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Hilarious “Twenty” Gifs for Your Twenties

Hello KCON-ers!

Did you hear that last weekend “Twenty” starring Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, and 2PM’s Junho was released nationwide? (Need more details? Get theater info and showtimes here) And, what an awesomely hilarious movie it was! Kim Woo Bin threw tantrums! Kang Ha Neul went cray at a college party! And, Junho was…sweet and hardworking. Win win win, across the board.

We were inspired by the gif-worthy moments of the movie to create this list of “Twenty” gifs for the crazy, wild moments of your twenties. Let’s do this!

The Moment…

1) When you sing your feelz. What is the chance that everyone will have collective amnesia? 

2) When you don’t get your way…even though, come on! How could things not go your way!!

3) When you’ve made a “huge mistake.”

4) When you feel the joy of sharing an inside joke with your friends. 

5) When your “inner thoughts” accidentally become “outer thoughts.”

6) When WTF happens. But really, why is this happening to me!?