☾ Moon

Influences: Intuition, birth, motherhood, clairvoyance, psychic ability, dreams, emotions, astral travel, imagination, reincarnation, renewal
Crystals: Moonstone, petalite, clear quartz, selenite, opal, rose quartz, abalone 
Herbs: Willow, lotus, water lily, clary sage, jasmine, moonwort, mugwort, white sandalwood, morning glory, iris, evening primrose, honeysuckle, myrrh, lemon
Deities: Atlas, Khonsu, Sin, Hathor, Isis, Hecate Artemis, Ceridwen, Diana, Levanah, Lunah, Mari 
Animal: Owl, wolf
Element: Water 
Metal: Silver 
Day of the Week: Monday 
Number: 2
Color: Silver, pale blue, white
Astrological Sign: Cancer 
Tarot: High Priestess 
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach, womb, back
Musical tone: G sharp 
Lunar sigil courtesy of @xenon-exe

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