Big eyes, VERY big, because they are full of wonder.

That is my center. It is what I was born with. Eyes that have always seen the wonder in EVERYTHING. Eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air. This wonder is what I put into the world, and what I protect in children. It is what makes me a Guardian. It is my center.

What is yours?

I wasn’t going to do this thing all the girls be doing because I rarely weigh myself I find scales and weights to be stupid and not at all indicative of what you do or shove in your mouth I mean when is the last time a scale said you had too much penis? Never- that’s when.

I also can’t take a full body shot because my cats (or kids) broke my full length mirror but this was a few months ago (I haven’t gained that much weight since then) and the doctor who forced me to weigh myself before the worst week of my life said I weighed 185 so let’s just say he knows what he’s talking about and I’m a 185 girl.

I’m 5’6 my blood pressure is 124/86 my hair covers my nipples, my insurance doesn’t cover weight loss surgery or my face and men don’t really have any idea of how much they made me who I terribly am today.

My highest weight ever was 210 my lowest was 112 and my happiest was 165.

I’m gonna go eat a piece of pizza and drink a cocktail or 7 then continue being funny on the Internet and not tell you all how much I did or didn’t eat and work out today.

I’ll leave “looking good naked” to everyone else.