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29 weeks 2 days pregnant and feeling huge.

We’ve known for weeks that he was measuring bigger due to growth scans, but at my midwife appointment when i was 28weeks+6 i was measuring 31weeks+5 so basically 3 weeks bigger. He is still breech and moving more and more everyday.

I have noticed finger swelling, facial swelling, leg swelling and arm swelling!
I am turning into a balloon, or a whale, or even an elephant! A very fat person. 
My appetite is still pretty huge but is starting to work its way back down again now. 

I knew when i reached the third trimester i would start feeling crappy again, get fatter, struggle to get comfy and struggle to sleep. I was expecting it all, but secretly hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as everyone said. It’s not awful but then i am only a week and a half into it. 

Walked from my mums yesterday to Brads work, usually takes Brad 15/20minutes and me 30 minutes now i waddle slightly, but for some reason i made it in 15 minutes but it set off braxton hicks. Walking past the quiet common, i did think if these are contractions, im screwed as theres only the occasional dog walker. I was fine once i stood still.

I am loving this lovely weather but i am rather nervous about this “heat wave” thats been promised! I don’t know if i can cope with it being ridiculously hot, i am already huge and uncomfy. I thought that having a due date at the end of the June would be perfect, Get baby out before the proper lovely hot weather starts. 

I am thinking about starting to pack Lucas hospital bag, is it to soon? when did everyone start packing their hospital bags?

I haven’t been able to take a Pregnancy Progression photo because of all the moving processes. I hit 28 weeks and the final trimester yesterday though! This is a cellphone quality photo taken in front of a dirty mirror that I had sent to my mom. Lols. Little girl is making herself very well known now. :)


Week 28: Everything is still going pretty well. Since taking the Floradix, I have been feeling a lot less tired and my dark circles have gone away a tad. My back has started to really hurt and Nathan has to rub it every night. I have really been practicing my Spinning Babies daily activities to make sure the baby will not be posterior. My next prenatal is April 17th and we will talk more about where I am going to birth.

I still crave lots of salt. Addy and I eat a ton of kalamata olives haha. As a result our hair is magnificent and incredibly shiny. I am going to go look for a dye-free/artificial sweetner free powder to add to my water. I don’t care about the sugar right now (I won’t use the full serving). I usually would never drink anything like powdered sugar but I NEED to drink water and natural lemon flavored just isn’t cutting it. I am lucky if I can keep down 3 glasses a day. As a result I have hours upon hours of Braxton Hicks contractions and they become painful. I have always hated water…lol.

The baby moves a ton and my ribs are always getting kicked. My cervix gets punched about 20 times a day and I feel like perhaps there is a hand sticking out down there. We still have not decided on a name or even found many that we love. I fear we will not have a name before the baby is born and Addy will have to name it penis or anus.

Today was my due date. For the baby we lost in January. I’m not really sure why I never wrote about it here. I mean, at first it was too much. Too emotional. Too raw. Too vulnerable. But then when I eventually came to a place of peace and acceptance, I wanted to write about it. To share my experience and to help others not feel so alone. To help myself not feel so alone. But time passed. We got pregnant again. And I moved forward. Not that I have ever stopped thinking about that baby, but I just chose to focus on the newest baby sprouting inside of me. But I miss the baby that I wasn’t able to meet. I miss the baby that my body wasn’t able to grow fully. I wonder about that baby.

I asked the why questions for so long. Mostly in the shower as the water gracefully washed away my tears. Why me. Why now. Why why why. But I guess that the why doesn’t really matter. I have forgiven myself and my body. I trust it again.

I know how common miscarriage is and I know it wasn’t my fault. But that doesn’t make me miss my baby any less. That doesn’t make the pain and confusion any smoother against my heart.

But I do know how very thankful I am for this little sprout growing and kicking and pressing inside of me. Reminding me to be hopeful and grateful and simply full. Children are a gift. And I am blessed to have this opportunity to welcome another into our family in just a few months. But our January baby will always be a part of our story. A part of our spirit. And a part of our family.

28 Week Pregnancy Update:

Due date? April 22nd!!
How far along? 28 ½ weeks.

New Symptoms?  Well, I have a pinched nerve and herniated disc in my spine. Lot’s of vaginal discharge, I know it’s gross. I also have been having pregnancy nightmares! 
Our baby in fruit/vegetable terms? Eggplant (2.5 lbs, 16 inches).
Weight gained? I have gained a solid 20 lbs.
Next doctors appointment? February 4th! 
Maternity clothes? Nothing new, same leggings/jeans/tops.
Sleeping? The insomnia has come back a tiny bit, but it’s not too bad and i always feel rested! Just sick of sleeping on my side haha.
Stretch marks? No, none yet!
Embarrassing pregnant moment? I don’t get embarrassed easily, I guess I have just become super clumsy really.
Baby purchases this week? Just decorations for his baby shower!
Gender? Baby boy.
Any movement this week? I feel him moving throughout the day very gently. Then when it’s around 10pm he decides to raise hell. haha. 
Food cravings? I usually think Ranch is disgusting and I ate a bunch of it this week. Then I almost cried when my dad forgot to get me shrimp! 
Food aversions? Chicken. I really hate the smell of chicken.
How’s mama? I am alright besides the back pain!
What I’m looking forward to? My baby shower tomorrow! <3

This is a picture taken of us all January 23, 2014, two days before our one year “conversation-versary”. Oh the joy!

We are currently 28 1/2 weeks pregnant and 2 1/2 weeks into our third trimester. These were big week hurdles we wanted to get past as we know of amazing twins that were born around this time. Every twin mom I seem to know carried up until 37 or even the 38th week. We will see where we meet on this twin birth timeline. As of now, I think they will show up the last week of March or first week of April. Both of those months are full of birthdays of people I love and adore so as far as concerned I am proud my babes will be born in either of those months.

Did I mention that we are 28 weeks pregnant this week? That means in 10 or less weeks we will have babies filling our house with noise, love and laughter. I am going to be a mother. I already am a mother. My sweet little lass Mohsbies even punched me in the ear when I was listening in on her the other day. Right after I had joked aloud with Katie and Nate saying - watch her punch me in the ear. Both our Mohsbies are movers and shakers and love to let Nate & I know they are around whenever I rub the belly. Although I still jump whenever I feel them pressing against Katie’s skin. I cannot even imagine the roller coaster ride Katie is on with two little people jostling around inside of her. Our last check-up revealed that our baby boy is a healthy 2 pounds 10 ounces while our little girl is 2 pounds 1 ounce. Both very healthy. A women we know that has a singleton who is one week ahead of us revealed that her child was 2 pounds 11 ounces. Whew Katie. God Bless you. She has that… plus our other baby.

We are starting to check off all the steps pre-birth.
1. Pre-birth order complete - This is completed with a surrogacy lawyer. If this was not in place when the Mohsbies are born Katie and Leigh would be written in as mother and father and we would have to adopt our children. With the birth order in place, our names will go on the birth certificate as we are the egg & sperm sources.
2. Pediatrician - We are on the prowl for one.
and the list goes on and on…

The closer it gets the more surreal it gets. One day we will leave our house empty handed and walk back in with hands brimming over. Oh happy day!

Scan 4.0

It’s incredible how despite feeling the little critters swimming and thumping in my belly I still felt nervous before the scan…but I did!! It was just a growth scan - nothing too in depth - but it turns out my little monkeys are both still measuring ahead. In fact Baby B has had a growth spurt and has a fat little belly which measured at about 31 weeks!! Overall they’re both within normal range but on the larger side - that does put my mind at rest as my biggest fear is that they’ll be so dinky if they come early. Still hoping the stick around until at least 36 weeks though!

Apart from measurements it was good to see that my instincts were correct and the babies have moved…I knew they were up to something in there…also means that my shiatsu practitioner succeeded when she did the turning points! Baby A is now head down - head is nicely tucked by my right hip bone (making it quite uncomfortable to get head measurement at scan) and Baby B is still transverse but has turned around - head is now on the right instead of the left! I have to say that I am really happy knowing that my connection with the little ones is strong - I sensed that they had moved positions altogether and not just because movements had changed but because of the way the went a little quiet on me yesterday. 

We waited a little while after the scan and saw the OB - he was lovely!! Asked me what I wanted in terms of delivery - I told him that if possible I would like to go for vaginal delivery but that I was also accepting of the fact that this may not be possible. He said that was great - that he wanted to check if I wanted to go for elective c-section. He also said that I can only have a vaginal birth if Baby A is head down - if s/he is anything but, all bets are off and it’s a c-section. That’s fine! I knew that anyway! 

He then asked me whether I was still working and what I did - then when I was planning to start maternity leave - when I said I was hoping to work until just short of 34 weeks he laughed…he actually laughed and said, “no chance”…we’ll see - work are flexible and I could work from home for the last bit if I need to. I asked when they usually advise a person to start maternity leave when carrying twins and he said “30 weeks” - shit that’s in like a week and half!! I can’t imagine finishing so soon…plus there is so much left to do at home etc…I better get my ass in gear!! Seriously! 

I asked about when twins usually come and he said, “when your labour starts” - very funny! I explained that if I get to 37 weeks and they haven’t already arrived on their own?? He said, “if you get to 37/8 weeks you’ll be offering to buy me ferraris to get those babies out”. He also told me I’ll be so uncomfortable and the size of a house by then. Charming! He didn’t seem to think that the current size of the babies had any particular significance - that the reason twins are smaller is because they are usually born earlier. So how big they are now isn’t really something he seems concerned about. Although the fact that they’re big cant be a bad thing, right? 

I go back for another ultrasound and appointment with the OB in four weeks…how big will I be by then?? God only knows!!