This is an animation study of Childish Gambino’s This is America music video. I found the way he dances and moves very interesting and I wanted to do an exercise kind of like life drawing but with animation. I would find the key poses in the video and then do a life drawing of the pose. At the end I went in and started adding all the breakdowns and inbetweens. This helps me draw more and learn more about the way things move.


Extrait de mon film de fin d’études réalisé à l’école de la Poudrière !

Musique: Franck Gérard
Conception sonore: Pierre Sauze
Animation: Hippolyte Cupillard, Titouan Bordeau
Mise en couleur: Yann Sông Le Van Ho
Compositing: Lisa Matuszak, Grigoris Leontiades
Montage image: Jeanne Fontaine
Mixage: Miroslav Pilon, Yoann Veyrat
Parrain: Jean Charles Finck, Remy Chaepman

Production: Ecole de la Poudrière