29 Days of Stelena

Works like this > Every day you will have to post an item on the list (tumblr, facebook, twitter etc). Posting photos, videos or anything that represents your answer.

1. The moment you fell in love with them

2. Favorite scene

3. Favorite kiss

4. Favorite make out

5. Favorite hug

6. Favorite episode

7. Scene that makes you cry every time

8. Favorite Stefan quote about Elena/their relationship

9. Favorite Elena quote about Stefan/their relationship

10. Quote from another character about SE

11. Favorite dance scene

12. Favorite Paul quote about SE

13. Favorite Nina quote about SE

14. Favorite song that was used in a SE scene

15. Favorite I love you

16. Favorite sweet moment/normal BF and GF moment (ex: ferris wheek, lake house escape, double date with Matt&Caroline etc…)

17. Least favorite moment

18. Favorite reunion

19. Favorite Stefan saving Elena or Elena saving Stefan moment

20. Least favorite person that came between them

21. Favorite season

22. Favorite Stefan moment

23. Favorite Elena moment

24. Scene you watched the most

25. Favorite blood exchanging scene

26. Stefan being jealous or Elena? and your fav jealousy moment

27. Favorite book quote

28. Favorite thing about their relationship? (trust,communication,love,passion…)

29. Anything S.

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