More of my Disney work! This one is pretty special! Released in 2013, this LE 300 pin was sold exclusively at the Disney Soda Fountain store, now ‘Disney Studio Store Hollywood’, as part of the 'Beloved Tales Series’.

The drawing featuring my own original concept and design of Giselle on the swing with her friends is one of my most famous Disney work. Sold out in pre-sale, you can now find it only on eBay and the prices super high! But hey, if you own it, send me a picture and I’ll post it here, for free!

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“Maudit Piaf”, my first short animated movie (made with 3 other people) !

I hope you like it ! 


My graduation film Pepe Luu is finally online!

It’s a 2D animated film about viewing the world through the eyes of a young kid named Pepe Luu and how she copes with the struggles that cross her path. 


Here’s some panels I’m working on for anyone who was interested in how I work. None of these panels are done or inked, the little x’s all over Murdoc indicate where I have to come back and ink, It’s a time saver and it helps me differentiate what’s black like on a really busy panel with lots of overlaying lines.

so yeah, my rough draft sketch is basically nonsense but I just need markers so I know where I’m going with the story. Also I look up a ton of references, please look up references, it’ll save you a lot of frustration. Comics take me the longest to draw even though they are b/w but they are my absolute favorite thing to do. But yeah I love seeing how other people sketch and stuff so I though some of y’all would like to see my works in progress.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer.


Here’s my version of Sardonyx for the Sardonyx contest. had a lot of fun doing this!

My theory is when steven was playing around with peridots ship he accidently sent out a signal to homeworld. So they send out Jasper’s sisters (who are fused together) which is why she hates fusions so much.

Anyway enjoy~