Twos in the News

January 29, 2016

$2 Bills in the News

More than a usual amount of $2 bills in the news this month! Let’s check it out: 

  • $2 bill leads to heroin bust in New Jersey: When a driver was pulled over for tossing a lit cigarette out a car window, the police officer reported seeing “a rolled-up $2 bill…with white residue on it. The driver and passenger were asked to step out of the vehicle. Prior to doing so, [the driver] made an attempt to hide the bill, according to [the police officer], who later located the bill in a cigarette pack containing heroin.”
    But what happened to the $2 bill??
    (January 26, 2016)
  • Clemson University continued its great decades-long tradition of stamping $2 bills with a Clemson Tiger paw and spending the heck out of them around the time of the Orange Bowl. The mission is to show the impact that Clemson fans have on local economies wherever they go. An Arizona news channel recently talked about it in a clip you can watch here. Stamped $2 bills included!
    (January 11, 2016)
  • In a home burglary in Sherwood, Arkansas, between 50 and 75 Bicentennial $2 bills were stolen (among other items). The woman who lives in the house reportedly has an “obsession” with the 1976 two-dollar bill. Nice! “Authorities believe the potential suspect or suspects may be using the Bicentennial Two’s to make purchases at area restaurants and retailers. Investigators are asking business employees that if they see someone come and spend 1976 two-dollar bills to take down their description and report it to the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.”
    Interesting. But smart? Maybe not. The crooks could simply look at the news and see the investigators’ strategy, so locals probably didn’t see many $2 bills cross their path.
    (January 7, 2016)

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