Listen to the hit Ebola song warning Africans about the disease 

Released over the summer, a surprisingly catchy new song is hitting the West African airwaves with an important message to spread: The Ebola virus is here and ravaging the region, ensnaring five countries in its deadliest mass outbreak ever.

“Ebola in Town” by 2Kings’ Shadow, D-12 and Kuzzy features Ebola-themed lyrics and warns people against poor hygiene, eating bushmeat and physical contact where infections have been confirmed.

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 “Are you bloody mental? I will not have this wine at my Wedding. Scratch it off my list.” Sander grumbled, flinging the glass over his shoulder. “Don’t your Highness me or Sire this. My Wedding must be perfect. Good enough for two kings!”

 “Ariya the theme is red and black with a dash of gold. Whatever you do don’t let there Werewolves or the Skinwalkers to the party and especially the after party. Sebastien. Get my tux here by tomorrow or someones head will roll and for Dracula sakes will someone clean this bleedin’ ballroom?! Blimey! The sodding dust is in heaps I can taste it!” Sander grumbled as he death glared the maids and staff members on either side of him, Sebastien and Ariya followers behind the quickly moving King.

 “We have to keep the monsters from fighting so someone bring a water bottle to spray the guest if the misbehave. Crowley is the priority to make happy so Sebastien keep away from him as much as you can. About twenty feet at all times. Ariya find someone who isn’t a priest to marry us. Seb cancel all my meetings for the next three weeks.”

 It is offical. The Two Kings will wed next Saturday on April the 18th.

 A time of truce and compromise between two Kingdoms has escalated from friendship to blossoming into undeniable love from both Kings.

All are invited to this binding of two Kingdoms and of two men as one. From Demons to Angels, to Shifters, Witches and Vampires, we gather to have one night of peace at the respected lair and home of those who provide hosting. Sir King and Alpha: Sander Monks of the Vampire species opens up his Manor once again for this ceremony. King Sander invites all creatures including yes…Werewolves to this Garden Wedding.

 Please be respectful of eachother and try not to kill your normal enemies date. Yeah you know who you are…Wendigo. Hunters may come but no killing. Once inside the Manor all must hold an honor of truce. This is a Wedding not a battlefield.

 Please put all texts and posts under the Tag: 2Kings  or Monks Manor.

 Any questions please find me under Vampking-Charmer  or submit, fanmail or ask a message. 


  • Can bring one date from one verse. No multi-versing please. Only because it could get very confusing.
  • The Wedding will be in a Chatzy. If you don’t know what that is please message me.
  • If you wish to be a caterer, butler, or the Master of Ceremonies please message me.Oc’s and other fandoms are all invited to the wedding.
  • Just have fun!
  • Unsure which Crowley Sander’s getting hitched to? crowley-is-speaking <— This guy