Our Salon de Créativité is a PR / Creative Direction / Branding / Guerilla Marketing / Social Media Solutions focused concept of agency we have started in cooperation with 2fresh4yall, meaning we do everything what a branding and the following communication require.

We always offer an sophisticated location, open for ideas and concepts all around Art, Photography, Music and Fashion/Style. We will take our time and use our contacts to get you everything you desire. We love to work with any motivated people in any business with a work ethic.


#2fresh4yall (bar/lounge/club, barber, fashion, art) is a company/fashion gettogheter to show the unique soul in a person. Question is, how much do you know about the actual clothing items that you wear for the moment? Nothing? Not much? Worry no longer. 2fresh4yall servs not only as a fresh and up-to-date clothing linte/store but also as a learning center for urban culture. Take your chance, sit down with D. and chop it up about the store, mens fashion or the ideology of the brand. Check it out as D. schools many of what it truly means to have “style”. All a party of THE24CLUB.