#255 by Hannah Kemp
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Liber 4445

44 We all adore
The torn animal
We fall each night
Pandora, hold the door
Ra Hoor Khuit
The tarot animal
We all adore
The falling animal

45 I feel the knife
Lambs exist so I may be
How do I center myself?
Feel like falling in the night
Of a fever dream
Fish fall faster than fire
Fire, fire, fire
Fight fake, fight fraud
Fish fight for fire, fire, fire
Fire, fire, fire
Find out, find out, find out
All along, I feel I will be
As above, so below
There is wealth in my house
I feel the alchemy
Five fingers
Find out, fire, find out
Free up the tree
Fight violence
Fish feel fishy
Fire, fire, fire
Fire, fire, fire
Fight fake, fight frauds
Fish fake fishscales
Fire, fire, fire
Fire, fire, fire
(Find out)
All along
I feel cheated
We all worry
Freedom got us
Feeling beautiful
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"Not Just A Bite" One Shot

Author: sarnsgrace

Summary: (Requested by mildlyangrymoms) The reader binges and purges, and Dean finds out and confronts them.

Warnings: Binge Eating

Word Count:1,104

Fic/Link to Fic:

It had been a long day, and you weren’t feeling any better. The past week had been especially hard on you, what with a rogue demon to kill that you weren’t getting any closer to finding.

You were sitting in the main room of the bunker, your head propped up over one of the spell books from the library. Sam and Dean had gone out to get something to eat about half an hour before, and you had decided to put that time to use while the bunker was a little bit quieter than normal.

Your stomach growled and you tried to shush it, even though you were alone in the bunker. You didn’t want anything else to eat today, you had already made yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich earlier.

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