committedpsychonaut  asked:

What did you think of 2C-T-2? Have been curious about the 2C-T's for some time but never went through with trying them due to MAOI properties.

I really like 2c-t-2.

At 30mgs oral it is quite entactogenic and pleasurable. interesting visuals. I plan on exploring it at oral at 40mgs soon because I want to see where the visuals can take me and I’m really excited to try it in combo with K soon.

The MAOI properties of the 2c-t series is something I don’t think there’s a ton of literature on, but my general advice is if you’re going to work with anything with MAOI properties, don’t compound the same drug types. ie. don’t stack MDMA or aMT (5ht agonists) with a 2c-t-x (also serotonin agonists) –this is where I think things can get dicey. I personally haven’t had any negative interactions with using 2c-t-2 and my general diet but maybe be careful with what you eat for the 8 hrs you’re tripping?  Also, try to do things in moderation. If you are going to high dose 2c-t-2, do a smaller than usual amount of MXE or K. 

2c-t-4 is also nice, although more of a superficial giddy headspace that’s purely recreational for me. I spent most of my friends pool party where he was leaving for Morocco giggling at all the guys who were trying to have an orgy in the sauna. I drank some alcohol to try and fit in (it was one of those pool parties) and I didn’t encounter any negative or strong potentiation effects.

I was supposed to get a sample of 2c-t-7 but it didn’t happen, but I might pick some up anyways. My expectation going into 2c-t-2 was that it would be super in my head and analytical with lots of nausea. The only nausea (very slight)  I’ve experienced with it is when I insufflate it. which I did tonight, around 10mgs.

My initial trial of 23mgs of 2c-t-2 wasn’t impressive. It doesn’t have stimulant properties like 2c-p or 2c-i and I was coming down with a cold and I fell asleep a few hours into the experience. Higher doses of this compound are where it’s unique character emerges. I think psychedelics can be like people. You have to interact with them a few times before you really can tell what they’re about. At this level of 10mgs insufflated, I’m in a nice chill headspace and lounging about interneting.  I can be analytical and think about things if I want to, but I just have this really clear sense of well-being at the moment that makes that seem superfluous. I’m jamming out to Wisp too, so the music might be a factor.