Yes! I finally finished my Mojo’s!

Also somehow I signed up for a charity along the way..

I need to knit something for a silent auction benefiting The CF Foundation (Cystic Fibrosis)

A good and worthy cause! Ughh pressureee what to make! Maybe mittens.

Also sock swap is coming and I still gotta make that hat UGH

Why do I do this to myself lol

Anyways, loved making these, I was too busy to finished them any sooner :(

A lot going on, hope it slows down soon and makes more knitting time!

Will as always post updates on my progress!

Did I mention how soft this Knitpicks “Felici” is? Like a dream!


Okay, lets talk about these. These were such a pain. Let me explain.

I purchased this Knitpicks Capretta, thinking it was super wash cashmere sock yarn. I got half of that right. Turns out no superwash. Yep. I was itching and sneezing and coughing the entire time I knit these socks and could not figure out why. Till I was binding off and actually took the time to check out the label. Ugh. My fault.

I started these toe up even though the pattern did not call for that. I wanted to try something new. So toe up we went. It was no where near as bad as I expected. I did an after-thought heel too. My first time doing both these technique, But I found it tedious and frustrating and I don’t think you’ll see me doing these again. It was not a thing I enjoyed very much. I did dye this with Kool-aid to match my Pome hat. Started these Nov 24th and ended on the 27th. Pattern was Nepenthes and it was fairly simple. I think the whole thing has thrown me off. The itching and the tedious knitting. It wasn’t as exciting to me as top down, does that make sense? Anyway, Cashmere socks and matching hat. It looks nice. Not my thing though.

Started a new project!

I am doing the Twisted pattern that is Free on Ravelry

But with a Twist, 3x3 instead of the regular pattern it’s asking for.

Using hand dyed yarn from Germany!

Got it from The International Sock Swap

It’s very beautiful and was told it was theme of “Ocean”

Which is perfectly matches!

Oh how I wish I could wear wool!! Being allergic is beyond sucky.

Well my mom enjoys every sock she gets and her diabetic feet appreciate it too.

She hasn’t had any real issues since switching and it’s been my whole purpose on why I knit, well till the swap happened lol

Will update soon, I did an order at KnitPicks which I really recommend, great prices

Ordered two skeins of worsted wool for some hats coming up!

And two skeins of sock yarn wool with cashmere, going to be so beautiful when dyed!

I’ll post an update soon!

Started a new pair of socks :) 2AAT!

With a lovely purple and the first time I’m beading socks! They are the most lovely purple-y blue colors! So excited!

I threaded the beads on the yarn which is making it slightly annoying because it seems the yarn gets tangled easier x.x, going to improvise this pattern, I can’t wait!!!!

I’m pretty excited. My cast on lately is something to be desired but it all comes out better in the wash so no foul.