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to mun do you know any good 2p blogs? sorry for bother and i love your blog c:


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[ Hey look I did the ‘draw this again’ meme thing to show improvement in art/colouring over the past wee bit hahdkasjdfsdf

(PS He’s on his knees hugging her, he’s not that tiny)

I redrew this ask answer because A, I love 2P PruFran and wanted to draw it, and because B, Brid is always drawing these two and I wanted to, too :C

The picture on the left was drawn 5 Months Ago

The picture on the right was drawn Last Night

yeah I’ve definitely improved again ahahahkdjashdfkdf crawls under things ]


final picture of the night, I swear.

oops, I don’t know how to draw blood with a pencil.

so Arthur looks like a mess.

but I kind of like the idea that he hates 2p!fem!France so much that it’s gone to the point that he can fight with her and be less hesitant to get violent.

that might not be in-character for him, but whatever. :p