they’re the best, and it’s so great to be a big sister.

Also : funny thing is, I became completely voiceless the last days I was finishing this lipsynch, I still can’t talk ! I guess it really took all my energy.