2am boredom

2am boredom plus having a manlybadasshero mini-marathon equals drawing said manly badass hero of justice weeaboo. and his sentient scarf sidekick, charlie.

also experimenting with a new shading style cause gradients are fun and add a little something that gives the whole thing a little more… uh… depth i guess???

anyway enjoy! (and manlybadasshero if you see this i hope you like it!!)

Late Night Ramblings

Few days ago, I was talking to Calo about long distance relationships, and such. He told me how he wouldn’t be able to do it for the distance. Which is normal to say for some people who haven’t tried before.

I on the other hand, romanticize how unique of a relationship that a long distance relationship is. You get to know the person on such an intellectual level. In a way, it’s sort of like a blind person, “seeing” without sight, or a deaf person “hearing” without sound. “You take away one sense, and the others heighten.” In this case, you take away from having them there with you in the flesh.

But, this type of relationship is not for the faint of heart. Stress levels heighten, and the susceptibility of problems (and escalation) become more frequent. And don’t get me wrong, it was hard. Really, really, really hard. But the more stupidest excuse that I have heard from my ex-boyfriend, and other people alike is that they’re actin’ a fool, “because of the distance.”



You’re honestly going to throw THAT card?

Honestly, in my eyes that isn’t even an excuse. It’s bullshit! You miss me because the distance is driving you crazy? Okay, what about me? You think I don’t miss you, too? Okay. Whatever.

Like I said, bullshit. Honestly, to me, if you really, truly do love someone distance shouldn’t even be a factor. Why would you intentionally hurt the person that you love? (Even though shit like that frequently happens to everyone.)