I want to live. I want to live for a living. and I know that’s easier said than done ‘cause sure life may slam us and we will be scraping our teeth against dirt trying to see if there is fertile ground for our weary souls but I want to live for a living. and I want to do my living with you. i want to do it all with you. when you forget the melody of hope, i will be your music. when you feel trapped inside the mundane I will remind you that we are living for a living and mundane isn’t an option. and we will uproot. we will wave our flags and say our goodbyes with three suitcases in our name headed to somewhere where we have never seen the sunrise. and we will work hard; we will always work hard. but oh, we will live so much more- open and free, curious and spontaneous. our love will be infectious, helplessly pouring into everyone that crosses our path. i want to live for a living. and i want to do my living with you.


2AM’s leader Jo Kwon returns solo with “Crosswalk” MV ft. EXO’s Suho!

Are you enjoying Jo Kwon’s self-composed ballad and this interesting MV about choice?


“@2AMKwon E’ uscita la canzone di Kwonie Hyung*!
In qualità di dongsaeng** e collega più giovane che ha sempre imparato e supportato (i suoi hyung), farò il tifo per questo album con entusiasmo!
Hyung fighting!

(N/B:* Si tratta di Jo Kwon, membro dei 2AM. I BTS sono apparsi in alcuni suoi video musicali prima di debuttare.
** Fratello/sorella minore, è usato dalle persone più grandi nei confronti di persone più giovani, in pratica è l’opposto dei vari Hyung/Unnie/Noona/Oppa, ma normalmente non viene usato così spesso perchè mentre i nomi sopra citati sono indicativi di rispetto e vanno necessariamente usati dalle persone più giovani, un appellativo come dongsaeng è più descrittivo (infatti J-Hope lo usa per descrivere la propria posizione rispetto a Jo Kwon, oppure viene usato in contesti come “Lui è il mio dongsaeng”) e non è quindi per l’appunto obbligatorio)

LINK ALLA CANZONE: Jo Kwon(조권) “Crosswalk(횡단보도)”

Traduzione a cura del Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Mira) | Trans ©Bulletproof_SG

One day I heard some guy tell this girl in my class that her gums stuck out too much when she smiled, so she started covering her mouth every time someone cracked a joke or laughed with her.

And I knew a boy in my English class who would always get excited over the tiniest of things, then say sorry afterwards. He’d actually apologize for being over-enthusiastic. This was probably because of the weird looks people would give him when he boasted about his favorite books or movies. He actually thought his passions were silly.

Another time, I was at my best friend’s house. We were trying on clothes, and I threw a crop top of mine for her to wear. She told me she couldn’t wear it because her belly would stick out, and she wouldn’t want people staring or making rude comments. It was only later I found out about the nights she’d spend with two fingers down her throat.

Then a distant friend of mine had this boyfriend who constantly criticized her. He never liked her hair up, so she always wore it to her shoulders. He didn’t like her in skirts or shorts, so she always dressed down. And when he thought her friends were too opinionated, she soon grew distant from me as well. When he eventually left, she had completely lost who she was.

And once upon a time I fell in love with a boy who was afraid to cry because his whole life he was told that it made him weak. So day by day he’d let his problems eat away at him until eventually it consumed everything he was.

What I’m trying to say is, be careful of your words. These might be small instances, but the biggest issues are usually hidden beneath a million smaller ones. Everyone is struggling in little ways. Be kind.

—  // Excerpt #88

So I just found this golden video today. 

*Bless the subber* 

In here we see a glimpse of BTS during pre-debut. At this time i think, RM have already been left by the former BTS members, and are now currently with the rest apart from Jimin and Taehyung, who probably still haven’t joined Big Hit yet.

Three things come to mind after I watched this.

One, they all looked so young and full of hope. It’s just so refreshing to see. Not that they lost it now, but you kinda see their aura here is really youthful (aside from the fact of how young they physically all look), you just see the pure hope in their eyes, you know?

Two, I think Jin is dating someone (or at least during that time), after Jokwon asked them if they were currently dating. Maybe Jungkook was too, since he openly already said he did date someone when he was in middle school/pre-debut. Given by their reactions to the question made me kinda notice it. ㅋㅋ

Lastly, I think what Jokwon said here is true. Just looking at them at this video made me feel a sense of pride, like… I wanted to tell them that they’re gonna have such a bright future, rough, but still bright, and will receive so much love that could possibly pay off all the fatigue, sickness, and all the struggles and that it’ll keep them going.

Seeing how BTS stand now, how they always say that ARMYs give them strength, I think they understood and felt what Jokwon finally meant back then when they heard it from him the first time. It’s one of the biggest reasons why they work so hard, it’s also because they get their energy from us, ARMYs.

Sometimes some of you might think that you’re just a speck of dust in a sea of people to them, or that sometimes you’d think, oh they love K-ARMYs more than us, or oh, they’re giving them better attention, they must love them more than me. But truth is, I see it all the same. 

Regardless of how they communicate to fans day-to-day, on their SNS, on their fancafe, during events or concerts… it’s the same glimmer in their eyes, regardless of the place, country, language. They’re always really humbled by ARMYs, and I see their efforts to give everyone as much love back as they can. Whether through events, online posts, pictures, videos… If one would stop and just notice you could just see how precious each and every ARMY really are to them. They love us all the same. 

I’m honestly honored to witness them live their dream, and pull us along with them on it too.

Future of KPOP Groups Pt. 2

Bangtan Boys  → Bangtan Ahjussi

Mamamoo  → Grandmamoo

Lovelyz → Oldlyz

Twice - Thrice


Lovelyz → Oldly

f(x) → f(ex)



GOT7 → GOT70

TEEN TOP → Adulthood

BToB (Born to Beat) → DfOB (Died from Beating)

Pt. 1