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Two thousand years ago, Teotihuacán was one of the largest cities in the world, a thriving metropolis not far from what is today Mexico City. But just a few hundred years later, it was completely abandoned, its former citizens long gone, leaving little trace of their culture.  Despite many decades of research, not much is known about the long-lost Teotihuacán society. Who built this magnificent city with its giant pyramids? Why did its people seemingly vanish without a trace?

Secrets of the Dead: Teotihuacán’s Lost Kings, premiering nationally Tuesday, May 24 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings), follows a team of international scientists who believe they have found the answers to these questions and more in newly discovered chambers beneath Teotihuacán, the first Mega City in the Americas.

“I have been working for 34 years in Teotihuacán and am about to uncover the mystery of the City of the Gods,” says Dr. Sergio Gómez Chávez, archeologist. In October 2003, Dr. Chávez, then a junior archeologist, was walking from his quarters to start his work mapping the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, the smallest of three pyramids in Teotihuacán, when colleagues informed him that the rain had carved a crack in front of the temple.

What he discovered next could change what we know about Teotihuacán and possibly explain the origin of an entire civilization. “Every archaeologist dreams of a moment like this,” says Dr. Chávez.

The initial crack in front of the temple ultimately led Chavez through a subterranean tunnel and a path that continued directly underneath the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent which stands at the center of the city. “I came to the conclusion that the tunnel had been sealed to bury something or someone at the end of it – directly under the pyramid — I thought it could be a ruler or a king,” says Dr.Chávez.

Did Dr. Chávez, in fact, find the burial place of some ruler? Or did he find something more intriguing? What do these hidden chambers reveal about Teotihuacán culture and its mysterious people? The answers turn out to be surprising.

The title is a little hokey, I think, but I’m going to check it out!


New Prince of Tennis Valentine Ranking 2016!

1st : Atobe Keigo (8948)
2nd: Ibu Shinji (7995)
3rd: Yukimura Seiichi (7384)
4th: Tokugawa Kazuya (6870)
5th: Inui Sadaharu (5412)
6th: Oshitari Kenya (5131)
7th: Hiyoshi Wakashi (4187)
8th: Tezuka Kunimitsu (3839)
9th: Shiraishi Kuranosuke (3597)
10th: Yanagi Renji (3564)
11th: Fuji Syuusuke (3441)
12th: Kaidou Kaoru (2935)
13th: Kirihara Akaya (2816)
14th: Chinen Hiroshi (2368)
15th: Oishi Syuiichirou (2347)
16th: Kite Eishirou (2282)
17th: Mizuki Hajime (2263)
18th: Kiraku Yasuyuki (2131)
19th: Momoshiro Takeshi (2039)
20th: Shishido Ryo (2038)


DAY 2935

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Apr  13/14,  2016                 Wed/ Thu  1:31 am

Birthday - EF - Prasha Ganesh  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

And our wishes go out to you from the entire Ef for a prosperous day and a day filled with just the happiness that you need .. love from us all ..

And as one settles down after a game of cricket where the team you promote and belong to - the Mumbai Indians - of IPL, wins handsomely, there is a desire to remain in the position for life ! But life was never meant to be stationary or stable .. so you make effort and rise .. rise with the groans of age and allied pains, to mobilise your system .. an immobilised system carries its effects to the rest of the environment, the air around, the company within and without and to what may seem the mind individual ..

But when the visual of love and joy .. of connect and expression .. of expression and want begins to fill the little sketches and the wordings of love and more .. it brings back the energy of a million voices and minds in one .. I am then in one such .. in the millions of the mind that happily invade my system ..

There are images and words and paintings and emoticons and so much more .. how can one ever keep away from them ..

And filling the space with these already conversant with images, fills the heart too .. it is a strange moment .. one could be in the middle of a discussion of a script or a story, yet merely flashing the thought of the love in waiting, brings the eyes to water and the throat to choke with emotion … I may be in the midst of something that needs to be paid attention to on the agenda of the moment, or the meeting .. but when minds travel elsewhere, they fill the cockles of the heart with just that …. love and the emotional bond, which only thrives on feeling ..

One never requires a trigger to set it off .. it is an emotion or a feeling that may have existed for another issue .. but since it was unable to be expressed then it pours now … no connect at all … but it does take place .. for real ..

Time approaches for the schedule that has been left behind in Delhi .. for ‘Pink’ and now as it reappears here in the studios, an approaching apprehension, that incompleteness of performance, whether it shall be done or not will intervene the thoughts each day for the time is not too far off .. one needs the readings and understandings of the moment .. on needs to reconnect with the crew and the cast - the DOP, the spot boys, the assistants .. and most importantly the colleagues … in this case the girls … who have been working in absence, and shall now be together .. 

You begin to miss them and begin to wish to be in the midst of the work left .. it is a common feel .. it is the common feel that strikes you when the project is over .. it’s not the end that matters … the end of shooting and the completion of work .. it is the absence from the next day of those that remained with you for so long, in so long and as so long .. this I shall miss .. this shall be missed .. this shall be longed for in its absence, until .. until the next one starts … and it overtakes all that has been prevailing to the time .. prevailing with the common ness of this , rather than the uncommoness of that .. 

It shall all change sides soon … but it needed to be said so ..

‘Besharam’ completes some years which I am never aware of but Moses is .. and he shall soon be converting his profession to that of a Guinness Book of Records, for his library is absolutely incredible !!

‘Besharam’, was directed and produced by Deven Verma .. a fine colleague a wonderful human and a delightful company .. the mode of our greeting would always be with a standard that we had established ..

“ this floor is made of cement concrete !!!”, as we stamped our feet and sank in the floor pretending that it was giving in .. 

It was a laugh .. a way of his life filled with never a moment of grief or sadness or trial or tribulation .. it was infectious .. it was all embracing and ever fun .. 

It was a quality that one noticed with great rarity .. it percolated about .. 

He was a favourite of Hrishi da and of Yash ji .. they rarely thought of a film without him .. and we would love the great joy of knowing that he was there .. ever ..

And I wonder what the possible reason could be to be putting up these much seen and printed pictures .. !!!!???


Amitabh Bachchan

How big an Elemental Lighthouse is?

Warning: The reconstruction is pretty arbitrary and shitty. 

I put together the different pieces of the lighthouse as well as I could. Leaving an space of one “floor section” (the spaces separated by  horizontal lines) between segmented images (it could be more, and I resized things to make it fit the proportions) it gives us an image of 2935 px. It probably would be taller than that, this is a modest estimation.

The hole on the entrance door is 26 px tall. According to this, the average height of an exterior door is 6'8" or 2.03 mt. So (2935*2.03)/26=229.15 meters (according to google 751 feet 921⁄32 inches I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH MEASUREMENTS.) 

So… it’s about as tall as this thing. 

(the tallest one)

So… Alchemy sure was an advanced thing. Go figure. 

Unknown Past


Steve Rogers/Captain America x Reader

Word Count: 2935

Rated: PG

Preview: As you begin to help fight with the Avengers, you become closer to Steve Rogers (Captain America). As you continue to progress in your relationship you tell him about your past and how you became what you are, only to find out that you have more in common than you thought.

Authors Note: Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know this isn’t my usual type of stuff but I have been really loving the Avengers and Captain America movies. I wanted to test this out and see how people like this kind of stuff so just bare with me and try and read it. If you don’t like it just keep scrolling. If you’re feeling it give it a like, maybe a reblog. If you REALLY like it, let me know and send me a message telling me you enjoyed it. I will take REQUESTS, but you will have to consult my topics list, letting you know what I’m comfortable with and I have to agree to writing your one shot. Enjoy!

You look up to the sky, your eyes following the line of windows on the skyscraper from bottom to top. At the very top of the building sits a large “A”. This is the old Stark building, what is now the Avengers training facility. You step into to the doors and enter the brightly lit lobby. Everything is glass, everything looks expensive. Tony Stark knows what he likes, that’s for sure.
You walk up to the receptionist with complete confidence. You are actually surprised that there is a human receptionist becuase everything else here seems to be run by technology.

“Welcome to the Avengers Tower. What can I do for you?” The kind receptionist as is as she places down her pen and moves the headpiece away from her mouth.

“I’m here to see Tony Stark.” You say, “I have important business to discuss regarding the Avengers.”

“Do you have an appointment?” The receptionist asks as she looks for your name in her tablet.

“No but this is important. There are lives at risk.” You say.

She rolls her eyes but she eventually complies and presses the button to open the large glass doors. You begin to to walk in the direction of the doors. When you enter the elevator it shoots upward immediately, allowing you to watch the buildings disappear beneath you.

You are so mesmerized by the scene in front of you that you barely notice that the elevator has stopped and the door has opened behind you, revealing whats left of the Avengers. Their conversations have stopped and they have all turned to look at you, or the back of you.

It is only when you hear the distinct sound of a man clearing his throat that you feel inclined to turn around. The first thing you see is  a confused face of Tony Stark.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my elevator?” Tony asks as he steps toward you slowly. The rest of the Avengers stand behind him watching you, prepared to fight at any moment.

“I’m (Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You say.

“Yeah that doesn’t help me.” Tony begins, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to help you guys.” You state. Most of the Avengers laugh in disbelief behind you.

“Like we need more help.” Clint Barton says sarcastically behind Tony.

“I’m different help,” You say, “You have an amazing team, you really do. Dr. Banner, both of you are brilliant. Thor, the god. Agent Romanov, the unstoppable agent. Hawkeyes, an amazing shot. Tony Stark, a mastermind. Captain America, the super soldier. You are unstoppable, but you need me. I have abilities that even Tony Stark couldn’t conjure.”

“What are you?” Natalie asks.

“I am an earth angel.” You say. All of the Avengers laugh at your confession and you immediately feel embarrassed.

“Hold on guys,” Steve Rogers says as you look up to him with hope for what he says next. “What can you do?”

“I can fly, I have invisibility, I have the power to control minds and dreams, I can heal humans, and if the person is worthy I can resurrect.” You say. You are proud of your abilities, even if some people don’t believe it.

“I don’t believe you.” Stark says ironically.  

“Just wait.” You say and within seconds two large wings appear on your back. They slowly drift back and forth behind you. You love this part. You love to look at peoples reactions after you reveal yourself.

“Wow.” Steve whispers.

“Yeah.” Stark agrees. They are both unable to take their eyes off of you.

“Can you fight?” Thor asks. He stays unchanged.

“She doesn’t have to-” Steve begins before he is cut off by Thor once again.

“Can you fight?” Thor persists.

“Yeah, yeah I can fight.” You reply, “Do you have somewhere I can show you?”

“Do I have somewhere I can show you?” Stark laughs sarcastically. He then motions for you to follow him down the hall. The room opens up to yet another glass-walled area. “Do you need to change?” Stark asks.

“Do I need to change?” You retort while laughing.

“I see, I see.” Stark says, “Well, show us what you got.”

“Okay so who am I fighting?” You ask and before anyone answers, lines of robots emerge from the walls. “Oh I got it!” You say. You then kick and flip in every which way until about thirty seconds later you had dismantled about fifty of Stark’s robots, hundreds of pieces strewn about he floor.

“Yeah, yeah she can fight.” Steve whispers to the rest of the Avengers behind you. You smile before you turn around and meet his eyes. You blush uncontrollably. You turn around once again and fix your hair before Steve says, “How do we know you aren’t the enemy.”

“I wouldn’t have revealed myself to you.” You admit and by the look in their eyes you can tell that wasn’t enough, “Anti-angels cannot have purely white wings. They usually have black wings.” Your wings then reappear behind you, “Take a look, not a spot.”

They step forward and take a real look at your wings. The light glistens off of them perfectly. “I trust her.” Steve states.

“Of course you trust her.” Thor teases, “She is a pretty girl. You will jump at any shot of a pretty girl, especially one who has en eye for you.” At this point you avoid any eye contact with Steve and watch as the rest of the Avengers leave the room. They are mumbling something about plans. 

“So…” Steve says, his eyes lingering on you.

“So…” You say awkwardly as you slide down one of the glass walls.

“How did you, you know, turn out this way?” Steve says and you laugh, “I’m sorry I didn’t know how to phrase it.”

“That’s okay, it’s a long story,” You say, you begin to turn away when Steve places his hand on your knee quickly, grabbing your attention.

“I want to know.” Steve states.

“There are many types of angels, but there are two common ones; earth angels and regular angels.” You begin, “Regular angels are just people who died and now they look after their loved ones. There are only so many earth angels and they are all connected to a certain area, I guess you could say. Earth angels were once people, they die for a good cause and they are sent back in human form for the good of human kind.”

“So what did you do?” Steve asks.

“I had this uncontrollable passion to fight in the second World War, kind of like you.” You say. You look at Steve and he is smiling, immediately intrigued by your story. “I had to settle for being a nurse because they wouldn’t let me fight.” You laugh, remembering the fights you had had with the men in charge. “I enjoyed nursing. I was stationed in one of the field hospitals in Germany. My job was to heal the soldiers. Really I was supposed to give the men who didn’t have a chance at making it out, a nice place to go. While I was there I would talk to the men. They would tell me secrets. At one point I had so many secrets that I was able to put together one of the secret Nazi camps. I don’t even remember how I did it, but I was able to convince the generals to allow me to stage a mission. I did however have to dress like a guy.”

“Really?” Steve smiles, “I don’t see it.”

“Yeah well it worked. I found the camp and saved the prisoners. From finding that camp, the generals were able to find about seven other camps. They were able to save about 7,000 prisoners. I only lost about 50 of my 800 men. Unfortunately, I was one of the 50.” 

“Oh.” Is all that Steve says.

“Yeah well I loved the 1940s. The music, the jazz. I miss jazz. I’ve been around for a long time and there was nothing like the 1940s.” You say. You lean your head back against the wall. “I loved to dance.” You admit. You close your eyes and you can practically hear the jazz music. “I just never had the proper partner.” You look at Steve, he is staring right into your eyes.

“Neither did I.” Steve says, “To be honest I was never very good at it though.” Steve laughs.

“I’m sure you were a good dancer.” You say as you lean into his side.

“No, no I really wasn’t.” He says, “A pretty girl could have gotten me onto the dance floor though.” He says, his eyes glancing towards the floor. “So, what are you the guardian of?”

“I am the guardian of Peace at War.” You say, “I watched you in war. Over the past few years I have been watching you as you took out Loki and S.H.I.E.L.D. You are the super-soldier. Specifically, I am your guardian.”

“Oh yeah?” Steve asks, “And how are you my guardian?”

“I do more than you could ever imagine.” You say as you begin to step up. “Keep up Captain America, they’re waiting.” You walk towards the rest of the avengers sitting at the bar, leaving Steve behind in the other room.

“Can I get you anything?” Natalie says while pouring herself some kind of red martini.

“Whiskey would be great.” You sigh.

“So, Cap huh?” Natalie says as she pours your whiskey into a glass.

“Yeah I guess so.” You say as you take a sip. You play the glass down. “He is a man of my own kind.”

“You fit well together.” Natalie says.

“You guys.” Stark beckons, “We have a problem.”

Everyone crowds around Tony as he displays a video of Ultron destroying a city. “Alright here is the plan.” Cap says as he enters the room, “Thor, you and I are going to try to contain Ultron. Stark, you have to take to the sky and take out the aircrafts. Banner, I need you to go green and fight off the Ultron’s robots on land. Romanov and Barton, I need you to help him. (Y/N), you need to guide the people out of the city or into a safe place. Just keep them safe at all costs.”

The fly out was quiet. Everyone was mentally preparing for the battle ahead. When you land you all de your own jobs. Every now and then you catch a glimpse of Steve, or Captain America. You have to admit, he looks pretty hot while fighting. You are awakened out of your daydream but the shrill scream of a civilian. You have already filled the lifeboats with people and everyone except for Cap is on the boat. 

“You are going to be okay.” You say to the woman. She has a large piece of glass wedged into her ribcage. You swiftly pull out the glass and place your hands over the wound. You earn a groan of pain form the woman, but you know she will be fine. In-between your fingers begin glow a white color as well as your eyes and within seconds you lift your hands up and the wound is gone, no scar, no sign of damage.

“Where is Cap?” You ask Hawkeye.

“He will be here, have some faith.” He says, while leaning back and taking a breathe. 

The lifeboats begin to separate from the land and you begin to worry. Only seconds later you see Cap running form the other side. He jumps onto the life boat and takes a look around before securing the boat. He sees you and gives a kind and relieved smile. He walks over and slumps into a seat next to you. 

“Long day huh?” You ask.

“You have no idea.” Cap sighs. You place your hand on his cheek and wipe away some of the smeared blood. “So, can I call you an Avenger now?” He asks.

“No, I’m not an Avenger.” You say. “This isn’t my fight, this is your fight. I’m just here to help.”

“Well you’re welcome any time.” Cap says, “You really helped us today. We couldn’t have saved as many people as we did without you.”

“Mhmm.” You hum as you continue wipe away the ash and dirt off of his face. His eyes pour into yours in a loving way. The blue color is enhanced by the remnants of smudged dirt that still lies on his face. You then lean in for a sweet kiss. It is gentle and loving and just what you needed after a long day. You can’t imagine what he is feeling right now. Pure relief. A

Absolute pure relief.