29 years!!!!!!!!!

Hubby spent 29 years of his life fighting terrorism and still bares the scars but we will win this war….God bless London. PLEASE REBLOG xxxx

Matching ponchos because it sounded like a good idea at the time and I needed something to make me happy

it worked.

one of the many things I super love about Deadpool is that they treat negasonic teenage warhead like a teenager, sure she has awesome as fuck superpowers but she doesn’t have any sort of romantic hints, she isn’t irresponsible with her powers, she has a guardian with her when she does her (awesome) dangerous shit, she is most definitly not treated like a child, but she is also not treated like an adult, she has a responsible guardian with her when necessary who even tries to feed her protein bars, I think that hollywood tends to forget that there is an in between stage, that teenagers do exist and need to be represented as something other than unrealistically mature or unrealistically immature 


Kesha sat down for an in-depth interview about her “devastating” year and returning to her roots – and it was actually super sweet

Before the 29-year-old took the stage, the interviewer asks Kesha how the past couple months have been for her, obviously hinting at her ongoing lawsuit against her former producer. Immediately, she starts choking up, saying how “devastating” it is to have something (her music) taken away from her.

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  • The man elected is not king, he can’t do whatever he wants, he cannot simply decide on a course of action and it take effect immediately. He has to work with the other elected officials and has proven time and again he does not play well with others. 
  • He is not the first disaster in office, just the most recent, we’ve had disasters aplenty in office and survived their idiocy, we will survive this too. 
  • Do not do anything rash, do not let despair over this choice lead you to do something that you will not be able to look back in four years and go “well thank fuck that’s over.” It’s gonna be bad for a while, the people who agree with his beliefs feel justified, for those in states where this sort of bigotry and hatred are already the norm, you should already know what to do. 
  • Don’t go out alone always bring a friend with you if you are concerned about your neighborhood, do carry some form of legal protection to help ease your anxiety. 
  • Do not let panic lead to you make a terrible decision by turning to something illegal, do take this time to breathe in slowly, hold it, let it out, and keep your head. 
  • Think positively! Yes, we’ve only had two impeachments, almost 3 but Tricky Dick resigned before they could, but there are precedents.
  • He thinks like a business man not a politician, he’s going to get shut down more than those people that came up with shitty business plans on that show he had ages ago that was also shitty…
  • You have friends here to talk to if you don’t feel like leaving your home other than for work, we will listen to your fears and not mock you, we will let you vent if some jackass talks out of turn, we will be here for you to find an escape from the possible increase in idiocy especially from certain states where bigotry is already the norm.
  • Do not stew in the possible harsh words or propaganda, you don’t have to put it on your blog, you have Tumblr IM, there’s Skype, there’s Chatzy for crying out loud. Find an outlet with your friends without worrying about anons hitting you up being jackanapes.
  • You are not alone in your panic, there are thousands, probably millions, who are also suffering anxiety but he’s just one man, not the end of the world, just the end of a term of office that was calmer.
  • Any one of your mutuals is here for you to lean on when the freak out becomes too much, and i know each of you has at least one mutual who is more than willing to write any sort of thread you need to lose yourself in your ship, whether it be romantic or just fraternal or utterly ridiculous.

B R E A T H E . the world didn’t end, just some common sense went into a coma, you’re gonna be okay.


Boku Dake ga Inai Machi – Erased – Satoru Fujinuma

I love Satoru’s face. Only a 29 year old man stuck in a 10 year old’s body could make these expressions XD
A majority of these are “I said that out loud!” faces ;u;

*Not mine
*This images are from the anime

Celebrity nude photo leaker sentenced to nine months

  • Edward Majerczyk, the 29-year-old hacker who stole nude videos and photos of celebrities as part of 2014’s the “Fappening,” received a nine-month prison sentence on Tuesday.
  • Majerczyk was charged with “one count of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information” as part of a plea deal.
  • This means he was punished for the act of hacking, not for spreading nude photos of 30 nonconsenting women.
  • At the time Jennifer Lawrence called her leaked photos a sex crime — but it wasn’t sentenced like one. Read more

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Virginia trans woman India Monroe shot to death in December, misgendered in early reports

  • A transgender Virginia resident known to friends as India Monroe was killed on Dec. 21 in Newport News, Virginia. Monroe was misgendered and identified by her birth name in news reports.
  • Initial reports said Monroe, 29, was with 37-year-old Mark Gray and they were both found shot, there was no sign of forced entry into the home. 
  • The Tidewater district medical examiner said the cause of Monroe’s death was multiple gunshot wounds and they ruled the death a homicide. 
  • The Newport News police department said they’re currently investigating Monroe’s death as a domestic incident, not a hate crime. Read more

In May of 2016, the infamous Chessboard Killer, Alexander Pichushkin did a rare behind-bars interview in which he boasted that “about 80 women wrote to me within these years,” adding that in these letters, a number of women profess their love for him. He also admitted that if he were to ever be released from prison, that he would like to “kill a couple of people, just to get rid of the stress, and then I will rape a woman and drink some vodka.”

One of the women who wrote to him was 29-year-old Natalya. Without ever meeting her, he “proposed to her, like a man should do,” to which she readily agreed. Natalya said that she had become infatuated with Pichuskin when she saw him on television and said that she was “proud of him as if he was a Hollywood star.” A Hollywood star he certainly was not – between 1992 and 2006, he snuffed out the lives of 48 to 63 people. The true number of his victims will likely never be known.

However, it has since been uncovered that neither Alexander or Natalya have been receiving letters from one another for the past few years. Both blame prison staff, saying they have been throwing the letters away. During the prison interview, Pichushkin also revealed that he sees his murder victims in his dreams, confessing: “I see them in my dreams. I am surprised that they are alive. I am talking to them in the same was I was talking in real life and then I killed them.” He also added that if he had been free, that he most likely “would not have paid any attention to her but here she is ideal for me.”

It was the 19th of December, 2010, and it was finally the wedding day of 29-year-old Rogerio Damascena and 25-year-old Costa Coelho, from Recife, Brazil. The duo had been dating for three years and it was time to tie the knot. They had planned an extravagant wedding which was held in Camaragibe, Brazil. Over 200 guests attended the event and watched the seemingly happy couple exchange vows and dance the evening away into the early morning hours.

At around 2AM when the party was in full swing, Damascena departed the main hall, whispering to his new wife that he had a surprise for her. When he came back moments later, he kissed his Coelho before retrieving a .38 calibre pistol from his pocket and shooting her in the chest and head, killing her.

After shooting Coelho dead, he turned the gun on the guests. He targeted his best man, Marcelo Guimaraes, and shot him dead before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life. Many later speculated that Damascena, who had an extreme jealous streak, had suspected Coelho of cheating on him with Guimaraes.

I don’t even have the words to encompass what this year has been to me…but i think if i were to sum it up…2016 was like trying to open that one present but having to go through 365 layers of disappointment, betrayal, sadness, sorrow, regret, tragedy, more disappointment, and even more sadness, before finally getting to what it is you really want. Having ended off this year on such a positive note here on tumblr just makes me want to cry with happiness because i know that 2017 has only good things to offer me from this point on. Just this year alone I’ve had the great opportunity to meet so many amazing people on this website, so many amazing people in real life, and i just hope that i will be able to deepen these relationships because there are just so many lovely people in this world, i can’t imagine how my life would be without any of you <3

so without further ado i want to thank all the people who helped to make 2016 just a little more bearable day by day

@jongkeyforlife (<3 you know how i feel about you) @chokaivlicious @quirkibum (and kia too!) @dibidibidismynameisreema @magai-empire @laybaeby @mochikissme @ooomybaek @taeyxing @jonghyun-kun @jonghyunn @jeon-jpg @prettypinkjincess @nekobuns @almightykitten @caprikyung @rottengirlgrotesqueromance @minfreakingyoongi @kibom @jjongsensation @starlees @jjongieness @6-v-6 @happyshawol @angeljonghyun @ofmoondust @a-cafeconleche @touchmekibum @rainbowosha @hold-on-for-me @sataeminism @jinkilling @pokymango @sleepykimjongin @bubblylilnin @darklordkyungsoo @jonginence @fcjongin @theamreekia @menofkpop @choiminoh @intokai @ultrakdramamama @minho-is-brad @itsonewday @flowerkibum @choitaemins @taemincult @orgel-ontae @acelululala @jjongoholic @lollypopp0330 @suhoui-tokki @micarino @minhoandthebabes @minhosbowties @taeprism @tumminho @yysera @nothingbutsoulmatesjongkey 

wow there was a lot of you (and i still feel like i missed so many…like everyone who changed their url ;;)! i really appreciate you all soooo veryyyy muuuch and like i told some of you guys already….I hope that 2017 brings all of you nothing but joy and great memories because that’s all you guys have given to me. I actually wouldn’t take back 2016 for anything. This year opened my eyes to a lot of things and i’m finally able to accept that i only need the best people in my life and those who actually want me in theirs. 

HERE’S TO 2017!!!!!