Here’s how a gay student body president at Texas A&M is taking on the US energy secretary, Rick Perry

  • A student body president at Texas A&M is fighting back against U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.
  • The former governor of Texas waded into student politics at his alma mater, Texas A&M University on March 22 with an op-ed published in the Houston Chronicle. In it, Perry argued that the election of gay junior economics major Bobby Brooks, who didn’t win the popular vote for student body president, made “a mockery of due process and transparency.”
  • A cabinet-level Trump administration official’s involvement in a local student political matter drew a national spotlight to the race. Read more. (3/29/2017 1:08 PM)


The beginning of integration in calculus. Determined to stay on top even though it’s a massive topic! Using my math printable to summarise the different sections ☺️

Convo inspired by this post.

[08:24:12] @gallusrostromegalus: gigglesnort
[08:24:32] @gallusrostromegalus: I can kind of see han and chewie being on Hondo’s crew for a while tho?

[08:24:46] @jhaernyl: Until they double cross him?
[08:24:48] @jhaernyl​: Han being Han

[08:25:25] @gallusrostromegalus: look, everyone involved double, triple and quintuple crossed eachother.
[08:25:39] @gallusrostromegalus: except for chewie who was not present to restore order

[08:26:41] @jhaernyl​: ‘So I’m doublecrossing Hondo for his vice, but I’m also doublecrossing the vice to Hondo or is that a triple cross? And then there’s the fact that I’m doublecrossing both of them, or is triple-crossing the vice and quadruple-crossing Hondo?, to the guy who is going to get me out of here.’
[08:26:53] @jhaernyl​: Maybe that’s why Hondo is on Tattooine and Han is nowhere in sight.
[08:27:02] @jhaernyl​: Hondo came to see if Han was hanging around and Han ghosted.

[08:28:42] @gallusrostromegalus: Obi-wan walks in to han and hondo trying to murder eachother with broken bottles while chewie tried to hold them apart and is about to tell luke they’re in the wrong bar when chewie yells something to the effect of 'YOU OWE ME JEDI"

[08:28:54] @jhaernyl​: Ha
[08:29:01] @jhaernyl​: And then Hondo turns because 'Jedi? What Jedi?’
[08:29:03] @jhaernyl​: And 'KENOBI!’

[08:29:29] @gallusrostromegalus: obi-wan fffffffffffffffFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK  hi chewie how u?

[08:29:55] @jhaernyl​: Hondo preventing Obi-Wan from dying on the Death Star
[08:30:14 | Edited 08:30:39] @jhaernyl​: Because 'You haven’t paid me yet. Bad for business Kenobi, if my clients think they can get out of a debt by dying at the hands of the Empire.’

[08:30:35] @gallusrostromegalus : so that he may give it an outrageous paint job and go joyriding in it?
[08:30:41] @gallusrostromegalus : PFFFT

[08:30:51] @jhaernyl​: Vader: Hondo? YOU TOOK UP WITH HONDO ?

[08:31:11] @gallusrostromegalus: i think obi-wan will let him have a personal party moon if he de-comissions the lazer.

[08:32:15 | Edited 08:33:25] @jhaernyl​: Luke and Hondo tug Obi-Wan in the Falcon before he can finish that.
[08:32:29] @jhaernyl​: Because of course Hondo leveraged Han’s owing him to get the Falcon in on the action.
[08:32:42] @jhaernyl​: 'This will pay off your debt. Well. Most of your debt. Let’s say a part.’
[08:33:34] @jhaernyl​ : Leia all 'Oh General Kenobi, good. Finally someone with some sense.“
[08:33:40] @jhaernyl​ : Obi-Wan looks at her bemusedly. No one has accused him to have any sense in him for decades.

[08:33:48] @gallusrostromegalus: no leia. no.
[08:34:06] @gallusrostromegalus: obi-wan hasn’t had sense since puberty

[08:34:27] @jhaernyl​: She grew up with Bail’s stories about General Kenobi and Bail tended to skip over the more 'death defying stunts’ parts of it.
[08:34:32] @jhaernyl​: Because he didn’t want Leia to get ideas.
[08:34:48] @jhaernyl​: Also unsaid, the 'the man won’t say he’s hurt no matter if he’s dying in your arms’ parts.
[08:35:12] @jhaernyl​: Hondo is somewhere going 'Oh yes, sense. That’s definitely something Kenobi has in spades.’
[08:35:24] @jhaernyl​: Which cues Han in on the fact that Obi-Wan has no sense at all.
[08:35:32] @jhaernyl​: Not that Luke or Leia believe Han.

[08:36:03] @gallusrostromegalus: (it’s 2:30 am and i should go to bed but YES)

[08:36:10 | Edited 08:38:44] @jhaernyl​: Leia simply cannot believe that such a devastatingly effective general could ever be anything less than fully knowing what he’s doing and absolutely practical, so it’s of course all just a tactic.
[08:36:16] @jhaernyl​: Kenobi is misdirecting.
[08:36:18] @jhaernyl​: It’s genius.
[08:36:25] @jhaernyl​: Leia has found a new role model.
[08:36:42] @jhaernyl​: Luke just thinks Ben is his beloved Master and there is no getting through to him.
[08:36:47] @jhaernyl​: Of course Ben knows what he’s doing.
[08:36:52] @jhaernyl​: Look how he and Leia are getting on!
[08:37:12] @jhaernyl​: 'That is not what I’d call praise, kid.’


07/100 days of productivity 

I’ve had a collection of pins sitting around my room for ages, and I finally decided the best place for them would be decorating my cute new backpack!! It doesn’t hold all my supplies (I didn’t count on carrying multiple massive textbooks at a time) but I love it nonetheless.

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Why Batman and Wonder Woman are the Perfect DC Power Couple
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had plenty of flaws, but the movie had a very big silver [...]

1. They Already Have ‘In Canon’ History

DC first teased the idea of a Batman and Wonder Woman relationship during Joe Kelly’s run on JLA. After sharing a kiss in ancient Atlantis, Batman and Wonder Woman briefly considered dating. However, Wonder Woman decided against it after realizing that the relationship could either go really well or really poorly. Ultimately, Wonder Woman and Batman chose not to risk their friendship over a relationship that wasn’t a “sure thing.”

Most “WonderBats” fans fully got behind the 'ship because of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons, which teased a Wonder Woman and Batman romance for years. In addition to the occasional flirtatious banter, the lingering glances, and the occasional unexpected kiss, the Justice League cartoons showed exactly why the characters worked well together. Wonder Woman wasn’t intimidated by Batman’s stony demeanor and Batman trusted Wonder Woman enough to let her see his flirtatious and playful side.

While there was plenty of mutual flirting between the pair, fans got to see exactly how much Batman cared for Wonder Woman in the episode “This Little Piggy”. After the sorceress Circe transformed Wonder Woman into a pig, Batman agreed to exchange “something precious” in order to get her back. That “something” turned out to be a soul-baring performance of “Am I Blue” in front of a crowd of dozens of people. Batman was willing to put aside the persona and mystique he had built around himself and show his “true self” in order to save Wonder Woman, a fitting analogy for his relationship with Diana.

3. Their Relationship Works

Batman and Wonder Woman are kindred spirits, but they each approach the world in wildly different ways. Batman uses intimidation and fear to advance his goals, even around his friends and allies. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman relies on kindness first and turns to violence as a last resort. But those attitudes are actually weirdly complimentary to one another.

Wonder Woman possesses an infinite patience that’s perfect for dealing with Batman’s intimidating airs and cold attitude. No amount of pushing or angst would drive Wonder Woman away, as long as Wonder Woman wanted to be to be with him. Let’s face it: Batman is a longterm project, and Wonder Woman might be the only person with the patience to see it to the end.

All those layers to Batman present something intriguing in Wonder Woman, too. There’s a mystery to Batman that tends to draw women in, but they’ve all been turned away by his incessant drive and…well, the fact that he’s so, so broken inside. Wonder Woman might be the one person in the world who can see the good in Batman, while not getting turned away from the accepting the bad.

As for Batman, his relationships tend to collapse due to a lack of trust. He’s either unwilling to bring his romantic partner fully into his world or he can’t bring himself to trust completely. Wonder Woman presents the perfect solution to both issues. Wonder Woman instantly fits inside his crazy weird world of crime fighting. Even if their relationship were to go public, there’s not a lunatic in Arkham who could really threaten Wonder Woman, not even on their worst, most deviant day. And she’s perhaps the most genuine person in the world, armed with a lasso of truth that makes lying to her impossible. If there is one person in the world who Batman can trust, it’s Wonder Woman.


Azt gondolod, hogy ez is Rólad szólhat,
Hogy érted koptatom számat számtalan szóval?
Hát. Szóval. Izé. Talán
Poszter van rólad a szívem falán.
És talán tényleg úgy érzem mintha
Lehetnénk úgy, mint a Papír meg a Tinta.

De ha néha léha szívem belefárad,
Hogy nap mint nap csak rólad árad,
Akkor megáll, megpihen, s megy tovább
Eléd, feléd, hozzád.

Dum spiro, spero.

/Fejtegető; Juhász Bence/

2016. 08. 29.

anonymous asked:

So you know any non-erotica books that are polyamory (is that how you spell it? I'm new to the working hah) and it's okay if you don't! I tried looking and all I saw was erotica. Thank you!!

The lovely @shiraglassman‘s got you covered! https://lgbtqreads.com/2016/08/29/guest-post-recommendations-for-polyamory-in-fiction-by-shira-glassman/

You can also find a few in YA with 3 by Hannah Moskowitz, This Song is (Not) For You by Laura Nowlin, and the Adaptation/Inheritance duology by Malinda Lo.

Csak voltál

Csak voltál számomra,
Bár még emlékszem a számodra.
Olyan gyerekes lenne kitörölni,
Vagy régi képeknek ne örülni.
Bele lehet-e ebbe őrülni?


Hisz csak voltál számomra, mint egy…
Nem is tudom, Buszjegy.
Bár őszintén bliccelni félek
Így, hogy nélküled élek.

De muszáj.

Csak voltál számomra, de maradtál uszály
Emlékeknek kék tengerén. A száj,
A szem, a tekintet, az azért megmaradt.
Te csak voltál, de itt van belőled még egy darab.


/Fejtegető; Juhász Bence/
2016. 08. 29.