How far along? 28/29 weeks. I hate when I miss a week, forgot to take my 28 week picture.

Total weight gain: 16 pounds total.

Maternity clothes? Mainly except a few pjs and tops

Stretch marks? I thought on my underbelly, but those were old ones that I scratched that turned red for a bit.

Sleep: turning over is hard. Night thirst too.

Best moment this week: Got out play pen with bassinet/change pad combo for beside our bed. Figured this way would be more useful in the long run than just having a typical bassinet.

Movement: Tons, and it’s all over, so I have no idea if she’s head down or up or chillin in there like a star fish.

Food cravings: fruits and ice cold drinks

Food aversions: not much, but most nights nothing sounds appetizing still.

Morning sickness/nausea?: sometimes between my 9 am snack at work and 11:30 am lunch I feel nauseous so I pack some saltines just in case. I think it’s more so boredom lol

Have you started to show yet?: I’m normal clothing yes, in my scrubs not really.

Happy or Moody most of the time: easily irritable, and quickly emotional but overall happy and excited.

Starting to have weird dreams, most about the dog, I think I’m worried he’ll feel left out or something idk.
I’m over work. By the end of the work my back is super sore.
Haven’t been on tumblr in a while. Naps are new to me and I always wake up slightly grumpy.

29 weeks pregnant.

Nearly on the last hurdle. Iv just read my 29 week post from when I was pregnant with Hendrix and it’s interesting to see how the two are similar yet very different. I’m not half as uncomfortable as I was with him and I apparently am able to sleep more I think because it’s cooling off not heating up in the uk makes a huge difference to my mood.

Indigestion seems to have eased off a little and I am really not enjoying the effect these iron tablets are having on me. But I don’t have much to grumble about. Bar the headaches I still don’t feel much different. He freaked me out yesterday cause I didn’t feel him move for a very long time. We are talking hours. Monster managed to get him to move by putting his head on my tum and talking to him. I find it ever so interesting that he was able to faintly hear his heartbeat as well. At least he’s not back to back for now. In hindsight I think that is why I was so uncomfortable with Hendrix cause my hips where on fire all the time. I have been experiencing a lot of lightning crotch but that’s to be expected. Along with the ligament pains in my hips. I have noticed I am carrying a lot lower than I did with the other two. Again I expected this. It is my 3rd baby after all. I do my birth plan in a few weeks. That has gone crazy fast. I know I have to do it sooner cause there is a lot more involved with a home birth. But it’s crazy to be at this stage already.


I spoke too soon. Iv had a child lodged into my rip hip bone all day and it is agony. Sort of feels like that dead leg feeling but in my hip. Bad enough that it had me and monster worried. I didn’t have any tightenings to that’s the only thing that stopped me calling anyone. I had a brief nap and he seemed to have moved so that’s something. His little bum is wedged up in my ribs now so I’m awake at 2.40am with terrible indigestion. Could be worse I guess.

29 weeks!

And also my 21st birthday today

Even though I’m pregnant it’s definitely my fave birthday so far I’ve been so so spoiled I feel so lucky that I have so many people around me who care

Mase has been kicking away well wriggling away just NOT keeping still in the slightest but it means he’s all good so I’m grateful for every little movement

My baby shower was yesterday and that was equally as amazing, back to reality tomorrow sadly got to make the dollaaaaa

15th February 2017-29 weeks

Just got home from the endocrinologist. The doctor was super nice , so that was a plus . Finally found out what my blood sugar was from the test on Thursday. They took it while I was there today , but didn’t tell me what the number was. Though , apparently I’m a wonderful bleeder cause they pricked my finger and blood jetted out. XD It surprised the nurse. (My blood pressure is normal so it was just my body being a drama bomb)

They asked me if I wanted to wait until Friday for my class to get my tester and I was like - uhh no? It’s been really hard not knowing where I stand blood sugar wise or the basics of how many carbs am I allotted roughly per meal.

Now I have those answers and I have my tester and all that jazz. I have to test 4times a day and send them my numbers once a week. And I have to make an appointment with them once a month . (Yay more bills !)

also - I’ve lost weight. Which for once in my life I’m not happy about. Though it may just be water weight from cutting back on the carbs . We shall see.

Today I got off the couch funny and pinched my sciatic nerve so. I’ve been hobbling along all day. Still went to the gym for my walking . Gotta keep that up so I can maintain my sugar levels.

Got my baby shower on Saturday and I’m pretty excited

So much is happening so fast ! lol I’m ready for a nap