How far would you go for your idols?

So, here’s a question for all you fans out there. How far would you go for your idols? Like, in a real life, here and now, thing. Every Hey! Say! JUMP fan out there knows that the 10th Anniversary CD is coming out. Well, for almost a month now, I’ve been waiting for the pre-orders to open for the 2CD+DVD version. They finally came out and I was going to wait till they showed the count of what they had left. Needless to say, in a day, it began. So last night, I sat on my laptop, figuring my money, bills, and what not. I looked to my HSJ poster, looked right at them and said: “I’m willing to starve for a week, so I can pre-order this cause I love you all way too damn much.” And I placed my order. Now, this version is like 20-25 dollars more than the other two. But I want the music videos and the photo book that comes with it. I couldn’t wait! They are down to like 10 or so left. I’m scared that once they sell out, they won’t be getting anymore in, since it’s limited. So, I’ll be snacking on what I have till next Friday. But hey, they’re worth it!! I LOVE YOU HEY! SAY! JUMP!!!

sukekiyo 1st mini album 『vitium』 (2015.2.4 release)

sukekiyo will be releasing their second work, 1st mini album titled “vitium” on February 4th of 2015.

Title means in Latin “abnormal, defect, fault”, the poetry world of this release will include such issues which society is turning a blind eye to like “kinky hobbies” or “abandoning a baby”, it will reflect the ambiguity of “border between normal and abnormal” in humans. This music presenting the unconventional will continue to build the deep world of sukekiyo.

Kinky sound which could be found in their previous release “IMMORTALIS” is still strong in the vocals of Kyo which are bizarre and changing greatly/phantasmagorical, in the guitars, bass and drums which can easily transform the color of music. From the new music which is both easy to listen and nostalgic through the strangeness, to the songs full of emotions or grief of ballads, it’s work that will let you see the another hidden side of sukekiyo.

1st mini album 『vitium

release: 2015.02.04

Versions that will be sold at Kyo Official Store:
Limited Deluxe Version/Blu-spec CD2+Blu-ray+T-shirt+Special Booklet/¥9,259+tax/PZSK-0007〜8
Limited First Press Version/Blu-spec CD2+Blu-ray+Special Booklet/¥6,944+tax/PZSK-0009〜0010

General sale version:
Limited Version/2CD/¥3,000+tax/SFCD-0150〜151
Normal Version/CD/¥2,500+tax/SFCD-0152

※details, content, price might change.