alex danvers, not only finds out that her girlfriend has cheated in the past but has a tendency not to lie but withold truths, and not only, calls her out on it gently, but tells her they’re there to move past it, and lets maggie talk to said ex to try and patch things up with no fear that she’s going to leave her for emily or cheat on her or anything

name a more healthier couple than sanvers

i’ll wait


Youngjae and Jaebum turned into bunnies 👀🐰


80s kisses (part 2)

Die Michaelskirche is an early-Romanesque church in Hildesheim, Niedersachsen, Northern Germany. It’s Lutheran today, and is considered one of the most important churches of the early Christian period. It was completed in the late 1100’s. Its painted wooden ceiling from around 1230 shows the genealogy of Christ. When the town became Protestant in 1542, the church became Lutheran as well, but a Benedictine monastery operated here until 1803. The church was heavily damaged in an air raid during WW2; reconstruction begun in 1950 and was completed 7 years later. Along with the local Cathedral with its collection of medieval treasures and its 1000-year-old rosebush, St. Michael’s is a UNESCO World Heritage site.