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The first major section of play in Bioshock 2, after completing a brief tutorial, is a tour through Andrew Ryan’s Amusements, an intelligently crafted presentation of the core beliefs and downfall that led to the events of the previous work. By presenting this so early, not only does the game reintroduce the primary elements of Objectivism to the player, it also paints a much less charismatic portrait of Ryan, making the movement in Rapture towards a form of Leninist Communism that much more understandable.

  • Person: BioShock sucks, why do you like it so much
  • Mom: no
  • Dad: no
  • Dog: no
  • Cat: no
  • Me: /opens up 500 page powerpoint/ WELLLLLLLLLLLLL DO I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT

Nothing is more important in the environment design of Bioshock than the regally dilapidated air of Rapture. Everything here was at one point incredible and beautiful and pristine, but the pride and madness of many have brought it to ruin. This is important, both from a narrative and a design perspective, to sell the idea to the player that, in the long-term, this was always going to be Rapture’s fate. This was inevitable, and that makes the tragedy of the place that much more poignant. 


The opening thirty minutes of Bioshock Infinite are a slow burn, with the game deliberately removing the player character’s weapon as they enter Columbia to emphasize that, for now, the game will not be about fighting. Instead, it pushes the player to observe and participate in Columbia among the citizens while things are still “peaceful,” so the shift to violence can feel that much more pronounced when it does come.


This Yule I received these:

Up until now they’ve just sat on The Bioshock shelf with no real use. So I decided now was the time to buy a turntable/ record player.

And then I was finding content for this blog when I came across @shannencbooks really cool video of their turntables. (Please go visit them!)

And then I just knew that having a plain old turntables definitely wasn’t enough. I left this thought to stir around for a while until I was rummaging around in my cupboards and found these:

Now we’re thinking! I can stick one over the logo in the inside, but what about the exterior of the system? Hmmm…. So, I mulled that over for a while until I cam across this on instagram:

I figured anything can have the cool splicer mask texture. Dysania Props state that all you need is: Acrylics, Enamel and a clear gloss, all of which I have. So stay tuned!