At 7 months pregnant ponytails are now my go to style. I have retwisted all of my locs exactly one time since April, I usually just retwist the front now when I wash. I have gained 10lbs from my initial weight and I have heartburn all day everyday. I haven’t had any weird cravings but whole organic peaches taste like magic. So far no stretch marks thanks to my home made belly butter. Baby girl is now the size of an eggplant and weighs somewhere around 2.5lbs. She listens to a lot of Outkast from inside the womb and I’m convinced she’s the prototype 💕 #28weeks #thirdtrimester #7months #pregnancy

wednesday morning. athena has decided to claim hampton’s bed as her own - which hopefully means she’ll stop peeing in it? bump at 28 weeks - finally in the third trimester. #28weeks


Week 28: Everything is still going pretty well. Since taking the Floradix, I have been feeling a lot less tired and my dark circles have gone away a tad. My back has started to really hurt and Nathan has to rub it every night. I have really been practicing my Spinning Babies daily activities to make sure the baby will not be posterior. My next prenatal is April 17th and we will talk more about where I am going to birth.

I still crave lots of salt. Addy and I eat a ton of kalamata olives haha. As a result our hair is magnificent and incredibly shiny. I am going to go look for a dye-free/artificial sweetner free powder to add to my water. I don’t care about the sugar right now (I won’t use the full serving). I usually would never drink anything like powdered sugar but I NEED to drink water and natural lemon flavored just isn’t cutting it. I am lucky if I can keep down 3 glasses a day. As a result I have hours upon hours of Braxton Hicks contractions and they become painful. I have always hated water…lol.

The baby moves a ton and my ribs are always getting kicked. My cervix gets punched about 20 times a day and I feel like perhaps there is a hand sticking out down there. We still have not decided on a name or even found many that we love. I fear we will not have a name before the baby is born and Addy will have to name it penis or anus.

#28weeks (+3) 💘 Only 11 weeks until #mymoyboy is here! We are finishing up the nursery, planning a shower, signed up for a few classes, scheduled an appointment to meet with a pediatrician and about to book a prenatal massage and yoga class to get myself nice and relaxed. Phew! Busy bees up in here.

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I was where a lot of you were not even a year ago, i was depressed and self harming but believe me thre is so much to live for even if you don’t see that at this point in your life. One day something will happen to you and it will open your eyes to the fact that life IS beautiful and these feelings you have right now WILL pass.

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nothing good was coming from my life but then i got this beautiful blessing and knew god was finally repaying me for all my strength and courage.