Season 10 (10x15 ~10x23)

10x15– The Things They Carried          (March 18th)

Despite Dean’s directive to forget about looking for a cure for the Mark of Cain, Sam continues to do research. Dean suspects Sam is hiding something but decides to focus on a new murder case where they run into Cole. The three team up and learn a Khan worm is infecting men and turning them into murderers. Unfortunately, the worm makes its way into Cole.

10x16–  Paint It Black                             (March 25th)

Rownea makes plans to reclaim her magic. Sam and Dean investigate a string of suicides committed by people with little in common other than the identical, grisly method of death – slow, self-administered disembowlment. All of the victims were members of a Catholic church and had recently given confession, leading the brothers to suspect the priest is somehow involved. Meanwhile, when Crowley captures Olivette, the leader of the Grand Coven, Rowena pleads her case to be allowed to practice magic freely again.  

10x17–  Inside Man                                (April 1st)

Sam and Castiel  follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain. Dean and Rowena meet and face off against each other.

**no episode April 8th**

10x18–  Book of the Damned             (April 15th)

No summary released, but a few spoilers– Cas will be in this episode. Some filming took place with the boys by a log cabin sort of set. There will be at least a scene of Cas in the pimp mobile. A Bobby-esque trucker will appear. (Remember Misha’s twitter pic…)

10x19– The Werther Project                   (April 22nd)

Cas may be in this episode. As rowena is in this episode, Crowley is likey going to be in this episode as well. Some shooting was done in a library set. Shooting was done with Jensen in the same woods location the use used for purgatory. Interior shooting was done with Ruth and Jared

No more spoilers yet, I will update when I find some…

10x20–  Angel Heart                             (April 29th)

10x21–  Dark Dynasty                          (May 6th)

10x22–  The Prisoner                           (May 13th)

10x23–  My Brother’s Keeper              (May 20th)

    **May 21st–Dead, Hellatus begins =‘(

October– SEASON 11!!!!!!!!!