The History of Middle-earth \ Kings of Rohan Part II

For two generations, during the coincidental conflict many thousands of Orcs tried to claim a refuge in the White Mountains and troubled the Rohirrim; Brytta fought them off, and when he died it was believed Rohan was free of Orcs; they were not entirely driven from the White Mountains until T.A. 2864 by Folca.

Around 2960 Saruman started to harass Rohan and in 3014, he began using his influence to weaken the King, Théoden, as part of a campaign to invade or take over the kingdom. In 3019, he launched a full-scale invasion of Rohan, with victories; (Théoden’s son, Théodred was killed during the First Battle of the Fords of Isen) and defeat at the Battle of the Hornburg, where the Huorns came to the aid of the Rohirrim. On the heels of this victory, Théoden rode with an army to Minas Tirith and helped break its siege in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, where he was slain. Éomer, the nephew of King Théoden, then succeeded to the throne, beginning the third line.”

Over the Edge

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader 

Genre: Fluff 

Rating: K 

WC: 2960 

Summary: Your irrational fear of heights becomes an issue when you have to share a bunkbed with Chanyeol during a last minute sleep-over   

You sighed, placing your phone down on the table. You’d called every taxi service in the city and got the same response. All the streets were closed down. The half the metro was offline. If you tried to walk home, it would probably take you three hours, even if you could get past the barricades. A chemical spill in the middle of the city had everything halted, everyone stranded.

“It looks like you’re going to have to stay over,” Jongdae said from the other side of the table. He had been trying to call drivers on your behalf as well, and seemed to have the same amount of luck.

“Did I hear sleep-over?” Baekhyun called from the other side of the room, where he and Sehun sat on the sofa playing video games.

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High school sweet-snob: Namjoon.

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Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin -  Taehyung.

Namjoon X Reader

Gender: Male x Female

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut.

Warning: -

Word count: 2960.


​  Oh no, oh please don’t say it.

“Y/N and Namjoon, you’ll be partners." 
You shut your eyes tight as you mentally yelled out words that even the great Demon gasp.
Out of all the people in the class, your chemistry teacher had to pair you up with the snob of the class, no the school.
Namjoon thought he was it all, he had the looks and the brains but in your opinion he lacked the personality and morality.
Namjoon was everything that was the opposite of what the school rules demanded, loose tie, ripped skinny jeans, three buttons undone of his blouse and the platinum blonde hair.But most of all that was against the rules was the way Namjoon looked at you, like he was a hunter and you the hunted.

"Hey baby,” Namjoon smirked as he slid besides you in the chair.
You had to muster everything in yourself not to groan or worse, make those thoughts come back.Yes, Namjoon may be a snob, a bad boy but lord did he make you feel all kinds of things you, and did you hate Namjoon for that, but also did you hate yourself for falling for him.
Scooting your chair slightly to your left creating distance from the boy, you turned your nose into your chemistry book not seeing the smirk on Namjoon’s face.
“Now that’s not nice to ignore your partner like that,” Namjoon said.
You decided that even though it was true what Namjoon said, you ignored him still, how much of a mistake that was.Your breath hitched as you could feel the hot breath of Namjoon tickling your ear.
“Isn’t it, baby?” You jerked away from Namjoon, had covering your ear as you looked at Namjoon with wide eyes and furrowed brows. The reaction brought amusement to Namjoon as his laugh brought attention to the two of you.“Namjoon, Y/N.” The teacher sternly spoke.
“Class is still in session, I expect you to stay quiet.” You straightened your back as you turned to face the teacher again, a mumbled apology left your mouth as you looked down at your book again, but not before glancing over too your right only to be greeted by a wink and a smirk.
Turning to your books you bit on your lips as thighs squeezed together.
Gods did you hate what the boy did to you, yet you loved the sinning sensation.

“So my house or yours?” You looked up at Namjoon, cocking him an eyebrow.
“For our project, remember?” A smirk painted itself on those full lips you so much desired to touch
“What, you had something else in mind?” Your cheeks flushed as you shook your head.

“No,” was the first word you had said to Namjoon since the class had begun and now had ended.
“You choose, I don’t mind.” But actually you did, you didn’t want to be with Namjoon too begin with for a very obvious reason down below and underneath your skirt.
“Your house it is,” Namjoon decided, his body brushing the right side of your arm as he walked you by, you stood there perplexed at the fact Namjoon knew which way you would take home and how did he know that? The boy in question turned around, cocking his eyebrow “You coming or what?" 
Pulling yourself together you nodded and walked behind Namjoon.
Could you believe it, the boy who has been causing you all sorts of feelings from hate to love is coming over to your house, your house."Hey,” Namjoon said as his fingers curled around your arm and pulled you forward, loosing a grip on your thoughts but held on the fact that Namjoon was holding your arm, and it was burning.
“I don’t know where your house is so don’t walk behind me.” Namjoon scolded and you nodded.
A sense of longing flooded your mind as Namjoon released your arm, wanting more of his touch.
Shaking your head you began to walk in front of Namjoon, feeling even more vulnerable than before with his eyes burning into your back.

“So, this is your house?” You nodded as you unlocked the door, letting yourself in before Namjoon who bypassed you with a pout on his lips and eyes skimming as far as they could see.
“Cool.” He mumbled “thanks?” You said unsure, closing the door behind you.
Turning around your breath hitched at the sight of Namjoon taking off his school blazer, the small act having a great effect on your core, Namjoon seemed to notice your reaction but gave you a simple smirk.
Shaking your head you bypassed the boy, hoping that the friction your legs gave you would bring those thoughts down but they only worsened.
“Uh, my room is upstairs.” You didn’t even look at Namjoon as you walked up the stairs, but the sound of floorboards creaking underneath feet made sure he was behind you.
As you got to your door, you froze.
Kim Namjoon is in your house, is about to enter your room and no one but the two of you is home.
“You okay?” You heard Namjoon ask from behind and you turned around, if you weren’t red by now you sure were now.
Namjoon was towering over you, his face close but unfortunately not that close, nodding you turned around and opened the door of your room.

“Nice room,” You tried to calm down your heart as you set your school bag on your bed, rummaging through the bag on the look out for your chemistry book, completely oblivious on the unintentional tease you where giving Namjoon.
The school skirt that once was long, but after a few wrong washes had shortened did its job of making Namjoon’s body fill with lust, that innocent yet unintentional sexiness you had drove him crazy since you showed up in his life.
And don’t think he didn’t notice he effected you the same way you did to him, because he sure did.
You weren’t the best at hiding it, either you wanted it or were just terrible at it.
“Okay, chemistry project, anything in mind?” You said as you turned around, just in time to miss the tongue that slipped out Namjoon’s tongue but in time to see him sit down on the ground in an attempt to hide his slightly hardened member.

“No,” Namjoon nonchalantly said, trying to keep his stoic facade as you sat down across him.
How was a simple act like that making him go wild, all he wanted to do is take you right there and then, but he was raised much better than that, yes he might be a jerk or a snob like you would say, but gods forbid he was anything less than a gentleman.
You let out a sigh, your head slightly nodding as your bottom lip got caught in your teeth, if you would only know how much you made it hard for Namjoon (pun intended). 
Turning away, Namjoon tried to look at something else not sure how long his facade would stay up.
His attention got pulled by a small square cover sticking out of your bookshelf, pushing himself up (gaining your attention also) he pulled the object from your bookshelf and as expected he was right.

“You listen to A$AP Rocky?” Namjoon turned around as he waved the album of the rapper.
Your eyes widen as you pushed yourself off the ground and reached out for the album but Namjoon simply raised his arm higher making it impossible for you too reach.
“I,uh,” You said embarrassed, no one that was close to you would know that you sometimes listened to Hip Hop and you didn’t blame them as you didn’t really look like the type who would.
“I got it from a friend of mine, he works in a CD shop. Apparently they still had one album left of him, so when he came back from college he gave it to me.” You explained, Namjoon lowered his arm as he held the album next to him.
“Your friend from college?” He asked and you nodded, confused at the tone he gave you as if he didn’t believe his ears.
“Yeah, he’s a family friend.” Namjoon scoffed as he placed the album back, noticing that the row was filled with albums from EPIK HIGH to Zico, Namjoon scoffed even louder and felt a shot of jealousy.
“What?” You asked “I suppose these are all from your friend ? ” You furrowed your brows, you did not like the tone Namjoon was giving talking about your friend, crossing your arms you answered.
“Yeah, so what?” Namjoon let out a sarcastic laugh.
“Are you sure you don’t mean your boyfriend?” Your mouth fell open and you could feel anger boiling.
“What, he is not my boyfriend!” Namjoon nodded, almost as if he understood but the words that fell out of his mouth told otherwise “oh, so he is your fuck buddy?" 
Your face went red from both embarrassment and anger, but instead of drawing the line Namjoon continued "assuming from your reaction I am right? That family friend of yours is more than just a friend huh?” Namjoon scoffed as your blood started to cook.
“Who would believe that Y/N [L/N] would be a whore like that,” for a moment Namjoon felt pride but quickly guilt fell as he realized what his mouth has said.
But time did not give him a chance to apologise as a painful sting infiltrated his cheek.

Looking up in surprise Namjoon’s eyes went wide as he saw the tear filled eyes and the rage mixed in you, you who slapped him.
“How dare you to talk about him like that, about me!” You yelled.
“How dare you say a woman is a whore by her relationship status, and besides who cares if I fuck him or not which is not.” You answered, your hand running through your hair and all Namjoon could think of is how extremely hot you looked in that school outfit all angry at him.
“I can’t believe I fell for a snob like you.” Your mouth spilled out, freezing your body.
You hoped Namjoon didn’t hear that, but of course he did, you were practically screaming it.
Licking his lips Namjoon took a few steps forward, trapping you between the bookshelf and himself, the crash causing a symphony of CD cases hitting the ground.
“So you like me huh?” You bit down on your bottom lip, the pain numbing from the look Namjoon was giving you. It was strong, predatory and it made you weak but also strong with desire.
“I asked you something, Y/N.” Namjoon’s voice dropped and dripped with a sweet sound of sins, and gods did you want to feel it.
Namjoon took a step closer, making you turn your gaze down at the CDs, wrong move.
You could feel breath tickling your ear and you weren’t sure if you where on fire or Namjoon’s breath was just burning. “Answer,” Namjoon breathed out, making your breath stutter as you mustered up a breathy “yes." 

You could hear Namjoon chuckling, but you had no courage to look at him and by his next action you couldn’t even if you would.
Full soft lips kissed your neck, your mind became a haze as excitement dropped with full force on your core. Namjoon moved up along your jawline "Good, because I do too.” He whispered, his lips taking your earlobe captive for a second before looking at your flustered face, bottom lip red and swollen of teeth clamping down to prevent those sweet sins coming out your mouth.
Namjoon cupped your cheek as he slowly moved you to look up at him, and by now you could feel the uncomfortable wetness in your underwear.
“God, you make me want you so bad.” Namjoon breathed out as the hand on you cheek trailed down to cup the back of your neck while his other hand rested on your hip.
“Just tell me to stop and I will,” Namjoon said, his breath mixing with yours.
You looked into Namjoon’s eyes and for a moment you could see a new Namjoon filled with care and sincerity that made your heart drum in a different way.
Your own hands crawled up along Namjoon’s arms, the both of you watching how they slithered up and over his shoulders, one going behind and the other ghosting across Namjoon’s jawline, calling out attention to you. 
“I don’t want you to stop.” You whispered out, a simple phrase that was enough for Namjoon to crash into you.
This was nothing like a passionate make out scene in a romantic movie, no this was pure lust and desire. The kiss was filled with need, filled with a long time of teasing without result until now.
The hand on your hip moved down, slipping under your dress giving you a whole new feeling of need.
Namjoon pushed you (if possible) more against the bookshelf, his body pressed against yours as his hand trailed towards your ass, giving it a tight squeeze that let to a moan.
Taking the opportunity Namjoon slipped in his tongue, smirking at how fast he got dominance over you.
One of your hands began to rub up and down Namjoon’s chest until you dared your hand to travel even lower until you felt the bulge in Namjoon’s pants.
You didn’t know when you told yourself this, but without a second passing by you gave his member a slight squeeze, enough to make Namjoon groan.
Moving away Namjoon looked at you, how your mouth turned into a smirk and how much that simple act turned him on, he just cannot get enough of you.

“Don’t get to cocky, baby girl.” The new nickname riled you up inside and Namjoon could see it in your eyes.
“I still want to make you feel good, baby girl. ” You couldn’t help but let out a moan, the second one but surely not the last one.
Placing his lips back on yours again, both his hands gave a tug at your thighs.
Getting the hint you jumped, letting Namjoon pull you up and your legs cross at the back.
You both groaned in union at the short lived friction.
Letting the both of you fall on the bed, Namjoon made sure you weren’t being crushed by his weight.
The slightest taste of care mixed into the pot of desire made your heart yearn more from him.

“Namjoon!” You yelled as you could hear ripping sound of your blouse.Looking down you could see some loose buttons and you glared at the man who didn’t seem to care to have ruined your blouse.
“Baby girl, if I were you I’d be worrying of something else.” Your confusion was swept up as the trademark smirk disappeared into million kisses down your neck, placing galaxies before making them glisten with his tongue.
Namjoon kissed until his lips hit your black bra, groaning Namjoon took both of the sides and with a snap your bra came loose, another yell came from above him, the anger in your voice doing nothing more than making him more lustful.
“Namjoon you’re destroying my things!” You could the vibration of Namjoon’s laugh as he looked at you "Baby girl, that’s not the only thing I’ll be destroying tonight.“ Your face flared up as you understood the hint, you were out of words but that would be made up with the feeling of roughed hands massaging your breasts, one of them being treated with a mouth that made you moan.
Moan after moan, that was all Namjoon need to keep going, his fuel, his fuel that became reality instead of dream.

Moving away from your breasts Namjoon began to trail down, his hands taking the zipper of your skirt as this time he was more careful unclothing you.
"Damn you’re fucking wet, baby girl.” Namjoon noted as he could see a darkened spot in your underwear, you on the other hand didn’t say anything.
“You must have been thinking about me all day,” You bit your lip as you could feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Namjoon chuckled as he pushed your underwear off you.
Your legs wanted to close when you could feel a breeze against your sex, but it was hard with the boy who left you all bothered day and night between them.
Giving you a wink, Namjoon lay his tongue left against your bare sex, licking up and watching how your head fell back and let out the most angelic moan due to his his sinful mouth.
Your head was spinning as you could feel Namjoon slip his tongue in and out of you, moans spilled out of your mouth as you tried to look at Namjoon.
But that attempt failed miserably as you felt two fingers slip into you, making you scream in bliss.
Your back arched as your head fell on your bed, the room was filled with sins and you were happy no one was around to hear it accept for the two of you.

Your hands shot up into Namjoon’s hair gripping it tightly as you could feel a third finger entering you and his skilled tongue abusing your clit.
You were moaning his name in delight over and over again, the sound of you making Namjoon moan as well, the vibrations he caused only adding up to the tightening in your core. “Namjoon…” You managed to choke out.
“Namjoon I am about too…” But he didn’t answer, instead Namjoon reacted and picked up his pace.The fast pace of Namjoon making your knot tighter and tighter, your breath higher and higher until you could feel all your senses shooting up along with your high.
Vision blurred with white, Namjoon keeping up his ministrations until you had come down from those clouds.
Breathing heavily you could feel your body tiring out even though all you did was lay there screaming.
You could feel the bed shift and before you knew it you where flipped, your stomach against the bed before being pulled away along with your ass.
With the power you still had left in you, you lifted yourself up by your elbows, looking over your shoulder and seeing a smug looking Namjoon.

“Namjoon?” You asked.

“Round two, baby girl.”

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Oh lords, I have three more to go and then I can tell my sins to father Yoongi.
HAHA. Save me. What did I start.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks show off screen resolution and retail packaging
As you see above, there are three options for screen resolution: HD+ (1480 x 720), FHD+ (2220 x 1080), and QHD+ (2960 x 1440). The default resolution is QHD+. People might want to change their resolution to fit more on their screen, especially now that it’s so massive, although the option to change resolution isn’t new on Galaxy phones. Read more
Cheer Up Post #2960 - Abandoned Prisons Edition

toms-balloonicorn would like to see creepy abandoned prisons. Here you go!

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Shower all your love on your friend but do not shower all your trust on him.
—  Amirul Mo’minin Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع) Mizan al-Hikmah h. 2960
DAY 2960

Jalsa, Mumbai                   May 8/9,  2016                Sun/Mon  1:56 am

Ride a plane in the morning

Soft and gentle be the landing 

“Bachchan” they scream “Bachchan Bachchan”

The FanClub Kolkata expresses deliberation

Driving down to the jewel opening

Posters staring at corners not withstanding

Kolkata the wonder as always be

Affection of people an honest key

Passion invigorating us galore

There’s never enough just more and more

A lunch a break and back to grind

There’s something new among the find

Riding back through clouds electric 

A turbulent drive, pilot in good nick 

Back home to losses of cricket team

Happens .. a horror dream 

And now to rest the weary bones

Good night all, watch out for drones  !!!

Amitabh Bachchan