2a 3t

Mai’s FS at Japan Open

(From fan reports, so small details might be a little off)

  • 3Lz+3T, 2A / 3F, 2A+3T, 3Lo, 3Lz2T2Lo, 3S
  • 77.25+70.58 = 147.83.
  • Personal best and new highest FS score from any Japanese lady, however because Japan Open does not count officially, it will not be recognised.
  • Immediate standing ovation from the crowd.
  • Second place overall.
  • Marin was 5th, so Team Japan is currently in 2nd.  Team Europe 1st, Team North America 3rd.
Team Italy: Carolina Kostner

Attention: this is a wip!!

She’s the grandma of single figure skating (she’s 30. Thirty. THIRTY!!), but she’s far from giving up! Her skating skills and PCS in general are sublime as always (maybe a lil slower than she used to be?), and instead her technical content is waning… it seems she can’t do 3-3 combinations nor the 3Lz any more. And yet it’s still early in the season, so who knows? 

SB: 198.36 - PB: 216.73

Music: Ne me quitte mas
Content: 3F+2T, 3Lo, FCSp, 2A (x), LSp, StSq, CCoSp
SB: 71.67 - PB: 77.24

Music: Prelude to the afternoon of a faun
Content: 3F+2T, 3F, 3Lo, FCCoSp, StSq, 3T (x), 2A+1Lo+2S (x), 1A (x), 3S (x), ChSq, FCSp, CCoSp
SB: 126.69 - PB: 142.61

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It’s the post about a russian baby girl who stands out in a world where team Tutberidze tanos every jumps in the second half of the programs. This girl actually skates, performs, has lovely expression. Has been doing it since she was at least 8 years old. She’s almost 11 now and her name is Kamila Valieva.

When I first saw her, she landed doubles and single axels and was the loveliest swan EVER. On her final poses she counted till five before breaking the character - so cute <3 She’s always been a good spinner and her upright positions are pretty impressive. Kamila started learning triples last year, it wasn’t an easy process but now by some miracle she has pretty solid 2a & 3s, 3lo and goddamn rippon lutz. Just a couple of days ago she won Russian National competition for the smallest age group (this fact actually promted me to make this post). There’re three parts there: elements, SP & FS. Kamila slayed elements where she showed +goe 3lz & 2a-3t, placed 3rd in the short and 1st in the free.

Kamila’s coaches are not big names at all in Russian singles - Natalia Dubinskaya and Stanislav Kovalev. And here’re Kamila’s programs avaliable online.  

  • 14-15 season: Russian Folk SP, The Swan FS (ICONIC)
  • 15-16 season: Cirque SP, Indian theme FS
  • 16-17 season: Hallelujah SP, The Witch FS 

Marin skated her free program to Turandot at Japan Open, earning a score of 133.41 (69.20 TES + 64.21 PCS) and placing 5th in the ladies. She stepped out of the opening lutz that was meant to be part of a combo, but she managed to recover by adding +1Lo+2S to her last jump.

3Lz (step out)、3F+3T (beauty) / 2A+3T、3F (step out) 、3S 、3Lo 、2A+1Lo+2S



MAO ASADA | 2014 Sochi Olympics, Free Skate Practice (Run-through)

3A, 3F-3L, 3Lz, 2A-3T, 2S, 3F-2L-2L, 3L

Looks like our girl is ready to go! *crosses fingers*