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could u maybe link the homophobic thing the yuri on ice creator posted that u just made a post abt? :o

dont reblog this ——

tbh its from 2010 so it would be unfair of me to act like its a callout but she tweeted back then “I saw a gay couple holding their hands. Do it at the 2cho-me(the gay bar street)“

(please tell me if im sharing an inaccurate translation because of course that would change everything)

again, theres no way i could reasonably use this against her in 2017 but i have had a bad feeling about yoi’s incredibly BL-like depictions since the beginning and most of the other mlm i know feel the same way about it. so this wasnt surprising at all to see. tons of straight ppl who idealize fictional same-gender relationships in a world where homophobia doesnt exist, are intolerant of gay people in real life.

thats what ppl are talking about when they say homophobic representation looks different in the japanese media landscape than in the american one, and that we cant celebrate stuff like BL (including yoi) as “representation” the same way we would if it were coming from a different context. because there are “plenty of” gay characters in japanese media, its just that theyre mostly for straight consumption and/or they are sexually predatory.

so, not a callout, but simply one more little item on the long list of things that make me uncomfortable about yoi.


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