List of names that id give to my kids:

Serj Tankian


Shin megami tensei IV Original Soundtrack

Medium Rare Steak with a side of mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus

Mettaton EX 2

King Crimson in the court of the Crimson King

Run The jewels 4

Newsies Renamed


Santa Fe (Prologue): I Hate My Life

Carying The Banner: I Love Newspapers

The Bottom Line: Let’s Help The Kids By Fucking Them Up

That’s Rich: I May Not Have Love But At Least I’m Richer Than You Fuckers

I Never Planned On You/Don’t Come Knocking On My Door: I Guess I’ll Stop Being A Man-Hoe For You/Fuck Love

The World Will Know: JK We Hate Newspapers

Watch What Happens: Writer’s Block: The Song

Seize The Day: We May Be Fucked But If We Work Together, We’ll Be Less Fucked

Santa Fe: I Hate My Life (Reprise) 


King Of New York: We May Have Gotten Fucked Up But At Least I’m Famous For A Second

Watch What Happens (Reprise): Friends Help Friends Get Their Shit Together 

The Bottom Line (Reprise): I May Be An Adult But I Still Mess With Kids

Brooklyn’s Here: The Squad Got Your Back (ft. the Bronx)

Something To Believe In: One Night Stand: The Song

Once And For All: Fuck Adults!

Finale: And They Lived Hapilly Ever After

Newsies Live-Blog With Leander

My friend @greasyhyena and I decided to watch Newsies (his first time watching it), and these were his comments! 

My comments are the strike through, the stage direction type stuff is in italics.


 - “Jazzy. Ya like jazz?”

 - “I sense a song coming on. Oh, there we go.”
 - “This is GAY.” Gives me a knowing look.

Carrying The Banner
 - “His fucking voice.” at “Hey, that’s my cigar!”
 - “Oh SHIT!” at “Cheeky boy gets nothing for his trouble.”
 - “There’s a l w a y s nuns. But the BIG question is if they’re gonna be SEXY            nuns. Gonna be party city up in this b///h.”
 - “You know a guy is important when he has the BRIGHT SHIRT. The bright            blue shirt is the new bright blue hair.”
 - “How tall are these boys?” “I wanna say around 5’10?” “I’m gonna fight ‘em.”
 - “Get FUCKED.” and laughter when Jack hits the Delancey Brothers.
 - “Almost???? He’s ALMOST 10??? I’m pretty sure they just let a kid on stage.       EXPLOITING CHILDREN FOR THE PAPES. He just got told by a little kid!!!       Don’t mess with the kids man, they’ll call you out.”
 - “Business is disgusting, brah.”
 - “Them striped socks. I’m having flashbacks back to when I was 12 with those       striped socks.”

Pulitzer’s Office/Bottom Line
 - “Don’t trust him. He’s a rich white man, don’t trust him. Oh look, another one.”
 - “When Nunzio gets nervous, I don’t look pretty.” “That’s not??? You???”
 - “No one wants your opinion, man.”
 - “He’s singing about his hair. Are you sure this isn’t HOWL???”
 - “He’s so unintelligent he has to ride off of other people’s comments.”
 - “You’re RICH. B///H. America in a person, that’s what he is. TRUMP IS THAT       YOU??? I FOUND HIM. Howl and Trump had a baby.”
 - “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY???” “They said his name multiple times.” “I         am largely unimpressed by this man.”

Chase Scene
 - “Striped socks again!! I see the red and blue.”
 - “They’re using the bags as those skip things from the 90’s.”
 - “Shit it just got DEEP.” at “Doesn’t everyone have folks?”
 - “Yet another chase scene. Isn’t this the third one?” “It’s the first one…” “Maybe      it’s the second one…..?”
 - “Everyone’s chasing Jack.”

Medda’s Theatre
 - “She’s very motherly. Even if she’s wearing an ugly shade of pink.” “DON’T           TALK SHIT ABOUT MEDDA.”
 - “OH MY GOOOOOOD” when Les stares at the Bowery Beauty’s legs.
 - “It’s a showception. A show within a show.”
 - “Can she be my mom?”
 - Jack starts singing - “Well there goes paying attention.”
 - “This is how you get the ladies, y’all.”

New Newsie Price
 - “Why did that make me think of the human centipede.” at the joint cartwheel.
 - “Help. Striped socks.”

World Will Know
 - “I love this kid.” after les says “He got it.”

Kath and the Boys In Jacobi’s
 - “I ain’t scared of the turf either.”
 - “Oooo it’s the pretty lady.”
 - “Ragamuffins.”
 - “Ohohohohooooo don’t fight with the lady.”
 - “Get your feet off the table, you heathen.”

Write It Good
 - “What, the fucking stars?” at “What do you want?”
 - “Do I look scared?” “Yes”

Watch What Happens
 - “Me. Katherine is me in English class.”

Seize The Day
 - “They’re cleaning the floors with their papers.”

Fight Scene
 - “They’re wrecking their papers, man.”
 - “What the hap is fuckening?”
 - “oh nO OH NO. Gotta run. Oh no.”
 - “Why are they sticking the kid in the barrel?”
 - “oh SHIT.”
 - “Um. I feel like crying.”

Santa Fe
 - N/A


“How are you feeling?” “Betrayed. Very betrayed. And angry that they did that to Crutchie. My sides are hurting. IF THEY DO ANYTHING TO MY BOY I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GONNA BEAT THEM. Also I like the dancing.”


King Of New York
 - Sees the initial lighting - “Look it’s the bi flag.”
 - “Look at the tired fight boys.”
 - “The WOILD.”
 - “Look at her go.”
 - “They gotta tip tap their way through the pain.”
 - “Skipping in place.”

Letter From The Refuge
 - “Just gonna remind you that the tissues are here.” “Why. WHY. ALEX. *sees       Crutchie* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”
 - “Are you okay?” “*quietly* I don’t know if I’ll ever be okay.”

Meddas Theatre 2.0 / WWHR
 - N/A

Pulitzer’s Office/BLR
 - Learns Katherine is Pulitzer’s daughter -  “*whispers* I don’t know how to feel      about this.”

Brooklyn’s Here/Rally
 - “So. Spot Conlon.” “The short man, the short tiny man.”
 - “How gay are you right now.” “Take a fucking guess.”
 - “Betrayal. I’ve been betrayed.”

 - They kiss, he slid off the couch and onto the floor. I’m not kidding -  “The              heteros are at it again.”
 - “Thoughts?” “Disney.”

Seize The Day Interlude W/ Candles
 - “What…what is going on.”

 - “Oh god it’s so bright now. I’m slightly uncomfortable with how bright the lights    are.”

Pulitzer’s Office Again
 - “Teddy Roosevelt just…..Teddy Roosevelt.”

We Won!
 - “Awwwww, heteros.”

 - N/A


“Ummm. I’m not entirely sure what to say. Well, Pulitzer didn’t get punched in the face, and I’m disappointed at that. And Teddy Roosevelt was there and that was hilarious.”

bellarke song recs - per season

season 1&2
king and lionheart - of monsters and men
i found - amber run
shadow preachers - zella day
bloodsport - rayleigh ritchie
pillowtalk - zayn
youth - daughter
firestone - kygo ft conrad sewell

season 3
follow you - bring me the horizon
$ting - The Neighbourhood
white blood - oh wonder
where’s my love - syml
bellarke theme - tree adams
somebody to die for - hurts
i don’t wanna live forever - zayn
paralyzed - nf
missing person 1&2 - onerepublic
into the light - rupert pope
atlas - shannon saunders
surrender - natalie taylor
i hate you, i love you - gnash ft olivia o’brien

season 4
oceans - seafret
better love - hozier
all this time - onerepublic
hold back the river - james bay
can you hold me - NF ft britt nicole
smokestacks - layla

season 5 (speculative)
moondust - jaymes young
silhouette - aquilo
wish that you were here - florence + the machine
find me - sigma ft birdy
hunger - ross copperman

Here is a link to my playlist with all of these songs!

Current results of the Favorite TF2 Youtuber survey:

Jerma x 13  

Star_ x 11

Muselk x 10

FUNKe x 9

Uncle Dane x 8

Mr Paladin x 6

Grizzly Berry x 3

ArraySeven x 3

Krunchynaut x 3

Skymin Slash x 2

Red Robot x 2

Nate Fox x 2

GlassyGaming x 2

TF2Dove x 2

King Raja x 2

ScottJaw x 2

Mr Slin x 1

Salty x 1

Nathan Vetterlein x 1

MrSneakerSpy x 1

BooMan61 x 1

Ace the Orcarina Maker x 1

ThatGuyTagg x 1

Merasmus the Mighty x 1



 “Are you bloody mental? I will not have this wine at my Wedding. Scratch it off my list.” Sander grumbled, flinging the glass over his shoulder. “Don’t your Highness me or Sire this. My Wedding must be perfect. Good enough for two kings!”

 “Ariya the theme is red and black with a dash of gold. Whatever you do don’t let there Werewolves or the Skinwalkers to the party and especially the after party. Sebastien. Get my tux here by tomorrow or someones head will roll and for Dracula sakes will someone clean this bleedin’ ballroom?! Blimey! The sodding dust is in heaps I can taste it!” Sander grumbled as he death glared the maids and staff members on either side of him, Sebastien and Ariya followers behind the quickly moving King.

 “We have to keep the monsters from fighting so someone bring a water bottle to spray the guest if the misbehave. Crowley is the priority to make happy so Sebastien keep away from him as much as you can. About twenty feet at all times. Ariya find someone who isn’t a priest to marry us. Seb cancel all my meetings for the next three weeks.”

 It is offical. The Two Kings will wed next Saturday on April the 18th.

 A time of truce and compromise between two Kingdoms has escalated from friendship to blossoming into undeniable love from both Kings.

All are invited to this binding of two Kingdoms and of two men as one. From Demons to Angels, to Shifters, Witches and Vampires, we gather to have one night of peace at the respected lair and home of those who provide hosting. Sir King and Alpha: Sander Monks of the Vampire species opens up his Manor once again for this ceremony. King Sander invites all creatures including yes…Werewolves to this Garden Wedding.

 Please be respectful of eachother and try not to kill your normal enemies date. Yeah you know who you are…Wendigo. Hunters may come but no killing. Once inside the Manor all must hold an honor of truce. This is a Wedding not a battlefield.

 Please put all texts and posts under the Tag: 2Kings  or Monks Manor.

 Any questions please find me under Vampking-Charmer  or submit, fanmail or ask a message. 


  • Can bring one date from one verse. No multi-versing please. Only because it could get very confusing.
  • The Wedding will be in a Chatzy. If you don’t know what that is please message me.
  • If you wish to be a caterer, butler, or the Master of Ceremonies please message me.Oc’s and other fandoms are all invited to the wedding.
  • Just have fun!
  • Unsure which Crowley Sander’s getting hitched to? crowley-is-speaking <— This guy