The Other Woman (Part 6)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel

Word Count: 2927

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: Little did I know I wrote close to 7k words for this chapter, wew amazing. It was too long so I decided to cut it here where I thought was best.  I more or less consider this chapter a filler before more angst commence. Thank you for waiting and the constant encouraging messages. Lots of love <3 


You had spent your next morning in bed, aimlessly scrolling through your phone before placing it back down on the pillow. You rolled onto your side and stared at the other side of the bed; his side of the bed.

You pulled the duvet over your nose and snuggled in, closed your eyes as it caressed your cheeks. It still smelled of him, his body soap and his shampoo.

It was a peaceful kind of day. The house was usually quiet in the mornings with only bird songs welcoming a new day with its sweet melodious chorus of seemingly repeated notes. You were thankful that you could stay in bed and waste away. And also have nobody come in and catch you in this embarrassing act.

A small chuckle from the door broke your brooding. You let out a surprised squeak and jolted up, turning your head to face whomever was sneaking up on you now. Much to your surprise and confusion, you were met with a fiery head and red lips. You leapt up of the bed in a hurry and nearly tackled the woman who laughed.

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victoria’s secret

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WARNING: 2927 WORTH OF CRACK and also how many times Jeon Jeongguk can fuck up while saying “Victoria’s Secret”

Contains foul language and mentions of sex

this is part 2 of my birthday celebration!!! this one is specially dedicated to my favourite jjk thigh enthusiast, @97gguks, ily bby ❤️ i was inspired by all the trash we talk about, it’s our quality conversations that keep me going tbh :’) 

Summary: In which you teach Jeon Jeongguk a little lesson. Jeongguk is looking for a summer job, and you’ve offered to help him look for one, but when his cockiness and smug confidence pisses you off, you decide to take revenge. And revenge is as sweet as the body mist from Victoria’s Secret. 

“9-5 office hours, admin work. $10 an hour. Includes filing and organizing paperwork.” 

“Overqualified,” Jeongguk indulges in a lazy stretch with his arms above his head, causing his white t-shirt to teasingly stray just shy of his happy trail. Taking a deep breath in an effort to regain patience and self-control, you skim down the list of classified ads once more. 

“Stock manager for a grocery store, $8 an hour-“ Jeongguk sits up immediately, eyes blazing in indignance.

“Such a handsome face like this, stuck in the backroom all day? _________, you’ve got to be kidding me. Someone with my looks was born to be in the frontline, babe.” The way he preens as he checks his reflection in his phone screen and runs a careless hand through his hair only to have every strand of it fall back into place perfectly should irk you, but the casual way in which he drops that endearment has you a little flustered.

Hoping to hide your flushed cheeks, you flip the paper over with a huff instead, fully intending on giving up on helping Jeon Jeongguk in his search for a summer job. He’s obviously way too self absorbed for this, although he tells you that he really does need that extra money for that upcoming Big Bang concert next month. He’d evaporate before he’d miss a chance to see G Dragon live and rapping before his very eyes.

“What did you have in mind when you said a summer job? Sitting on your lazy ass and getting paid to do nothing?” You can’t keep the exasperation out of your voice. 

“Sitting on this very perky ass and getting paid,” Jeongguk amends with a cocky smirk. You roll your eyes at him and continue flipping through the section of the paper, if not to take your mind off a very perky ass sitting only a few spaces away from you.

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DAY 2927

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Apr  5,  2016               Tue  11:17 pm

Birthday - EF - Judith Magdalena Konopka

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

happy birthday Magdalena and may you enjoy all the fruits of life .. may the happiness that you give others come back to you in many fold greetings on this special day .. love Ef

Many wonder on my social media capability. It is questioned that my finding time and energy for its execution to the level that I do, is far too cumbersome to be conducting it personally each night. Some marvel at it, others express circumspection and many others have convinced themselves that it obviously is not my doing, but that of an entire digital team that operates mostly independently, and on some pertinent matters on a cue or guidance from me …

There are believables in life ; there are speculators ; there are insinuators ; there are the cynicalists ; and there are the outright disbelievers, convinced and definite in their opinions about all that possibly exists on the planet ..

I honour all. They that say ‘aye’ and they the ‘nay’ have their individual reasons and intentions of being so. They can and should never be grudged. We cannot decipher the cause and the reasons on their behalf. Their arguments for the reason of their temperament shall always and should be accepted and honoured. Without dissent, there can only be an advent of superfluous positive praise - which is not he way our lives shall function or ever prosper !

Abuse disagreement harsh expression, have never been welcomed. Too much of the antonym shall have equal repercussion and reaction. The state of mind is what determines the attitude. I could be in the middle of the most ungrateful circumstance, when I am made to come across a perceived evil. The reaction to the evil or the perceived evil takes on a harsh reaction ! Fine. But what needs to be understood is whether the harshness came from the perceived evil, or an ungrateful circumstance !

A comment or remark witnessed in circumstances that have not been too kind or generous, has the capacity to tickle the very edges of all that is wrong and evil in the world. Quite unknowingly. And similar is the case of its opposite.

The entire world community cannot always be right nor always wrong. As long as one is enjoying the better element, live in its presence and count the blessings. Never forget to understand that the evil is just around the corner, and does have the will and power to rock the apple cart. It is not to say that what is disturbing shall obviously follow what is not disturbing .. the laws of nature not being challenged here … but it is of reckoning.

One has to conduct themselves in a manner that bridges both levels with equal respect. Then and only then shall we never be too jubilant for our rights and too depressed for our wrongs .. !!! 

The balance of life that envelops all is what needs consideration. Difficult to state but immensely hard to practice. Good and evil shall virtually co exist for normalcy to prevail. That is how nature and the powers of our construct designed for us .. what affects us most is what we need to understand and comply with .. in that shall be the possible ‘nirvana’ that each being seeks - consciously or unconsciously !

Our existence or our lives shall never be the best always or the worst always. That space required to breathe the fresh air, or in today’s jargon to wake up and smell the coffee, is our determine. It is our inevitable. It is ours .. for life !

Early century battles fought between two different regions races or classes and borders were fierce and brutal. But, there are stories of how the vanquished went away withdrawn and lost, only to be commemorated by the victors in putting up an emblem of their valour. An architectural edifice of victory gained is common. What is noteworthy is a structure of valour, put up by the victor in remembrance and acknowledgement of the vanquished. Rare but in example in history !!

Be in victory .. be in vanquished .. be in acceptance of both ..


Amitabh Bachchan