twirlpool  asked:

yo there i need some advice UoU ok so like i've noticed how rly rly good you do your paint!!!! how do you not get it on any of your clothes??? i use ben nye with the whole stuff you're supposed to do, but it still gets all over me. any advice?

Alright, here’s my big secret to not getting makeup all over my clothes!  You ready?  Lean in close…

The stuff I use on my arms/hands/neck and the stuff I use on my face/ears are different!  For my face and ears, it’s just Snazzaroo in light grey with your usual powder powder powder POWDER and barrier spray.  I could’ve used the same (or Ben Nye) for my arms and been fine for a while, but the thing is, it doesn’t matter how well you seal, over time it WILL start to smear again.  And then you have to either redo your sealing regiment or wash it all off.  I wasn’t trying to go through all that, so for my hands I picked a paint that not only stays really well, but will not smear all over everything once it does start to wear off.

Fabric paint.  Yes, that’s right, plain old Tulip brand non-toxic matte fabric paint mixed to the right color grey and then sealed with a couple layers of powder so that it doesn’t stick to itself.  It doesn’t like to stay on the tips of my first three fingers for very long, but if you’re smart, you can mask that in pictures.  Keep in mind that since it’s fabric paint, while it’s wet, if it gets on your costume or other clothes, it’s neeever coming off.  So while applying, wear just an undershirt or other clothes you don’t care about staining.  After it’s dry, however (and this is my favorite part), it will not smear, will not stain, will not make everything you touch grey.  I was able to hug people, shake hands, EAT, and hold my props with no problems.  And when it does start to wear off, it simply crumbles.  Crumbles!  Like little grey flecks of dust!  Can you tell that I’m a satisfied customer?  Removal is a simple as either a scrub in the shower or with rubbing alcohol or with your favorite makeup removal wipes.

Check this out for essentially everything I just said but with pictures!

Oh, and do yourself a solid and don’t put it on your face.  Just use your Ben Nye for your face.

I hope I helped!