Как я задолбалась уже болеть
Только два дня полноценно
Но невозможно спать
Голова тяжелая
Нос не дышит, не чувствует , вечно забит
Вкуса нету
Кашель дерет горло


Ti ricorderò così, nel pieno del tuo splendore.

Happy Birthday **

When my fourth book came out, which was called City of Fallen Angels, we were having our marketing meeting [at the publisher]. And they were saying they were concerned about dwindling print sales for all books. And I said, “Let’s something experimental—put something in the books you can’t get in ebooks. In the back of the book we’ll affix a letter written by one of the characters to another character. It’ll look like a letter, with a little wax seal, a thing fans will want to collect. And as an analogue object you can hold in your hand, it’s something you can’t pull out of a Kindle.

We tried it [at Barnes & Noble]. It was hugely successful. They had to reorder. Eventually they ran out of them… I was just at the board of directors meeting for Barnes & Noble (BKS) as a speaker. The CEO said to me, “You know, that thing you guys did for City of Fallen Angels was a brilliant piece of strategy. It was so successful for us that we’ve now gone and asked dozens of other authors to do the same thing. We call it City of Fallen Angels treatment.”


Cassandra Clare

It was a great idea ;)

tracgyrl replied to your post: Hey Cat, do you know what’s the song that was played during Magnus’s party? I thought it was 17 crimes by AFI but it sounds so different because I have the song on my iPhone, and now I am confused? Also, where is your interview with Cassie? :)

Just FYI for your anon, I was told on a AFI message board that the song at Magnus’ party is an unreleased AFI song “The Embrace.” Hope that helps.

Cool! Thank you :)