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Best of Fandometrics: SDCC Edition

Fandometrics launched in January 2015 and celebrates entertainment fandoms every week. SDCC celebrates fandom every July. Looking back at the last 129 weeks of data, we found a metric ton of overlap between what’s on the lists and what’s at the show. We pored over 387 unique TV, Movies, and Celebrities lists to bring you this Best of Fandometrics: SDCC edition.


Supernatural was in its 10th season the year Fandometrics launched. Tumblr had already become a home base for the show’s fans, and boy, are they passionate. SPN fans having a reaction GIF for everything has become a meme in its own right. One of the most popular reblog chains of all time is this thread about Dean in gym shorts.

The show dominates any list it can. It’s been ranked number one in our Year in Review’s Live Action TV list four years in a row and has been on every single weekly TV list since it launched.

The actors of SPN have just as much influence in our Celebs list. Jensen Ackles has appeared on a whopping 128/129 lists. Misha Collins (@mishacollins) has been on 96 and Jared Padalecki on 63.

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Doctor Who

Supernatural may be in the midst of a long run, but it’s no match for the longevity of Doctor Who. The show started in 1963, and has appeared on 104 out of 129 TV lists.

According to Union Metrics, the November 23rd, 2013 episode “The Day of the Doctor” saw some of the highest engagement for a single episode of television. 1 million people shared 5 million posts that day.

Peter Capaldi is the Doctor with the most Celebs list appearances (5/129), but David Tennant comes in a close second (4/129). Jenna Coleman is the only companion to appear on the lists (2/129). Alex Kingston, who portrays the Doctor’s wife, River Song, appeared once on December 28th, 2015, following her storyline in that year’s Christmas episode. The newest Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, has appeared on the Celebs list every single week since her residency was announced: one week. We’re sure she’ll continue batting that high average.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

 MCU films are so prevalent on the Movies list we took a look at them holistically. Captain America: Civil War has appeared the most (45/129). This is followed by Thor (44/129), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (42/129) and Iron Man (35/129). The absolute most talked about movie on Tumblr has been made by Marvel 46 out of 129 weeks.

And the MCU superstars? Chris Evans has appeared on the Celebs list the most—all 129 of them. He’s followed closely by Tom Hiddleston (127/129) and Sebastian Stan (107/129).

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Honorable Mentions

Tumblr TV fandoms are huge. They’re loyal. It’s no surprise that so many other titles that have appeared multiple times over the past 29 months. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Animated series Steven Universe is the only other show to appear on all 129 TV lists.
  • Another long-running series, Once Upon a Time, has appeared 108 times on the TV list.
  • And finally, Sherlock. The last of the famed Superwholock trifecta, made it on 97 TV lists. An impressive number considering their short seasons and long hiatuses.

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We’ve got one more day of SDCC to go. Continue to follow along with the conversation in the #sdcc tag and right here on Fandometrics. Don’t forget about our live coverage over on Tumblr’s Instagram Story and our Snapchat.

anonymous asked:

Could you tell your uneducated followers, such as myself, some more about Ramadan? You're allowed to eat between sunset and sunrise, just not during the day? Are there rules about working during Ramadan if you have a job? Obviously some people can't take time off, but is it preferable to stay home with family? Do some countries, that you know of, recognize it as a holiday and give time off to Muslim citizens? Do you really fast everyday for the whole month!?

Sure. :)

From sunrise and sunset we can’t eat, drink, smoke or have sex. Obviously, if you live in a country with extremely long hours of sunlight it is a little different. 

You are allowed to go about your day as normal as possible. It is advisable to spend time with family and you should be focusing on strengthening your faith. 

Fasting is for those who are abled. 

If you are sick such as having the flu, have a health condition such a diabetes, old age, mental illness, being forced to do it against your will -‘compulsion’, experiencing intense hunger and/or thirst, you are travelling or you would face prosecution or experience fear due to fasting you may be exempt. People don’t fast while they are on their period (well, for good reason since that be incredibly uncomfortable), pregnant/breastfeeding (up to their discretion) and children are not required to fast (Some children do want try it out. I remember as a child I would get in the habit of fasting until midday as practice. Obviously it was not forced on me and I wanted to do it. Of course, parents need to be very watchful of their kids.)  

You can either make up the fasting days or if you have a long-term condition donate to charity. 

It is a festive time. We like to go out for special dinners, prepare special food and do more community activities. But most importantly the month is centred around helping the less fortunate. This is the time of year where we pay our yearly zakkat to the poor. A required amount of donations from your total earnings to someone in need. 

Fasting is suppose to teach patience, steadfastness and remind you of those who go hungry and thirsty. It is about controlling your desires. We do it the whole month- 29 or 30 days depending on the moon. 

Fasting shouldn’t be a distressing experience. For most people, fasting is relatively easy or just mildly uncomfortable. Most people report to feeling better during ramadan as it is good for the digestive system and lots of people actually gain weight surprisingly enough because they tend to have feasts at dinner. We eat two meals know as Suhoor in the morning and Iftaar at night. Water and dates are ‘sunnah’- Optional but a good habit- to have at both times as that is what the Prophet Muhammad (SA) use to do. 

Islam teaches that you must have a good breakfast before sunrise and that you break your fast as soon as it is sunset- it is forbidden to delay breaking your fast. It is not required to starve yourself at all. Healthy, abled people fast without any difficulties. It shouldn’t be at the cost of your health.

You are to prioritise your health and well-being. 

I live in Australia and nothing changes for me. I am not bothered by it because for me my life goes on as normal as fasting is not a difficulty. I went to a religious school for Primary School and High School so we had shorter days during ramadan. 

I am not aware of how it is practiced in Muslim countries. 

Thanks for your ask. Have a great day anon! 

facebook keeps attaching your name to a notification that says
“here’s a person you may know.”
it’s funny how something as mindless as a website
knows to combine a statement of uncertainty
to your name.
it’s funny how the entire planet is telling me you’re gone
and I’m still refusing to accept it.
Getting my Life Together

For a while now, I’ve been really unorganized and frazzled. I’m always forgetting things, leaving my stuff around, and I just don’t feel like I am clear about my life. I think doing this will kickstart me into getting my life together for once. 

As a student at a private school that goes from 8-6, not including extracurriculars, I can’t do anything crazy, but I think these are small steps that’ll help. After all, you eat an elephant one step at a time, right?

Am I ready?

No. Let’s get started.

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1. Go meditate. For 5 minutes, 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter. Just sit in calm peace.

2. No work after 7 today. Seriously. Go knit or read or something.

3. Organize your desk. Decorate it, make it beautiful.

4. Clean your bag. Also, get a gosh darned purse!

5. Throw out expired makeup or skin products.

6. Refill makeup and skin products you threw out.

7. Get everything on your to-do list[s] done.

8. Go for a hike. Then, do some crunches.

9. Go on a cleanse. Don’t eat sugar today.

10. Charge your computer, phone, iPad, Kindle, etc.

11. Get your homework done. All of it.

12. Clean your bedroom. And make your bed.

13. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning.

14. Take a shot of ACV 15 minutes before every meal.

15. Plan out some “Me-Time”.

16. Don’t wear makeup today. 

17. Journal. Be positive.

18. Organize your files.

19. Make a date to visit an old friend.

20. Do something important you don’t want to do.

21. Watch one episode of Netflix without binging on it.

22. Be body positive.

23. Wear something that scares you to wear.

24. Don’t buy ANYTHING.

25. Go to a coffee shop and blog. Or, start a blog.

26. Drink a matcha latte instead of coffee.

27. Make your own cup of coffee. Don’t go to Starbucks.

28. Set goals for next month.

29. Reflect in your journal about this month.

30. Workout. Like, seriously.

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And my bartender Santa gave me an extra dose of Christmas cheer.

(warning: long story)

I’m a regular at a bar. I don’t have family, my room mate was out of town. So I went to the bar.

I was having a good night. Then this mother f*cker showed up.

Now this mother f*cker and I don’t have a lot of history in my mind. I was dating a girl three years ago. She cheated on me. I broke up with her. The whole relationship lasted all of a month. In my mind, that was the end of it. Shit happens, move on.

The person she cheated on me with, was this mother f*cker.

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Louis Tomlinson arrested after 'throwing fan to the floor' during airport brawl
A 1D fan last night told how star Louis Tomlinson “socked” her in the face and hurled her to the ground after brawling with a photographer in an astonishing airport bust-up. The singer, 25, was arr…

A 1D fan last night told how star Louis Tomlinson “socked” her in the face and hurled her to the ground after brawling with a photographer in an astonishing airport bust-up. The singer, 25, was arrested after the fracas in LA with the victim insisting: “He socked me. He’s going to go to jail.”

The Sun On Sunday can exclusively reveal pictures of the 1D star being led away by cops after being arrested following the fracas at Los Angeles Airport. The boyband hunk could be jailed for six months after being accused of wrestling the snapper to the floor, before bundling the girl over and striking her in the face. Afterwards the young woman, sporting a cut over her left eye, said: “Yeah I’m going to press charges.

“The guy socked me. He’s going to go to jail. The guy just grabbed me and threw me to the floor and he socked me and that’s it. ”The drama unfolded on Friday night as Louis and on-off girlfriend Eleanor Calder, 24, flew in from Charlotte, North Carolina.

As they were waiting at at the baggage carousel in matching blue tracksuits, Louis is said to have asked photographer Karl Larssen to put his camera away before lunging at him. Mr Larssen told cops: “He was actually smaller than me, but he got my leg and then I was off balance.“ He lunged for the camera then he lifted up my leg and then he hit me and I hit my own head.”

“I think he came down with me. I was disorientated and I heard everyone screaming.” Raging Louis then reportedly rushed over to a corner of the baggage hall where Eleanor was fighting with the girl fan who had pulled out her mobile phone as the incident erupted. Two other girls were then said to have got involved.

The young woman added: “She pulled my phone, we started fighting.” Louis is accused of tackling her around the waist, knocking her down, then striking her in the left eye. She claimed she was a fan and was just trying to film him on her phone. The drama unfolded on Friday night as Louis and Eleanor flew in from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Video footage of the brawl emerged last night, showing Louis walk toward Mr Larssen shouting: “Oi, oi, oi oi!” As stunned travellers look on, the star grapples with the snapper and tries to grab his camera before they both end up in a heap on the floor. A northern voice, thought to be Louis, then says: “Excuse me, what is happening? What is happening here? Can we have some help?”

He then runs over to Eleanor, who is in the middle of another fight with the three screaming women. The star then appears to launch himself at the young fan, wearing a grey tracksuit, who is squaring up to his girlfriend. The 55-second footage shows Louis pulling her from behind onto the floor. Louis loses his top in the scuffle, as a number of witnesses step forward to help. He appears to leave the top behind on the floor.

He is then shown to leap up and point at Eleanor, who has her tracksuit hood up and her rucksack on her back, before appearing to say: “My girlfriend.” The pair are then marched out of the area by a passer-by, while a startled airport worker tries to hold back the three women. Another voice is heard to yell: “Call the police.”

The photographer performed a citizen’s arrest on Louis, who was then taken to an LA Pacific Division jail and held on suspicion of battery. The female witness and the photographer both filed Private Persons Arrest ) statements and the photographer was transported to a local hospital suffering from concussion.

He was then arrested himself after being told  Louis wanted to press charges against him, before eventually being released. The girl was treated for her injuries at the scene. A Los Angeles Airport Police report said: “Witnesses stated that Tomlinson pulled the photographer to the floor by his legs causing the victim to fall backwards and strike his back and head on the floor.

“A female witness began to video Tomlinson’s companion as she tried to leave.“An altercation took place between the companion and the witness. Tomlinson intervened and attempted to take the witness’s phone, grabbing the female by the waist causing her to fall.“During the altercation the witness was struck in the eye. ”Our exclusive shots show Louis hiding his face with his hood as he is led away. His official arrest record states he was eventually released from custody at 1.32am on Saturday morning.

The document also shows Louis, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was ordered to produce £16,000 bail but he was released without having to pay it.It says the star, said to be worth £40million, is due to appear in court on March 29. Six months in jail is the maximum penalty allowed under Californian law for this type of crime for first-time offenders. A conviction for the crime could also result in a £1,600 fine.

Louis’ lawyer Martin Singer last night said the photographer had provoked his client.He said in a statement: “The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis. It’s not the first time the paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity. “While the altercation was going on, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend and he came to her defence.”

Louis and Eleanor rekindled their romance following the death of his mother, Johannah Poulston, aged just 43, in December last year. They had previously dated for around up three years before splitting in 2015. He had previously been going out with actress Danielle Campbell, after having a baby with American Briana Jungwirth in January 2016.

Louis and Eleanor made their relationship official again last week when they re-followed each other on Instagram. The pair then went on to enjoy a holiday in Jamaica together, a trip first revealed by Louis’ younger sister Phoebe. A fan then took to Instagram to confirm that she had bumped into Tomlinson with his “girlfriend” during the break.

The Adele Scheme

Adele and Harry are on the same label blah blah blah Rob Stringer helped release ‘25′ blah blah blah D*n W**tt*n is a bitter fuckface blah blah blah let’s skip to the facts (I’m writing this out because texting about it is getting exhausting)

Adele Releasing 25:

Day 1 - 10/18/15 - ‘Hello’ teaser airs during the X Factor

Day 4 - 10/21/15 - Adele releases letter to fans announcing the album title ‘25′

Day 5 - 10/22/15 - Adele announces album release and cover, ‘Hello’ release date

Day 6 - 10/23/15 - Adele releases ‘Hello’ on Radio 1 Breakfast Show + music video

Day 10 - 10/27/15 - Adele announced BBC special with Graham Norton for album release day (11/20), SNL appearance (11/21)

Day 16 - 11/2/15 - Adele records BBC special

Day 31 - 11/17/15 - Adele record Christmas Special in NY; Releases ‘When We Were Young’ live version on YouTube

Day 34 - 11/20/15 - ‘25′ released, BBC Special airs

Day 35 - 11/21/15 - Adele performs on SNL

Day 38 - 11/24/15 - Adele appears on Jimmy Fallon

Throughout this time and after, Adele has a number of other appearances and interviews. But these were the biggest dates according to…. Wikipedia.

Harry Releasing ‘Sign of the Times’ & ________:

Day 1 - 3/25/17 - ‘April 7th’ teaser airs during The Voice, social media blanked out

Day 4 - 3/28/17 - Website and social profiles launched, SNL announced 

Day 7 - 3/31/17 - Single title and artwork released

Day 10 - 4/3/17 - Spotify profile set up

Day 11 - 4/4/17 - Interview on Radio 1 Breakfast for SOTT release day

Day 14 - 4/7/17 - Sign of the Times release date

Day 22 - 4/15/17 - SNL performance

Start to release, Adele’s album schedule was 34 days. 35 days would put Harry on Friday, April 28th. (Just as an FYI, obviously who knows what the date will be.)

There are a number of things to note. The release specials like the BBC and NBC Christmas ones are more unique to Adele IMO. From what I can tell, Adele focused on London and NY, and at one point Europe, during album release. She did West Coast promo before the 2016 Grammy’s (technically including the Carpool Karaoke even though it was filmed prior etc. etc.). She began touring on Feb 29, 4.5 months after the announcement, 3 months after release.

I’m out of the prediction business. But Harry is more mobile than Adele, so it’s possible he’ll do a London to NY to LA sweep for promo. Additionally, there’s an extra week between announcement and single release, but given the SNL performance date (and the necessity of a second song), I don’t think a 5 week timeframe is that ridiculous. Given that he’ll be running into Dunkirk promo, it could even be shorter. (I’m stressed just saying it)



1.Wanna One reaction to their s.o. being clingy

2.Wanna One reaction to their gf being shipped with another member

3.Wanna One reaction to their crush saying that she is their fan

4.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend crying while she’s  in Produce 101

5.Wanna One reaction to liking a girl who can’t speak korean,only english

6.Wanna One reaction when your family members love him

7.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend using cheesy pick up lines

8.Wanna One reaction when their gf has a dance collab with Yuehua ’s Jung Jung on a show ( the dance includes a lot of skinship )

9.Wanna One reaction to their gf saying that they weren’t her bias

10.Wanna one reaction when they are watching a movie with you and a kiss scene comes

11.Wanna One reaction to their gf getting hurt by mean comments

12.Wanna One reaction to your brother being a Nu'est member

13.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend being really smart

14.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend being too short to kiss them 

15.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend blushing easily

16.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend being sick

17.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend saying “you’re mine”

18.Wanna one reaction to their gf being rank 1 on Produce 101 on a elimination episode

19.Wanna One reaction when all the members like the same girl

20.Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend being friends with the other members girlfriends

21.Wanna One reaction to you bending down when you drop something

22.Wanna one reaction when their crush accidentally confesses to them

23.Wanna one reaction when they found out that their gf used to have a fan account dedicated to them

24.Wanna One reaction to you snorting because you laughed so much and you get really embarrassed

25.Wanna one reaction to their parents loving their gf

26.Wanna One reaction to when their crush has a kiss scene with another member in their MV

27.Wanna one reaction to their gf telling them that they should break up because she doesn’t want ruin their career

28.Wanna One Reaction to You Being on Your Time of the Month

29.Wanna one reaction when they fall in love at first sight with you


1.To be very romantic

2. To make out with their girlfriend often

3. To date someone 170 cm taller or more

4.To be an oppa in relationship

5.To date a plus size girl

6.To be jealous


1.How to make Jihoon fall for you