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“Don’t say a prayer for me nowSave it ‘til the morning after”

Save a prayer-Duran Duran

For Diopucci week day 2

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The thing with losing people is, it’s not just about their mere absence.
You know all these little things that get you excited and looking forward, the things you want to tell someone, seeing something and you can’t wait to show someone you know will like it? 

All these possibilities, possible paths that are open to still happen.
When they are dead all these things you were looking forward will never be possible and you missed the opportunity.  Sure you know other people, and you will meet new people but everyone is unique and what’s lost is lost forever.  For your relation to this person there’s only one path left.

Wanting to make something for them and you can’t wait to see their reaction?  That book they recommended you, you still haven’t even opened, that collaboration you’ve been letting lie around for years and never finished.
It’s too late and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about.

Would you go back and do things different if you could?  Use those lost opportunities knowing there might be more other lost ones, or that things could go wrong in a different way?
Or would you change the very foundation of everything to the point of preventing your own existence because that’s the only way to have certainity you won’t lose anyone?
A bad outcome you caused intentionally is still better than a bad surprise I guess…

idk where I was trying to go with this. 

People die and sometimes those people are your friends and you never told them how much you appreciate them, how much they matter and have impacted your life.  So if you got smth to say better do it now when you still can.



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