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Greetings from Pawnee. Amazon is selling ‘Parks’ at some pretty low discounts right now. Including season one for just $5. All of the following are on DVD. This is literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Shakespeare Audio Books

Just a heads up for all the Shakespeeps out there. I was browsing audiobooks and there is a wee treasure trove of goodies available. I haven’t seen mention of any of these items on tumblr, so thought I would make a post and share some audiobook love.

There’s full cast readings, BBC Radio recordings, OP readings, biography, criticism, courses, sonnets, etc. … and from some great performers such as Ian McKellan, Kenneth Branagh, Juliet Stevenson, Ben Crystal, David Tennant, etc.

Here’s a general Shakespeare/audiobook overview:


Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) MNEMONICS


  • Caused by autoantibodies that react with RBCs at temperatures ≥ 37° C (warm agglutinin disease) or < 37° C  (cold agglutinin disease)
  • Extravascular hemolysis: occurs in the spleen (this is why you don’t see fragmented RBC in the smear)
  • Coombs (+)

Warm Agglutinin Disease:

Causes Mnemonic

  • L ymphoma
  • S ystemic Lupus erythematosus (SLE)
  • C LL
  • D rugs: penicillin, phenytoin, rifampin, alpha-methyldopa.


  1. Best initial tx: Prednisone
  2. Severe, Acute hemolysis & no response to Prednisone: IVIG
  3. Recurrent episodes: splenectomy
  4. No control of hemolysis after splenectomy: Rituximab, Azathioprine, Cyclophosphamide or Cyclosporine.

Cold Agglutinin Disease:

Causes Mnemonic: MEW

Numbness or mottling of colder parts of the body: nose, ears, toes, fingers


  1. Warm up
  2. Rituximab
  3. Sometimes plasmapheresis
  4. Stop Ab production: Cyclophosphamide, Cyclosporine
  5. Steroids, splenectomy DO NOT WORK here
Smart phones - homeless

It’s surprising that many still believe homeless people do not need or deserve smartphones. Part of this is the belief that smartphones are extremely expensive, mostly for entertainment and have more features than an average homeless person needs. It is often considered foolish to invest in anything but bare necessities when you are living on the streets. 

It used to be that $300-$600 was a common price for smartphones. But there are plenty of smartphones now that are under $100, like the ones on amazon- https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st_review-rank?keywords=Smartphone&rh=n%3A2335752011%2Cn%3A7072561011%2Ck%3ASmartphone%2Cp_36%3A2500-10000&qid=1471520672&sort=review-rank

Different phone companies have their own deals. If a person has good credit and money, even if they are homeless, they could qualify for free a smartphone after signing a contract with Boost Mobile or Verizon.

Now, a person can upgrade to a smartphone with their Obama phones: https://www.safelinkwireless.com/Enrollment/Safelink/en/NewPublic/upgrade_phone.html

It’s not difficult for many homeless to be able to get enough money for a smartphone and pay a basic phone service every month. Some homeless are disabled and receive social security income, so they are able to afford a basic smartphone with basic service. Panhandling can yield anywhere from $5 to $30 a day, if not more- a homeless person can save some of that money after they get basic food. There are day labor places where people can work for one day if they are not able to have continuous employment.

Smartphones also give a person access to the internet (most phone services include internet). Even if the person has a bad month and can’t pay for the phone service, they can still use the smartphone for internet by being near a WiFi hotspot. Most smartphones are WiFi capable.

However, just because a person can afford a $100 smartphone does not mean they can afford $900 for a month of rent in an apartment and keep paying that same amount month after month. $900 is the low end price of one bedroom apartments in Denver right now.

I thought about this more recently because this time last year, it seemed only a few homeless had smartphones. But smartphones are now more common, there are more deals and brands to choose from, and the homeless are using them for more than playing games or being on social media. Smartphones provide flashlights which can help a person see in the dark. Smartphones provide maps and directions so a person can find the right bus route. 

And smartphones can provide the internet which has tremendous value all on it’s own. The internet is basically an online encyclopedia. Not to mention that you can apply or check for federal government benefits online as well.

Tx for IBD
  • Acute exacerbations:Budesonide, prednisone
  • Severe recurrence after stopping steroids:azathioprine, 6-MP
  • Chronic mantainance of remission:5-ASA derivates (mesalamine: asacol for UC, pentasa for CD, rowasa for rectum UC)
  • Perianal disease in Chron's:metronidazole + ciprofloxacin
  • Fistulae or severe/unresponsive to previous tx:anti-TNF (infliximab, adalimumab)
  • Always:Calcium, Vit D
  • Fistulae nonresponsive to medical tx:surgery
  • Surgery:effective in UC (cures it), not in CD . CD indication only with bowel obstruction (but it recurs in the site of surgery)