Living World Season 3: Everyone Leaves Commander Alone And Worried.

I needed a commander figure so I put my rat here, could be anyone really. :’D It’s exactly my feels so far. *rubs face* Why must everyone run off, some to a certain death or big trouble. I’m itching to see if it’s intended and what moves Anet does have planned next.

I hope you like it, please don’t reuse these images anywhere.

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Okay, yo.

If you hate Fitz for what he’s doing right now, you should hate Daisy for what she did under Hive’s sway. You should hate Mack for what he did when the temple co-opted him. You should hate May for what LMD May did. You should hate May for what Kara Palamas did while wearing her face. You should hate Kara Palamas, actually. And you should hate Coulson for compulsively carving. And Fitz for what he did under Lorelei’s power. 

Really, you should hate everyone. 


You could hate the villains who took control of them/their likenesses and used them against their will?

One of those two, probably.


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