I just listened to 2ne1s goodbye again and noticed that there are no other instruments or any autotune or backgroud singers. It’s like the three of them just sat down and recorded it in one go with someone playing the guitar, and that just shows that 2ne1 didn’t need a orchestra or a fancy studio (well at least only one to record it) or any of all these things to produce good music and I don’t know if I should feel really proud or just sad because we’ll never hear something like that ever again

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Thank you 2NE1

Thank you for the wonderful seven years of love, friendship and happiness
Thank you for the beautiful memories
Thank you for loving us Blackjacks
Thank you for the amazing era of music
Thank you for teaching us valuable lessons through your music
Thank you for never changing
Thank you for being 2NE1

You were my very first girl group and will always be my favourite. I will always cherish those days where I would sit in front of my computer and watch 2NE1 TV, where I laughed and cried together with you. I will cherish those performances that never failed to amaze me. And I will always support you in everything you do.

I will never forget the beautiful memories we have made over the past seven years.

Once a Blackjack, Always a Blackjack

You will live on through our memories and you will always be in our hearts ♥