Here it is!! finally! This is my student film I did last year and my last project before getting my college animation diploma.:)

“A message in a bottle" is the story of a lonely lighthouse guard , Thomas, who one day trows a message in a bottle in the sea hoping for maybe an answer one day. The bottle still come back pretty quickly.;)

This film was 2 year in the making. first year to make storyboard and story. I must admit there is a LOT that I would have done differently by the time the movie was done. Lots of the animation could have been better along some character design change. still I am still happy since I did it all by myself.:)

Hope you will like it and not find it too horrible.XD 



I’d like to chime in and lend my voice to the many amazing individuals who have made their love and support for 2d Cloud known in this, their time of need.

I was just talking today with a coworker about comics publishing and all of these books by defunct publishers like Picturebox that are now worth hundreds of dollars. While these things were being made in real time, the publishers and artists struggled and sacrificed to bring important work to light and now it’s being recognized as the valuable and gameshifting art that it is and was.

2D CLOUD IS ONE OF THESE PUBLISHERS they are working with the funniest, most daring, beautiful, challenging, and important comics artists alive today. NOW! IN REAL TIME! IN THE PRESENT WE SHARE! 

They are betting big on the cutting edge of this beautiful artform and they deserve your support. This is a kickstarter where 100% of the money you give will be put on paper and bound into books. These guys are no slouches. They’re struggling financially but I know for a fact that they’ve still got really bold ambitions. Don’t cut their project short! There are too many sad stories in underground comics of people working with all the best artists making all the best work in their time and not seeing remuneration for their efforts…only to have those very books go up in value by orders of magnitude in subsequent years. 

GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THIS ONE folks. It’s guaranteed that these guys will be vindicated by history. They will be remembered in the hall of champions. But before they ascend to comics valhalla, let’s see that their reign on earth is long and fruitful!

The deals being offered through this Kickstarter are SILLY they’re so good. I went with the 69$ deal. I would have bought every single one of these books on their own and I feel like (though it may seem like a hefty sum at first) I’m making off like a bandit. It works out to be an average of 7.66$ you’re paying for each book. Nine BOOKS! All of them important and beautiful and unlike anything else being made today! 

Even if you’re reading this and you’re like, “This all sounds great, but I’m, like, an asshole and doing a kind thing is sorta outside my ken.” Sure, sure, I get it. Gulag Casual, a incredible book by a grievously underrated artist WOULD probably clash on your bookshelf next to all those copies of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. You’re in it for yourself, I respect your position. PLEDGE IN THIS KICKSTARTER, get your books, then resell them like a total douche! Even at cover price, you’ll make your money back plus a neat profit! (And thats not even counting on how much these comics will appreciate in value in the coming years!!)  There’s even room for total dicks among those of us contributing to this kickstarter!


Today at Challengers… We just received our copies of LITTLE HEART: A Comic Anthology for Marriage Equality from 2D Cloud. This was a project we happily funded on KickStarter and it is wonderful. And it has a great, great piece by our pal Jeremy Sorese, featuring this line: “My rights as a gay man have been given to me freely without having once been pulled from a seedy bar by cops.”

I Just Read: Out of Hollow Water by Anna Bongiovanni

While reading any work of fiction about trauma and recovery, I reliably wonder if I’m reading it right. With a work like Out of Hollow Water, which has the character of a metamorphosed memoir, the temptation is to decode events within the comic, to literalize them. I don’t know that searching for a one-to-one, real-world referent for every one of the comic’s nightmarish images diminishes Bongiovanni’s comic as a fiction, but I do think that this is an impulse not to trust without question, because there’s so much else here to engage with, a lot of it brutal stuff; so much on the level of story alone.

OK!  Announcement time! I’ll be exhibiting at my first show ever tomorrow (The Twin Cities Book Festival) from 10 a.m to 5 p.m at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds Progress Building. Chances are people reading this aren’t located anywhere near the Fair Grounds, let alone Minnesota, but whatever! I’m announcing it anyway!

I’m pretty happy with my five little books, so we’ll see how it goes.

I haven’t posted the book on the far right yet, so I’ll probably do that on Monday.