295 days

Dinoween: Day 29: Graveyard

Museums are mausoleums of the millions of years dead. Their bones are moved from their original resting place to be resurrected for those who never knew them in life can pay their respects; their tombstones lacking any name but what the undertakers have renamed them as, often only a few letters and numbers.So mourners of these ancient avian monsters, gather with your bouquets of money to fund even more magnificent memorials.

This is also a fanart to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County @nhmla of their dueling dinos! It’s one of the closest big museums to me, my second favorite museum I’ve ever been to, and the one I go to most. Since I was a kid, I’ve done their classes, excursions, and eventually volunteered some in the vertebrate paleontology lab. I take friends and family here as often as I can.

Trump presidency, day 295: President Trump told the press he believes Putin over the US intelligence community, with regards to Russia helping him win. He is largely silent on the matter of Saudi Arabia kidnapping the prime minister of Lebanon, and on his former national security advisor plotting to kidnap a Turkish dissident in Pennsylvania at the behest of his foreign paymasters. Republicans consider canceling an election because new polling data suggests a civil rights hero stands a slim chance of beating a pedophile. 1165 days remain in Trump’s term. *seals envelope and puts into time machine to warn 2014-me*

i could kiss you like the stars, lover boy; i could make you feel again. nerve endings alive like plants after a rain. you will always be mine, if only you could see it.
—  abby, day 295