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A/N: I am back. Back again. So YES. Hello! This took me a quite long time but I believe it turned out quite well. Oh and such a terrible title this is I’m sorry. ALSO….. Writing stories could be SO MUCH EASIER if I got some requests. SO PLEASE REQUEST MY LOVELIES.

Pairing: Philip Hamilton X Reader (w/ thomas jefferson as readers dad)


Time Period: Hamiltime

Word Count: 1,299 (got a bit carried away oops)

Being the daughter of the one and only Thomas Jefferson may not sound too bad. But that is not the case. Your father, Thomas Jefferson comes home every evening angry and frustrated from those dreaded cabinet meetings. He hates them primarily because he always loses them. Today was different. There was no cabinet meeting today. Thank God. Or so you thought. 

You walked up to your fathers study where he was working with a cup of tea. Destressing your father (or at least helping to destress) was an everyday thing for you. You opened the door slowly. “Father. Would you like some tea?” You said shyly, peeking your head into the room. Papers were scattered across the floor. It was definetly more of a mess than you thought. 

Thomas turned quickly to his beautiful daughter. “Yes dear. You are a lifesaver.” He smiled, gesturing for Y/N to come inside. She walked in, handing her father the cup of tea. 

“So father. Why was there no cabinet meeting today?” You questioned. Your father immediately hung his head down out of annoyance. He slowly brought it back up to look at you.

“We are going to a dinner at the Washingtons.” He frowned. You didn’t understand why he was not happy about this. 

“Oh father. That sounds absolutely delightful! Why are you so unhappy?” You asked, furrowing your brow slightly. 

“The Hamiltons are going also.” Your father said, rolling his eyes. You frowned. Eliza Hamilton is a lovely woman but Alexander Hamilton is not a man you would like to speak to, considering the manner in which your father spoke about this man. Their son, Philip Hamilton was also going to be there. You sighed at the thought. He has always attempted to speak to you, but you have never allowed it. All he is is a flirt.

One hour before the dinner arrived. You had put on your most gorgeous F/C dress. This was your mothers dress before she passed. You twirled sligtltly in front of your mirror. You began putting on your heels, your hair and makeup already done. You walked out to the main room of the Jefferson home, awaiting your father, have your carriage had already arrived.

Your father walked down the stairs. He was wearing an amazing tuxedo and you had never seen him look so elegant. A smile spread across his face when he saw you. You smiled at your father, hugging him tightly. You both walked to the carriage together, sitting in the back.

“You look beautiful my daughter.” Your father smiled to you. 

“Thank you father. You look very nice also.” You smiled back, silence spreading. It was not awkward silence. It was more……… Comforting silence. 

You had finally arrived at the Washington home, linking arms with you father. You knocked on the door slightly, Martha Washington greeting you. 

“Y/N! Long time no see!” Martha smiled at you, hugging you tightly.

“Hello Martha! It has been quite a while.” You giggle, hugging her right back. She eventually pulled away, turning to your father.

“And Thomas.” She smiled as your father kissed Martha’s knuckles. 

“Ah Martha!” He smiled back. Soon enough Martha escorted you and your father inside. You spotted the Hamiltons, all three of them staring at you and your father. You hoped your father didn’t notice until you saw the anger blossoming on his face. He began to walk over to them, you walking close behind to make sure he does nothing stupid.

“Hamilton” Thomas growled towards Alexander. You rolled your eyes at your fathers tone of voice before turning to Philip. You and him were the same age. Both 16. He had curly hair and freckles throughout his face. You hadn’t noticed you were staring until he winked at you. You turned away, blushing softly, your father and Alexander Hamilton now having a full on debate. 

You cleared your throat behind your father to get his attention. Both men turned to you, along with Eliza and Philip. “Father please be more proffesional. This is not one of your cabinet meetings. And Mr. Hamilton.” You smiled to Alexander. “I am Y/N. I’m truly sorry about my father but I would also like to request that you do not argue as well. It would benefit everyone.” You said kindly.

“But…” Alexander and your father said in unison. You smiled at both men before Martha called that dinner was ready. The seating arangment was a bit of a problem. George and Martha sat next to each other, your father next to George and you next to your father. Where is the problem you ask? The fact that you were sat right next to Philip Hamilton

You walked to the dinner table, your father still glaring at Alexander. Just as you were about to pull your chair out to sit, Philip walked in front of you, pulling your chair out for you. Blushing slightly you thanked him and sat down. He pushed your chair in carefully before sitting himself.

“Well Ms. Y/N. It was quite bold of you to stand up to our fathers like that.” He smiled, winking. You smiled back trying to be as kind as possible without your father getting angry.

“Thank you Mr. Hamilton.” You smiled kindly. He grabbed your hand, laying a soft kiss to your knuckles. 

“Please call me Philip. I am not my father.” He chuckled slightly, putting your hands down, not letting your hand go. Instead of letting your hand go he intertwined your fingers with his. You blushed scarlet.

“Y-yes. Philip.” You corrected yourself, gulping quietly. You saw your father out of your peripheral vision. He was glaring at Philip,visibly angry at the fact that he was holding your hand. 

“You look stunning in that gown Y/N.” He smiled.

“How flattering.” You smiled back, giggling slightly. You looked behind Philip to see Alexander staring at his son in disbelief. You stared at Philip in his eyes getting lost in them as he did the same to you. Eventually, you heard 2 loud coughs to get your attention. You both broke eye contact, unlacing your fingers while staring at the floor. You swear you saw Eliza smile at the two of you.

Another debate broke out at the table. You glared at your father who dropped the insult he was about to shoot back. “If it wasn’t for my lovely daughter, you would have been dead Hamilton.” Your father said in anger. George and Martha just looked extremely annoyed, obviously regretting inviting the rivaling families. Philip was still blushing just as much as you were, stealing glances at you any second he could, you attempting to do the same.

You broke the silence at your table by speaking to Philip once again. “S-sorry about my father.” You frowned as the two fathers began to argue again.

“It is fine. As you are not your father. Whaddya say when we get done we both go to my place and strip down to our socks.” He smirked. Eliza immediately smacked the back of his head. He let out a slight groan, which turned into a laugh.

You laughed slightly. “Now Now Philip. I just began speaking to you. Courting me is truly the first step.” You attempt to flirt back. His eyes widen and he smirks. 

“Allow me to court you then.” Philip said back, a bit too loud. Everyone turned around, your father and Alexander’s face in complete and utter horror. Eliza was simply smiling and Philip looked extremely hopeful.

“Okay.”You smiled. Philip smirked back as your fathers argued about how good their children were going to be in the new relationship between you and Philip.

“O-okay…” He smiled, not knowing what to say.

“Oh just kiss her already!” Eliza said.

And he did just that.


1 Drake, Views 1,299,000
2 Beyonce, Lemonade 1,200,000
3 Adele, 25 514,000
4 Chris Stapleton, Traveller 447,000
5 Original Broadway Cast Recording, Hamilton 422,000
6 Twenty One Pilots, Blurryface 377,000
7 Prince, The Very Best of Prince 371,000
8 J. Cole, 4 Your Eyez Only 356,000
9 Rihanna, Anti 347,000
10 Panic! at the Disco, Death of a Bachelor 334,000
—  Nielsen Music 2016 Year End Charts. Source: Nielsen Music, for the tracking period Jan. 1 through Dec. 29, 2016.

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Here are all the games that will launch on the new Nintendo Switch console

Nintendo unveiled more details about its new game console, the Switch, on Thursday night. In particular, we learned more about the mess of great games coming to the Switch. 


We will be updating this list throughout the night, but so far, here are all the games said to be arriving with the Switch when it launches on March 3 for $299:

- “1, 2, Switch” is a party game for the Switch. It makes use of the Joy-Con as motion controllers for multiplayer experiences that look quirky and fun. It will release with the Switch at launch.

“ARMS” is a motion-based game where players literally fight — using their real arms — but the moves are reflected in the game. Your fists extend out (in the game), like they have springs — it’s a bit of a combination of shooter and fighting game. It looks rad! This game will also release with the Switch at launch.

“Splatoon 2” is a sequel to the breakout hit “Splatoon,” a third-person shooter on Nintendo’s Wii U. The game was a major new entry from Nintendo in a category that it didn’t compete in traditionally; “Splatoon 2” looks to continue the silly, thrilling competitive shooting made famous by the previous game. It will launch this summer.

- “Super Mario Odyssey” is a brand-new 3D Mario game, and the first large Mario-themed sandbox world since “Super Mario 64” on the Nintendo 64 and “Super Mario Sunshine” on the Gamecube. It’s an absolutely gorgeous, bonkers-looking game with innovative, colorful gameplay. It will release in the holiday season later this year.

- “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” and “Fire Emblem Warriors” will satisfy anyone looking for an action-adventure games with a fantasy settings. Nintendo did not say when these games would launch. 

- “Project Octopath Traveler” is a brand-new game from Square Enix.

- Games from the “Dragon Quest” series, including games 1 and 2 remade for Switch, as well as new games in “Dragon Quest X” and “Dragon Quest XI.”

Nintendo says there are 50 different companies developing 80 games for the Switch, including   

What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is the successor to Nintendo’s Wii U, a console that failed to catch on with people. The Wii U is the worst-selling game console Nintendo’s ever made (with the exception of the Virtual Boy), and the long-time Japanese game company is hoping to turn around its fortunes with the Switch.

The gimmick of the Switch is simple: It’s a home game console and a portable game console. The same games are played on both, and it seamlessly transitions between being used at home (in a dock, seen below) and being used as a handheld.

(The dock plugs in to your television for home console use. If you want to take the system out, simply lift it out of the dock and attach controllers to each side.Nintendo)

When you’re playing it at home, you can use a standard gamepad. When you’re playing it on-the-go, you attach a pair of controllers — dubbed "Joy-Con" by Nintendo — and play it using those. Think of it like an iPad Mini held sideways with gaming controllers attached.

Like so:

(The Joy-Con gamepads slide on and off. They also can be used wirelessly with the console, detached.Nintendo)

The portable version of Switch even has a kickstand so you can play games on it without having to hold the handheld:

(In this setup, the Joy-Con controllers are detached and being used wirelessly with the Switch.Nintendo)

Rather than using Blu-ray discs, like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch uses cartridges. These aren’t the type of cartridges from the ‘80s that Nintendo used in the original NES — instead, they’re more like the carts that were used on Nintendo’s DS and 3DS handheld consoles.

Here’s what they look like in action:

The Switch will also work with digital games — those downloaded from an online storefront, similar to how Apple’s App Store or Google Play work. 

Any more games I should know about?

Glad you asked! In addition to the games announced on Thursday night, there are even more games announced as coming to the Switch.

Standouts include “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and a new, 3D game starring Super Mario. 


During the debut trailer for the Switch from 2016, a few games from the Wii U made a cameo — “Mario Kart 8” and “Splatoon,” seemingly with new content, both showed up. 

Beyond Nintendo itself, EA is promising one of its “bigger games” will head to the Switch. While game fans are no doubt hoping that EA is talking about its upcoming “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” we’d bet the next “FIFA” game is heading to Switch. 

Interested in checking out the system in person ahead of its March launch? Nintendo is taking it on tour — check out the full list of locations right here.

NOW WATCH: Nintendo just showed off the Nintendo Switch — an entirely new console

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Day 299: Weremethyst and Vampearl (1/??)

Heya peeps! I know I’m late with the Halloween/Stevenboooniverse vibes - but this idea sorta just popped up in mind late Halloween night aha.
Based on @laurenzuke‘s AU.

I kinda wanna keep rolling with this but I’m not sure?? What do you guys think? Should I keep going?

Wedding Dress

Summary: You are nervous that Kyungsoo won’t be okay with you not wanting a traditional wedding dress.
Member: Kyungsoo x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,299 Words

I honestly have seen a few weddings where the bride wore a pants suit. I think they can look really beautiful. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by missdyoo

The sound of your phone ringing on the bedside table dragged you out of your sweet dreams like the beak of a bird pulling a squirming worm out of the dirt. You groaned, not wanting to abandon the dream you were having. You couldn’t really remember what the dream had been about, but you knew that it was a good dream because of the warmth it filled you with the moment you woke up. You flipped over on the bed, reaching over the empty space where your boyfriend normally was, and picked up your phone. “Hello?” You asked reluctantly. It wasn’t until you heard your mom’s voice on the other end that you perked up a bit. “Oh, hi mom, what’s up?” You asked her sweetly. Your tone still held a bit of the rough edge that it usually possessed after just waking.

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by Benjamin Nehemiah. Taken from “Babylon Resurrected” copyright 2015.

Throughout the ages, all the greatest artists, pharaohs, popes and kings have shared the fascination of encrypting messages within art and architecture. Encoded within artistic masterpieces, road alignments, monuments and urban architecture are extremely modest harmonics which link man to the solar system – it is a subtle connection of the microcosm to the macrocosm and, to the untrained eye, these marvels go unnoticed.

Consider the following: the latitude of the Grand Gallery is 29.9792458° north. This number resonates with the speed of light (ᶜ) which is 299,792,458 metres per second – 29.9792458° and 299,792,458 m/sec are exactly the same numbers. So, whether it is accidental or deliberate, the speed of light is encrypted within the design of the Great Pyramid. In 1983, the General Conference on Weights and Measures defined a metre as the length of the path travelled by light in the time interval of 1/299,792,458 of a second (prior to this, the definition was based upon a wavelength of krypton-86 radiation). As shall be reviewed in my book (Babylon Resurrected), the early Egyptian culture was influenced by that of the Sumerians and it is the Sumerians who are commonly credited with inventing the advanced base-60, or sexagesimal, number system which is still in use today for the measure of angles (360° in a circle), geographic coordinates and time (60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute). Thus, if the speed of light were deliberately encoded within the Great Pyramid, advanced metrology was involved in its design and this would beg the question: is the definition of our metre a modern utterance of a unit of measure that was defined in antiquity? Was this definition an esoteric expression of our relationship with the Sun? If so, it is a subtle connection of the microcosm to the macrocosm (“As above, so below”) and a demonstration of how esoteric knowledge has filtered down throughout the ages.

Oh my god, the new line of macbooks is the epitome of useless

The MacBook ships on April 10 and starts at $1,299 with a 1.1GHz Core M processor, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. There’s also a slightly more powerful model for $1,599 with a 1.2GHz processor and 512GB SSD.

>Only audio out and one usb C port



Enjoy having to buy an apple USB C hub to even be able to connect anything to it while it’s charging. Also rip thunderbolt, which could have been the future for external GPUs

And then the CPU:



In other words, this is literally a 1300 dollar facebook machine because you really can’t do anything else with a goddamn 1.1ghz CPU. How about just making better batteries instead of gimping performance to the point where the only thing that prevents the computer from feeling like something straight out of 2002 is the SSD?

We’re back at pentium 4 speeds, THE FUTURE IS NOW THANKS APPLE

I’m a happy owner of a macbook pro retina, which I can definitely recommend - but anyone who buys this new line of macbooks is really just stupid, especially for that price.  

Well, on the bright side, at least the Macbook Pro line still exists and actually has usable hardware, but the only way this could have been worse would be if they switched to ARM cpus.