I’m getting much more serious about birth preparations now that I’m in my third trimester and feeling regular Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve been doing daily prenatal yoga, squats, and reminding myself to take a few minutes each day to do pelvic floor exercises. In a couple of weeks I’ll start drinking red raspberry leaf tea to tone my uterus, and I’ll also begin adding some date fruits to my diet as I’ve heard they’re supposed to contribute to better labour outcomes – couldn’t hurt to try!

I feel so relieved that the end of winter is in sight. It has been the coldest July/August in twenty years in Melbourne and I’ve been going a bit stir crazy with all the indoor activities the cold weather necessitates. It’s tedious enough having to layer up for the cold weather, but when you have a great big belly to contend with it’s even trickier. I’m waiting patiently for the first sign of magnolias blooming. It will be a sweet little reminder of the beginning of spring, which will be even more special this year as our son is due to arrive right in the middle of spring. I keep daydreaming about this summer and being able to walk along the beach with my two-month-old snuggled up to my chest. It’s going to be the best.

Other little pregnancy-related updates:

• My midwife doesn’t mind how many people I have in attendance at the birth, so I’m going to have my husband Jon, my mum, and my sister to guide me through the experience.

• Our birth classes begin this week. The classes are held once a week for four weeks and apparently cover things like dealing with labour pain; breastfeeding; caring for a newborn; and a tour of the birthing suites.

• Relatively symptom-free at the moment. My main problem seems to be the difficulty I now have lifting myself up or rolling myself over. It will be nice to have the use of my abdominal muscles again one day.

• We’ve got just about every single baby item we need now. Mum has been a huge help with all the sewing and knitting she’s been doing, and now that I’ve figured out how a cloth nappy system works I feel much better prepared. Jon’s drawn up a design for our co-sleeper and now we just need to get the wood and construct the thing with the help of my dad.

Just a few more days and I’ll be 30 weeks into my pregnancy :-)

Being pregnant is crazy.

So Audey decided to not cook the steaks right away when he got home, and he won’t let me cook them, because he wanted to set up the new BBQ first. Well if anyone’s ever built a BBQ it doesn’t take 20 minutes. It takes like 2 hours. So I waited. And waited. And. Eventually an hour and a half passes and he hasn’t even started the steaks on the old BBQ like he said he would while he built the new one. So almost 2 hours go by and I’ve cooked all the other parts of supper and he’s finishing up the steaks. Mind you it’s 8pm now. Way too late to be eating. Finally I cut into my steak and it’s blue rare. Like the cows fucking still breathing rn. I’m sorry. I’m 7 months pregnant. I can’t have rare steak…. As much as my heart would love a medium rare steak right now, I’m not even supposed to have that. So, I bring him back the steaks to cook some more and I’m starving and I start CRYINNG bc my potatoes are cold, the veggies are cold, and I’m STARVING. So eventually the steaks are done and I eat and it’s all good whatever I’m choking down my cold potatoes trying not to cry anymore, (have you ever tried to swallow while choking back tears? Not easy) and I clean up and start cutting up my leftover steak for Audeys lunch and the plate falls off the counter AND SHATTERS ALL OVER THE FLOOR so now I’m bawling standing in the middle of shattered plate and my mom and Audey are just standing there looking at me like I’m a bomb ticking down. I can’t move and Audey runs up and grabs me and picks me up because I’m barefoot. At this point my world is falling apart and all that happened was I dropped a plate. A fucking plate.
Being pregnant is hard.